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  1. maybe because it's too dangerous to go and remove the weel chocks with the engine running and the jet blasts blowing through your hair? edit : I'm joking of course
  2. Unfortunately I have to agree... I hope razbam will do something about this ... Anyway the thing that pisses me off is that the module has been out for 3 years and we are still at these levels ...
  3. Hi @RAZBAM_ELMO , sorry for the late reply. Nothing has changed. Even before the update it was possible to create MPs with TPOD but MPs still cannot be edited once created. My report referred to in the first post remains valid. Thanks
  4. Actually I'm just reporting that the system behaves differently on the ground than on a ship, I don't make any assumptions about how the plane's hydraulic systems works. I don't have the knowledge to do that. :) Anyway, thanks for sharing your knowledge :)
  5. Get a Track IR or something dude! ;)
  6. We have all seen and appreciated Razbam's new attitude towards Harrier and the community, at this point it is clear that there is some kind of planning behind the latest updates. I would like to kindly ask our friendly community manager @RAZBAM_ELMO if you can share your roadmap with us. Thanks
  7. Yehheee !!! I finally understood what POS means!!! Ponies On Surfboards!! Thanks @RAZBAM_ELMO :lol:​​​​​​​
  8. @RAZBAM_ELMO still investigating?
  9. did you watch the video he posted? HUD shows J82 and F6 view shows the flight of multiple GBU-38 however in my opinion, even the GBU-54s have a strange flight path. They tend to fly over the target and then fall on it almost vertically.
  10. @RAZBAM_ELMO thanks for marking this as reported. May I know if we will also be able to delete MPs?
  11. @RAZBAM_ELMO can you confirm this have been reported?
  12. @RAZBAM_ELMO this should be a high fidelity module. I think there is no room for "some people may not have... Something" If IRL the Harrier moove at idle thrust and pilots use nozzles to increase an decrease taxing speed, well, we should do the same with a DCS high fidelity module. I think this is what most of DCS customers expect from a DCS module.
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