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  1. You don't need to download the source code. Just the v2.0.0 release and then follow this installation guide
  2. Yes. That is something i fixed in the latest code you'll find on "develop" branch, but it is not in the 2.0 beta release. FFB trim should now be better and the AFCS threshold is adjustable so you can tune it to your particular FFB setup.
  3. Open to everyone. Just note that it's certainly not "release" ready just yet. While we think it is far more enjoyable to fly than the SFM at it's current state you will probably find bugs. Still working on FFB issues related to AFCS for example. Direct link to beta release zip
  4. I have not been very active here, apologies. The EFM is available for testing by heading over to our Github and grabbing the "develop" branch. "develop" branch
  5. It's probably a fair assessment that western aircraft, the ones that are iconic over here at least, might have a larger reach in general. However we now have the F-18, F-16, and several other iconic western aircraft in the game or in development at this point. Personally, and i think many others share this thought, the only full fidelity modern aircraft that would really be exciting now is something outside of western types. I already have more than enough western aircraft to chose from for any sort of mission. My excitement for the upcoming MiG-23 is just as high as for the Eurofighter. Even
  6. 304 pages, 4 years after (i?) started this thread, i'm still here with my hopes up that someone will pick up the MiG-25 one day in the future :) It would be a dream come true if the team to pick it up was to be HeatBlur, as their modules have been my favorites across the board! Though i may have to admit that i've been a little "hooked" on the carrier ops lately, and would certinly not mind something like an A-6 (or if we're really fancy, an AT-802U??) along the road hehe. Heatblur has convinced me with their artstyle and details, i would fly anything they release at this point.
  7. This is no place for whataboutism. Bugs should be reported, and they should not be considered as "attacks" on a developer..
  8. Oh, you don't need to read it, but i'd ask you to consider reading it if you're going to claim things about how it works.. I'm not saying DCS needs to go to this model, this was just a discussion, i see it's probably been argued to death and beyond already, so there is not much more to be said here.. I have not read the whole thing, i have no experience in this stuff, and so i really hope i have not said something which suggests thet ED doesn't know what they're doing, and that this is the perfect solution. I have no idea, and i believe ED has way better judgement than me.. However i have
  9. Let's stay away from attacking people opinions by arguing that they're just bad. Even then the argument is questionable as well, as spotting habits probably would not be worsened to the point you'd have to unlearn what you did because of playing something other than DCS. Outside that, people with real life experience have also commented on the situation, and you'd struggle to argue that real life would make objects unrealisticly easy to see.
  10. Definately agreed! "smart scaling" is very likely not a perfect (or maybe even a decent) solution today/for this game or for some other reason. I'm 100% confident there is a reason why DCS does not do it, but that does not mean i know why, or whether it's a good model if problems could be fixed. It's also important to specify exactly what we're talking about, yes. We could easily be mixing type identification (when/how well you can make out shapes), spotting (how easy it is to make out, at different distances), theoretical max range etc.. In this case i was talking about the identificati
  11. You're saying 3nm is point blank? let me remind you that 3nm is ~5500m.. idk what else to say... Step outside if you think that is a small distance. but even better, give me an example of how bad it looks :) just go ahead, i'll be waiting..
  12. We already have games that use this type of scaling, coming up with some actual proof of the things you're listing off should be doable for you? I don't even slightly understand what you're trying to achieve with "expando-vision" explanation (or rather, baseless claims) or whatever. Again go read the actual paper on it.. I'd be surprised if i'm not much younger than yourself. I never experienced CRT's properly, and even then, it's well known that enthusiasts back then had way better resolution than 400x600 (CRT). I'll also remind you that certain games that employ this technique for scaling
  13. I've played DCS nearly since it's release, i'm not having a meltdown anytime soon. And however crazy that sounds to you, that pixels on a screen appear bigger once you have your eyeball closer to them, it doesn't sound crazy to me.
  14. But we can certinly be a reason for them to consider it worthwile, depending on how many of us would like resources to be spent on it. Something you've definately been an example of for the last 20 pages. This is a wishlist thread, i'm not trying to be a douche here, but you've been stating this method is impossible and is therefor not even something which should be discussed here... several times over the whole thread... And now you agree it's not "impossible" anymore, just because i actually listened to the 30sec you were basing everything on? I've come with what i think is reasonabl
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