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  1. Everyone thought it was a joke, so imagine the surprise when enough civilians turned up to storm Area 51. And it seems they came with hardware and a plan. Get airborne in your A-10C and do what you can to stop them! Feedback welcome! I'm not an experienced A-10 driver, so suggestions are welcome. Dedicated to Brett B. who is a fan of the A-10. Storm Area 51-Government - A10C.miz
  2. Iran and the United Arab Emirates are caught in an escalating political and economic conflict. Iran has chosen to fly fighters off the coast of the UAE to test their defenses. You are a pilot in the UAEAF, your mission is to intercept the Iranian fighters. Please read the briefing before flying. Feedback welcome! NOTE: Mission updated to v1.1 on 6.23.19 - Repaired broken trigger for "intimidation" tactic. Tactic now works when appropriate. NOTE: Mission updaed to v1.3 on 6.24.19 - Corrected Blue nationality from "Bahrain" to United Arab Emirates. Persian Incursionv1.3.miz
  3. Yes. That is understood. For this mission, I used American F-16s, as the movie suggests, and the Mirage was chosen because it is somewhat close to the Kfir. The movie even suggests the nation has purchased French weapons systems. Regardless of the necessary differences, the mission is quite a bit of fun. Those F-16s are not easy to kill with just IR missiles and guns!
  4. Have you ever watched "Iron Eagle" and thought it was ridiculous? You know, the idea that a pair of American F-16 could invade the airspace of a reasonably-equipped middle eastern country and survive after bombing multiple targets and fighting a squadron of opposing fighters. Anyway, this is your chance to rewrite the ending to the movie. You will fly the Mirage 2000C, leading a pair of less-experienced pilots on a training mission when the American intruders are "picked up on radar." What happens next depends on your skills. Good luck! Iron Eagle (How it Should Have Ended).miz
  5. In Desert Dambusters, the player flies an F-18 aggressor against the Israeli Air Force, which is trying to overfly the Hoover Dam as part of an exercise. The player is aided by additional aircraft which can be ordered to patrol in specific areas. The mission features a random trigger which will improve replay value, since the IAF will begin in different areas of the map and approach the target by different routes. The IAF will also use decoys to bait the aggressors into combat on unfavorable terms. The mission can easily be modded in the editor so the player can fly an F-14, F-15, or an IDF A-4 or F-15, if desired. Remember to set the former aggressor to "excellent" skill level. The mission difficulty is high. Contact me with feedback or questions. It is all appreciated, both good and bad. Your feedback helps improve my skills and inspires me to build more missions for the community. Good luck and have a great time! Desert Dambusters.miz
  6. UPDATED* 4.15.19 This is the last mission of 'Duke' Mitchell, the father of Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell of Top Gun fame. The mission is another take on the story told by 'Viper' in the movie. In this mission, you will fly the F-14 over the Persian Gulf in an attempt to protect a diplomatic transport flight departing Iran. However, you cannot cross into Iranian airspace, and Iran isn't about to let the transport go. Can you defend the transport and make it home alive against all odds? Or will little Pete Mitchell grow up without his father, struggling without the knowledge of what happened that tragic day? You will decide. The mission features random triggers which will adjust difficulty for replay value. Required: - F-14 by Heatblur - Persian Gulf Map You can get the current version by clicking the link here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3304436/ Or, you may download the file below. *A previous version of this mission had the wrong carrier which pitched aircraft into the sea at launch. This has been corrected. MiGs All Over the Place.miz
  7. "No messing around. You start in the air and enter "The Ring" between Creech and Groom Lake. Fight's on! Single player, but you can play either side if you have the module (F-14, F5). Can be easily adapted to multiplayer by using the editor by setting the aircraft you wish humans to fly, "Client." Have a good time! Please feel free to comment on the mission. I am also happy to edit the mission for those who want something changed and do not know how to edit yet. "TheHighwayman" F-5 vs. F14 - Call for a Really Good Time.miz
  8. This is the Top Gun-style mission you've been waiting for! Suitable for single-player or multi-player. You can also get the mission file from here, in the DCS User Files section: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3304278/ Required modules: - F-14B - A-4E Freeware Mod, currently available here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.phpt=224989 - Nevada Map In this mission, your favorite pilots from Top Gun (plus a couple others to round out the roster) meet in the skies over Nevada for a fast-paced furball. The student pilots will depart from Creech, and the Aggressors from Groom Lake. The mission ends when one side has crashed and burned. Sorry, there are no points for second place, and the plaque for the alternates is in the ladies' room! A-4 vs. F14 Nevada Dogfight.miz
