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  1. That's an awesome attitude coming from ED, I've got to say it. +1
  2. I don't necessarily agree with X-CHECK about some things in that video but he made some important points that ED needs to look at. But I take that video as constructive criticism. Also, thanks for listening to the community, that's always important. :) Also, what Yurgon said.
  3. Is there any major difference between the DCS: F/A-18C and DCS: F-16? In terms of development, perhaps new technologies used, etc.
  4. That's more of a Mission: Impossible thing. ;)
  5. Weak trailer. There is nothing impressive about it. The only good part IMO was when Tom rode the H2. Rest looks nothing but random scenes. CGI (if there is CGI in it) looks decent.
  6. Unfortunately, we can't really measure thrust without introducing a lot of variables. Without a developer tool, it's nearly impossible. Nice job on those tests bbrz! (I will now try to avoid polluting this thread even more - can't test it myself atm).
  7. I feel like people keep saying/sharing stuff like this without even testing it like it was 100% true. :music_whistling: Looking forward to seeing what Habu can do for us other than feedback. It's always very important, hopefully, this SME feedback won't be ignored.
  8. Looking for HUD/avionics footage with decent quality, anyone? :)
  9. Afterburner is a bad idea because it goes against the whole point of the A-10 engines, which is efficiency. Afterburner is used on fast flying airframes, AB is used in those cases because it provides a very high exhaust gas velocity, as well as additional thrust without increasing the inlet diameter, which is great because no additional drag is created. But afterburner is terrible for efficiency, not only for fuel but also propulsive efficiency. It's like traction on your car when the wheels spin too fast, you lose traction which results in a bad acceleration. It's more or less the same thi
  10. I wasn't expecting that Ka-50 upgrade, I'm really excited and looking forward to seeing the new Blackshark. That's absolutely amazing. Thanks!
  11. What's the purpose of this thread?
  12. Wow, I love this pic for some reason. Looking pretty good.
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