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  1. The planeset restriction is preventing me from using the mix of aircraft I am wanting to use. I am also unable to select USAF Aggressors as an option; it does not appear in my list. Is there a way to solve this? Thank you!
  2. A couple issues. 1. Planesets are cool, but sometimes you want to mix the eras, for example to simulate operations against smaller nations with outmoded airframes. Is there a way to work around this? Another case: I recently wanted to create a mission with F-14 A and B models in it, and only the A model was available. Changing the date did nothing to make the B available. 2. USAF Aggressors isn't available as an option. They are part of the Red coalition, I checked that, but they do not appear in the dropdown, so I cannot select them. Any ideas? Thank you!
  3. Hello, I intend to build a mission for the Syria map, to go with the bunches of other missions I've designed. However, this time I want it to feel a little more authentic than my usual efforts. To this end, I am planning to use the Syrian Defense Network (2012) (via Pikey). That will be there to deter any adventures over Syria. But the BLUE player will fly for Israel and with allies, must oppose a coordinated Syrian strike on Ramat David and possibly a few other locations. I want to make this mission feel somewhat "real" although I will try to incorporate random triggers and varying tactics on the RED side to add replay value. That said, what would a strike look like? For example, how many aircraft, how many waves, what altitude? I have to work with the planeset afforded us by DCS. Israel has the F-15C and F-16C and those will suffice. But Syria has the MiG-21, and the MiG-23, a few MiG-29, and the Su 22. I do have the Su-22 mod, but would rather not use it unless DCS has it as a default asset just because I want to minimize the mods players need to fly the mission. I know the 23 is a default asset, and the 21 and 29 are there. So, using the 21, 23, and 29, I would like to set up a believable strike package with realistic numbers, altitudes, loadouts, and tactics. Does anyone have any knowledge they might be able to share that will help me design this one? Thanks! -TheHighwayman
  4. Howdy! I am an experienced DCS pilot, and mission builder, but I am not that great at dogfighting. I am trying to learn how to dogfight. I've watched the legendary Falcon 2.0 video, as well as several others. I set up a dogfight against myself and another F-16 on expert AI mode, and tried to master the F-16 corner speeds, so you will see me turning alot in the attached tacview. I am seeking a critique and any tips some of the veteran pilots here might have. I'm tired of losing to the AI in all but the most lopsided engagements. This fight is probably one of the first I was able to "draw" with the AI. Normally I just die. We both ran out of fuel after about 10 minutes with heavy burner usage. Engagement is guns only, no stores, pylons removed. Feedback welcome, please. Thank you! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BxbuX2zaTTMc3aKRS9fY4b2gK_VxeMR7/view?usp=sharing (Tacview posted to my Google Drive since DCS forums won't allow a tacview attachment.)
  5. I would expect this to be released in mid-late September. Worth the price and the wait though!
  6. I know all about creating trigger zones with circles, but what about straight lines? Is it possible to make square or rectangular trigger zones using another tool? If not, is there a place where the feature can be suggested? Thanks.
  7. You could "game" this by creating a 1 ship flight, and you flying beside it as wingman. You'd have to program the logic to get him to help you, or you would need to help him, as all wingmen do. He would not give you any commands, but you could simulate him giving commands using triggers. I am willing to help you if you need more assistance. Email me here on the forums.
  8. Thanks! I'll look for it. The method I am using SHOULD work. It's simple and straightforward, but it isn't working. I feel I am either missing something obvious, or there is a bug. I can't figure which.
  9. I have a mission that fires 1 of 6 permutations for replay value. (F-14 vs. A-4 on Nevada Map; player flies F-14) Blue enters a zone, which activates a timer, which activates a random trigger with 1-6 as possible results, and each result is linked to a permutation which spawns different opponents for blue. However, each time I play the mission, I get permutation number 5, which is entirely inexplicable to me. I reviewed my triggers, and everything seems right. Chances are I am missing something obvious. But I can't see it myself. Can someone play this mission a few times and let me know what permutations you are getting? Each play is probably about 10-15 minutes. It's also fun. Thanks. Mighty_Wings (1).miz
  10. Just an update, I tried putting out the fires by using "Explode Unit" thinking that might virtually destroy them, but it did not work.
