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  1. And you are doing very well.
  2. Thanks AJ, I'll try to make a track asap
  3. Hello, I would like to report a problem with the countermeasures. As we know, the default quantities are: 120 flares and 60 chaffs To modify these quantities it is necessary to use the kneeboard or it can also be modified from the mission editor, it is not possible to use the rearming window. From the tests I have carried out it would appear that, even by changing the quantities of countermeasures, these are not actually loaded into the aircraft. The counters on the EW page show the correct quantity as set by the mission editor or kneeboard, however the quantity of releasable countermeasures remains the same (e.g. default values). At the moment I can't attach a .trk file, I'll try to do it as soon as possible.
  4. @AlphaJuliet @Hornet81 Resuming this topic since i've noticed that in VREST - BNGO Page, Drag Index is not updated. In CRUS page DI is updated correctly when stores are loaded, in BNGO DI is not.
  5. Fuel dump graphical effect is nice, TY Razbam, but it is not synced in Multiplayer Guess this is on ED side, right?
  6. About INS drifting, can you confirm that IFA alignment mode prevent INS from drifting? TY
  7. Thanks AJ, it is very usefull and needed Is this an updated version or it the same shared some time ago?
  8. All I can do is try to help you putting down a sequence: Cool down IRMAV by selecting it in Stores page, EHSD (in A/G mode) or weapons panel. (you can do this while on ground before taxing) Remeber that if you deselect IRMAV before cooldown is complete you'll need to restart the process and it will still last for 180 seconds. Also note that when you select TPOD as SOI (Sensor Select Switch Down twice) the Maverick will be deselected automatically, so if cooldown were in progress you'll need to restart it from the beginning. (yeah, this is really annoing) Master Arm On - A/G mode - No need to set fuzing or modes for mavericks Designate your target via TPOD (use Right MPCD), when you got it, press Cage/Uncage button. IRMAV Video should replace TPOD video on right MPCD. Now, MAV's seeker should point exactly where TPOD was pointing (hopefully on the target), note that in the upper-left corner of IRMAV video the selected sensor mode is shown (it could be INS, MAP TPOD... ), you'll need to select IRMAV mode by pressing Sensor Select Switch Fwd. Be aware - if TPOD mode is selected you may need to press Sensor Select Switch Down twice to deselect it an than you can press Sensor Select Switch Fwd to select IRMV mode. Now that you have IRMAV Video and IRMAV mode is selected you can control the MAV's seeker via TDC, you can slew it (up, down, left and right), you can set FOV via Udesignate/NWS/FOV button and you can lock target via TDC Down. Once target is locked (usually you can acquire a target lock within 8nm from it) you can fire. I hope I have not forgotten anything
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