  9. Oh wow. No idea how that happened, so I did not think to check that. Strange. THANK YOU!
  10. I cannot get a trigger to fire, despite my best efforts. Trigger: "Blue Check In - 111" will not fire at all. I cannot figure why. All units are inside the zone, and the trigger should fire, but it simply does not. A matching trigger for red, works fine. Can someone please have a look at this mission and see if you can get it to work? I have tested the mission from the mission editor, then hit F-10, and accelerated time. You should see Red and Blue orbit their 1st waypoints, then once both sides have arrived in their "form up areas," you should see them switch to waypoint 2, and then engage. But this is not happening, since Blue never leaves their orbit. Thank you for having a look. BTW, the mission is playable. It's A-4 vs. F-14, you may enjoy it! A-4 vs. F14 Nevada Dogfight.miz
  11. M04 - Flight from Desertstan - Ideal for either single-player, either side, or multiplayer! (Some light editing may be required, MP = set desired aircraft to client, SP = set desired aircraft to player.) - Desertistan must prepare for the inevitable American retaliation. - The Americans face a new, pressing problem. Coming Soon!
  12. It could be this? https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/MIST_Mapobjs_dead_zones It suggests to me that it makes a specified zone count dead objects. When a specified number are dead, it sets a flag to TRUE and stops counting (since it has reached the specified number).
  13. ALL MISSIONS NOW POSTED HERE: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=236698 They are built for BOTH single and multiplayer.
  14. Moved all missions to the following thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=236698
  15. M03 - Angry Sun - Ideal for either single-player, either side, or multiplayer! (Some light editing may be required, MP = set desired aircraft to client, SP = set desired aircraft to player.) - Desetistan has expressed anger over alleged intrusions into their airspace. Do they dare challenge American airpower? - This mission has some solid action, especially in multiplayer. - Best played as "Iceman" in single-player. NOTE: This mission is a BETA release. It has not been tested as extensively as the previous two. Please report anything that seems broken. However, it should be fine, and is entirely playable. At most, it could use one or two additional end mission triggers is all. Sea Eagle II - M03 - Angry Sun2.0a.miz
  16. M02 - Keeping Up Relations - Ideal for either single-player, either side, or miltiplayer! (Some light editing may be required, MP = set desired aircraft to client, SP = set desired aircraft to player.) - Players enforce the UN No-Fly Zone, or challenge it. - Both sides have a secret objective that will challenge them. - Ideally, this mission has no shooting either, but with both sides flying in the same airspace, there will be plenty of opportunity to "keep up relations." - Desertistan is flying the a couple of the new "MiG 28," so watch out! - Recommend you fly as "Snowman" (RED) or "Iceman" (BLUE). Sea Eagle II - M02 - Keeping Up Relationsv2.1a.miz
  17. M01 - Desertistan Welcome - Ideal for either single-player, either side, or miltiplayer! (Some light editing may be required, MP = set desired aircraft to client, SP = set desired aircraft to player.) - Players are introduced to Sea Eagle II, and to "Desertistan" and the situation on the ground. - Players will work to maintain a UN No-Fly Zone, or to threaten it... - Both sides have a "secret objective" that will challenge them. - Ideally, this mission ends without anyone shooting...that can't be fun, can it be? But how skillfully you play it will determine if you keep the peace, or start a war. - Recommend you fly as "Snowman" (RED) or "Iceman" (BLUE). Sea Eagle II - M01 - Desertistan Welcomev2.2a.miz
  18. This is the official download thread for the Sea Eagle II Campaign. All missions will be posted here along with any updates to the files. About Sea Eagle II: Sea Eagle II is a fictional exercise for the Navy conducted on the Nellis range. Instructors fly the A-4, F-5, and the F-18, and possibly other aircraft as "adversaries" against students in the F-14. In this campaign, the instructors and students will face off over the fictional nation of "Desertistan" across 10 single-player missions. These missions are created so players can fly any position on either side as a complete single-player experience. However, both sides have recommended slots to play (RED = Snowman, BLUE = Iceman). Players can also set aircraft to "client" and fly these missions multiplayer. The only thing the missions lack are voiceovers, but radio items provide all the information and flavor you need, and display with a short audible cue, so you do not miss anything important. All missions were tested using Oculus Rift. There are older versions of the first two missions out there, but I have overhauled them substantially. This thread is an attempt to organize everything into one, official place. If you have an older version, please update it for the best experience. Questions, comments, critiques, help, and special requests are ALL WELCOME. I do not claim to be perfect, or that I am at Baltic Dragon level, but I am learning and I feel these missions are fun and worth sharing. I hope you enjoy flying them as much as I have. In plan to release a new mission every several days or so, at least 1-2 per week, up to the specified ten. I have mapped out 1-4, and built 1-2 as of this moment. 