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  1. Thank you very much :) We have alot of real parts from the F-18 that we have made drawings from, and then we are also fortunate to know a guy that has access to the real jets, when they do maintenance. So what Deadman Wrote as Best Guess, that is correct, there are a few instruments that differ on these never versions of the jets from the old A version, and there we have the mounting holes and distance to other instruments to "guess" from, so that its correct :) We are trying to get it as close as possible to the real jet, dimensions wise, so that if you wanted, you could repla
  2. I have tried for some time now to get in contact with Winwing for a technical drawing and the posebility for us to work together so that their Throttle would fit 100% in our consoles, but without any luck, they simply never answer me. So we will problaly release the drawings for the console as a version 1.0, and then if there is changes later on, we will release a document for where to drill mounting holes for fx. Throttles.
  3. No need to sorry, we are all doing this to get the best result :) However i will say, that my way of thinking, that you called it is definitely not wrong. Because i have a read Fire test Panel, and i had a friend measure some specific things i needed in a real F-18, and he confirmed that the Throttle width is the exact same as my Fire Test Panel. And since the throttle sits right next to the EXT LTS Panel, and it cannot be wider than the other panels, we end up at that width, unless the EXT LTS Panel is not in line with the other panels.. and thats not the case. So exactly what
  4. Plans will be free to download when they are done. And i will sell them precut in my webshop to ship World Wide too... Its a little early to say the final price, but we are in the same ballyard as the precut A-10C Consoles i have in my webshop, see here: http://lynx.dk/product-category/products/flight-simulator-gear/a-10c-warthog/a-10-precut-consoles/ Because of the weight of the package the price is different for each country. It will not be exactly the same, but it will be close, as the F-18 Console is smaller than the A-10C, and therefore is lighter, but there is many more c
  5. Thank you Milou :) Those WinWing Controls look really awesome, but i have been looking on their site, and i cant find anything about the dimensions on the throttle. But if the Throttle are the same dimensions as the real flight controls, it shouldnt be a problem to integrate them.. But to do so i would need a complete width, depth and lenght of the base casing, and preferreable a technical drawing with possible mounting holes etc. There is so many posts in that forum thread that im not sure if anything like that have been posted there, maybe someone can help me with that :) oth
  6. None of the Panels are 3D printed. Its Milled Acrylic, which is then painted and engraved :) Thats the short version :)
  7. Yes :) they will be shared like we did with the A-10C :)
  8. Hey Europa. You are correct, it has been silent for some time, also on our Instagram. The console are still in the final design state, where we make changes and build them to check everything fits. Left side is done, to a point where its ready for release, with the exeption of a mount of a Throttle, so for the time being, we will release it without holes for a mounting solution, however when we do have our Throttle finished, then we will add holes to the design, and those will be easy to drill by people who allready bought precut or cut the plans themself. The right side is now in
  9. I must say Blue, its some real Craftmansship right there :) Very very nice work indeed :)
  10. Hey Jose. Yes, the final plans will be available for download on my website when its done, for free, or you can order the parts precut from me also :)
  11. Hello, and welcome to the forum and the Pit Building. I am working on the drawing for the F-18, and when im done the drawings will be released for free, however there is alot of small adjustments still to be done. you can see pictures on my instagram og what im doing. However if you need some specific dimensions so you can get started with your own drawings, i can provide them without a problem, just write what you need :)
  12. For those who are not following me on instagram, here is a little picture Update :)
  13. Oh yea, allmost forgot. Im also working on the cockpit plans itself, as im planning to release console drawings for the F/A-18C as i did for the A-10C, both releasing the plans for free and also offering Precut Packages ready to assemble. What is stopping me right know is the throttle space, i havent found any decent throttle that will fit into place, and im not keen to release something that can not be finished or completed like this. So whats going to happen there i cannot say 100% right know, i might release with that problem in mind, but maybe i can find another solution, i
  14. Hey, sorry for the long silence. The landing gear panel mechanism has proven to be quite challenging to do. So its hard to say right now, but i will inform when i know more. The Panels for the F/A-18C are being fine tuned for backlight, and you will hopefully begin to see some finished and ready for sale panels in the beginning of next year. The pricing for these panels will be released soon, and people can choose if they want panel panel and backplate alone, or they want the backcasing along with it to install backlight in. All these panels will be without any possebility to
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