  11. I am trying to create a cool mission where you guide fire tankers on their run. If successful, the tanker will extinguish the flames. I can pretty much do everything EXCEPT... put out the fires. LOL I don't know if it is possible to stop the effect from running. I don't see any way to make the effect respond to a trigger. I can trigger an explosion or a fire, but I cannot extinguish one. Any ideas?
  12. Would it be possible for someone to create a Pakistan F-104? I created an India vs. Pakistan 1971 mission and I have custom skins for all aircraft except the F-104, which also participated. I would love to post the mission for the community to play, but it feels too weird with a German F-104 standing in for Pakistan. (I used the F-104 G in the mission, although I can use another variant if the skin comes on another model.) No need for anything fancy, aluminum with roundels would probably do fine. Any help? Thank you!
  13. Yes, they have them, and they work fine. Thank you, I did not know this until now. I appreciate the help!
  14. Ah, I did not know this! That's great news. I am using USSR. I will see if it works then.
  15. For the record, I am only looking for a script that will guide players to a target. I do not need something for a human to work, or for the script to spawn enemies.
  16. I am looking for a script I can use to simulate GCI. I understand there is no GCI built-in, but perhaps we can use AWACS, but without the AWACS aircraft but an EWR installation instead? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  17. I could swear there was a way to set system failures in the mission editor, but I cannot find the option. I do see the Random Failures option under the Mission Options screen, but I would like to set specific options. Is this possible? Thanks.
  18. In this mission, Blue flies 6*F-14B out of Nellis with the purpose of overflying Nav Point India, just a few miles NW of Rachel. Red flies 4*F-16C aggressor out of Tonopah. The Blue F-14 that overflies India becomes the "flagbearer." The flagbearer must also overfly Nellis to win. If the flagbearer is destroyed, Red wins the exercise. The "F-16C Aggressor skin pack V1.3" by Filip Hoff is recommended to dress up your Aggressors, but the download is optional. That file is available on the DCS User Files section of the site if you search for it. There are two files attached here. The first allows you to fly Blue, the second Red, as an aggressor. Otherwise, both missions are mostly the same with some small variations. Good luck! Feedback welcome. Capture the Flag SP F-16C Aggressor v1.0.miz Capture the Flag SP F-14B Tomcat v1.0.miz
  19. Blue flies 6*F-14B out of Nellis with the purpose of overflying Nav Point India, just NW of Rachel. Red flies 4*F-16C out of Tonopah with the purpose of denying Blue Nav Point India, or of intercepting the "flagbearer" before they can overfly Nellis. The mission is also decided if all aircraft of one side are destroyed. The F-16's fly independently, with the F-14's flying in pairs. Feedback welcome. Capture the Flag Multiplayer v1.0.miz
  20. You are Ibis Leader, and your mission is to lead a pair of trainee pilots on a training mission. The mission is simple, get up, fly your waypoints, and land. It begins just before dawn, so you will be taking off in the dark and landing in the daylight. Mission duration is around 45 minutes. This mission is a TRAINING FLIGHT, not a combat mission. You will simply lead two rookie pilots on a circuit over the Persian Gulf coast then land back at your base. Enjoy this relaxing experience! Players will need the M2000C and the Persian Gulf map. Get it here - https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=255905 Please let me know what you think after you give it a try or two!
  21. I support this request. It may not seem like a high priority, but again, that is our patriarchal norms talking. We guys don't realize it because we are acclimated to it. I feel it should be moved up in priority, even if it delays the "next cool module" a few weeks or so. The little things matter.
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