3 is in the works. REQUIRED ASSETS: - Nevada Map - F-14 by Heatblur - A4 freeware mod, see: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=224989 OPTIONAL ASSETS: - Soundtrack to "Top Gun," although the included music by Meteor is awesome! - Leather Jacket - Aviator shades - Divorce attorney - Hot blonde civilian MISSION LIST: M01 - Desertistan Welcome (v2.2a) M02 - Keeping up Relations (v2.1a) M03 - Angry Sun (v2.0a) M04 - Flight from Desertistan (unreleased)
  19. Mission 01 - This mission has been updated to version 2.2. It features many simplifications, fixes and improvements. Those with earlier versions should delete the old and use the latest version for the best experience. At present, the mission is set up for single-player, but can be converted to multiplayer by setting the aircraft you want humans to control to "Client." As single-player, you may play blue or red by switching the aircraft you wish to fly to "Player." BE SURE TO switch the default "Player" aircraft to AI control. "Average" for BLUE and "Expert" for RED is recommended. Feedback and questions welcome.
  20. UPDATED 3.19.19 Version 2.2 Please use the latest version, as it features significant improvements over 2.1.
  21. I will be making some more optimizations tonight, and will update the file. Changes will include some proper end mission triggers and notifications, so players know when the mission is actually over. Right now, there is only one end mission trigger that does not always get fired. I need to direct aircraft to land once a preliminary trigger is activated. I will see about finding a radio sound to provide an audible notice to pilots when a message has appeared. A busy pilot might not see the message if they are looking behind them or elsewhere. Any other suggestions, add here, and I will make a decision about them tonight. I have another two missions complete that need a little more work, and I will post them as soon as they are polished a bit more. The campaign will have ten missions in all.
  22. Additional missions coming very soon. UPDATE 3.20.19, Mission 02 being overhauled, almost done. Needs testing. Expected publication of M02 - v2.0 = Friday. Done. 3.22.19. See: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=236698
  23. Missions now posted here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=236698 REQUIRED: - A-4 MOD (Freeware) - Nevada Map - F-14 (by Heatblur) CURRENT VERSION = 2.2 (UPDATED 3.19.19) -Play with labels OFF, including dots, for most realistic experience. Dots/labels may make the mission too easy for some players. You may play this mission as either side, all you need to do is set the aircraft you wish to fly to "PLAYER." Make sure if you set an aircraft to player, you set the former "player" to AI controlled. This mission is also playable as a multiplayer experience, and should be fun for all. Simply use the mission editor set all the aircraft you wish humans to fly to "Client." It is recommended you play as "Snowman" for RED or "Iceman & Slider" for BLUE, for the most fun. This is the first mission in a story-driven campaign; part exercise, part scenario. The briefings are critical. There are full briefings and triggers for both sides. Please read them. Please let me know if anything can be changed or improved. This mission is different from your ordinary "shoot em up" and ideally does not involve combat, just the enforcement of a no-fly zone. But, shooting is quite possible, and there's a few twists in this mission and in missions to come... Sea Eagle II - M01 - Desertistan Welcomev2.2.miz
  24. UPDATE 3.18.19 I have greatly simplified Mission no. 1 and will simplify no. 2 in the same fashion. In working with my template, I found I created quite a bit of extra work for myself, and made testing a hassle. I will update the missions as I am able. Meanwhile, the mission revised FIRST mission is good to go for multiplayer, with briefings for both sides. The host will need to edit the mission to make client aircraft for all players. Otherwise, the mission is now quite playable from a single-player perspective!
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