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  1. Experiencing the same thing but only in the viggen. Mig's radar is fine for me. Sent from my JAT-L41 using Tapatalk
  2. With the new update I noticed an improvement on the pitch control but the plane is super stable on extreme AoA, almost unable to stall the plane on very low speed. I provide this 6thGenMig21.trk with all my notices. Still a UFO but more like a 6th gen now. I only wish we could have back the airplane we flew on 1.5 Mig has lost all the character once had.
  3. Hiromachi, I am not an Engineer, I was just dissapointed. I provided the trk for you guys to judge. You can see my ipnuts, the take off speed and the continues cobra flight.
  4. The plane is now a ufo :thumbup: ufo1.trk ufo2.trk
  5. My wish is that they take a look one more time the FM. That they evaluate one more time, how the stick travel, commands the aircraft surfaces and the effectiveness off aileron and rudder in low speed maneuvering. Every video I've seen like this great footage, brings me nostalgia of previous Mig21 versions. Expect the pilots are always flying with SAU Stability on. Off course I believe that the module may lacks in various other systems as a realistic functionality, but the FM is the first thing We virtual pilots feel and notice. Being always aware that my only flight experien
  6. When acceleration and deceleration is 0, at a certain rpm and pitch set up with any load, that is your magic number.
  7. With imbalanced payloads when disabling NWS after 75knots rudder does not have enough authority to keep you on centerline. Aircraft will start yawing on the heavy wing making take off impossible. Q: Shouldn't the hydraulic system of the undercarriage try to balance the aircraft when pressure of weight is more to one gear? Below are two trk files one with a balanced payload F-16-T_O-Blnc.trk and one with imbalanced (Fuel tank-gbu12). F-16-T_O-InBlnc.trk
  8. You should be able to do it so yourself also. All you need to do is replace them. BTW is it only me or whoever doesn't own the F-18 does not have RWR sounds?
  9. Hi another lucky owner of an overpriced EA module :megalol: Not really complaining, I had an idea already. As excited I may be of my new item and off the state of it, I am fine with most of the progress. Anyhow, no bug report section yet, so sorry if a missed someone's else post about this. First of all to be able to fly the aircraft properly I had to add -10 curve on roll and -5 curve on pitch on me x-52. On asymmetric payloads will all expect gravity to be a bitch, but the funny thing, on T/O the heavier wing will pull you to the respected side..cause physics...a
  10. Air brakes are not included in damage modeling. You can land on them. Hydraulics pressure will not pull back even with full weight of the aircraft on them nor they take damage from a belly land, with the brakes deployed! You can deploy them, belly land with them, retract gear and extract gear with no damage taken into account. Deploy air brakes, retract gear, reverse sequence. Land with gear retracted and brakes deployed, now extract gear and roll away. One more thing I noticed regarding the flight model is that now we can pull above critical AoA (stall the ac) and recover
  11. Its an upgrade! Silencer! I love it when things get better!
  12. I think you are suppose to drop them with CCRP. CCIP requires low level attacks and you probably end up with invalid fuze warnings. The bombs need some altitude to release bomblets plus for CPU 97 you will need to enter wind and temps of release and impact altitude in your CDU for them to drop on point.
  13. Honestly with F-8 and A-7 on the horizon. I can rest in peace!
  14. Really guys another flame war? The landing was on spot, not considering the unnecessary aerobrake attempt .
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