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  1. Giddy with anticipation here. Great work!!
  2. samba_liten


    I'd buy any version of the -21!
  3. Now it works. Thanks. Let's hope I'm better at driving the MiG than I am at dealing with code! On a related note, the MiG 21 skin for the India - Pakistan war campaign doesn't work. I checked user files, and though there are lots of skins from the period, they all seem to be outdated and no longer work. Shame.
  4. Hi I keep getting a mission script error when ending my mission. I've tried the India-Pakistan war (mig 21) as well as the mig 21 campaign on the Nevada map with the same results. I have followed the steps in the pdf, and tried everything listen in the FAQ. Any idea what might be going wrong? --Initialization script for the Mission lua Environment (SSE) dofile('Scripts/ScriptingSystem.lua') --Sanitize Mission Scripting environment --This makes unavailable some unsecure functions. --Mission downloaded from server to client may contain potentialy harmful lua code tha
  5. Thank you Martin for that. I guess the map symbols were confusing me. Tuning in the khz worked. Mike Romeo, true. On the other hand I've been putting off learning to use the radio compass for a very long time already.
  6. Is this working? I can't seem to figure it out, but user error is possible. Has anyone got it to function correctly?
  7. I never pre purchase, but this is my favourite, so...i'm in.
  8. All times of day. Didn't test night. Anyway, I updated dx, and reinstalled my gfx drivers and the problem went away, so I dare say it was a problem on my end.
  9. Title. Started after the latest update on the beta. I tried the repair thing, and did a complete reinstall. No mods. Grateful for any advice.
  10. Regarding Gulf Cargo One, I haven't been able to sink any of these ships. Missiles and bombs seem to go straight through them!
  11. Hi, Making a mission on the Persian Gulf map. I would like to launch a large (about 20 a/c) ai force from a base with two runways. The problem is that they all queue up to use only one of the runways. Is there a way for me to force approximately half the flights to use the other runway? Thanks!
  12. Sas Al Nakheel Air Base https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/216408696#map=14/24.4389/54.5342 is also missing.
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