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  1. Using openbeta, with normal AAR campaign. I didn't enter the zone and breaked at something like 30nm. The wingman dropped his weapons at 33,4k ft and 46,3 nm from targets. The AGM154's landed 4'000 feet short. Tacview : https://www.dropbox.com/s/cmuhbb6mremccko/Tacview-20210825-162701-DCS-Persian 9 Early Morning Call.zip.acmi?dl=0
  2. Just flew it, working fine. One comment : the SA6 was firing on the Chinook at is was egressing but it wasn't dying. Guess it was set as indestructible but not as invisible. Still had the radar tone in the RWR. On purpose ? Nice mission.
  3. Just flew mission 9, all wingman's JSOW went too short and none of his migs were destroyed => mission fail
  4. I do enjoy it even if it simplier than Raven One or TEW3.0. Great job.
  5. Totally agree with this feedback. Radio comms would add immersion. Flew 3 missions so far, really begginer friendly. Thanks for the work !
  6. Flying mission 3 right now, sad that we don't have to manage frequencies.... why that ?
  7. You can change your group ID to have the same as your wingman easily. Did it in almost all missions.
  8. The problem with Razbam is that they start too many projects (3 EA planes, at least 4 in dev), have a lot of 3D designers, but only a few if not a single coder. They communicate poorly and the 2 first DCS modules were buggy like hell when released. Mirage was awful, Harrier little better. Mig-19 is fun, but easy avionics. Let's talk about some of their projects : A29 Super Tucano : in dev since at least 2017.... a community mod released this year was developped way faster. F15E Strike Eagle : some teasing and nothing more, just saying they will use ED external model. With such a complicated avionics, I fear the result Mig-23 Flogger : some teasing and no news English Electric Lightning : some teasing and no news IA Pucara : some teasing and no news Falklands map : in dev for years.... And finally the BO105.... First developed by Polyshop, then a single guy who created MilTech continued alone but as he is a 3D designer he searched a coder for years and finally Razbam said they will finish it.... 7 years in developement, but I guess we will never see this helicopter. Here is a good summary : Can someone explain the negativity towards developers like razbam and heatblur : hoggit (reddit.com) The finished work is not bad at all, after months/years of work, but they should focus on less projects, Only my 2 cents and my feelings.
  9. FAST = faster radar beam but lesser resolution
  10. This campaign is no longer supported that's why it's free. You can modify the weather settings if you want.
  11. Tried with newly created missions, older missions saved under 2.7 and older missions not modified : "hidden" doesn't work.
  12. Hi the parked F14B has his wing was too far behind. See picture.
  13. Was going to ask the same question about the zoom capacity. Thanks.
  14. How many missions ? Time for 1 missions ? Easy to ask us to pay for a campaign not knowing if we will finish it in 30 minutes or many hours...
  15. Hi how many missions and estimated time per mission in the new KA50 campaign ?
  16. Still have it from time to time. Always test with a quick mission I created before I start a campaign or MP session.
  17. Using this mission everytime I start a DCS session to test if bug is present or not. (FA18, TGP in FLIR mode on WP1, use F10 to create an explosion) If bug is there, most of the time, just restarting DCS is enough. If not, I delete fxo and metashader2 folders. Really strange and annoying bug. TEST FLIR SATURATION.miz
  18. \Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\campaigns\A-10C The Enemy Within 3 Both version (a10 and a10v2) are in the same folder.
  19. I would prefer something almost finished like the Viggen, the F14 and the JF17 instead of a piece of crap like the M2K was at release. Just be patient.
  20. Long and how bug. Each time I start DCS, I test the FLIR with the attached mission (radio - F10 - F2) If the bug is present, I restart DCS. If still there, I restart but also erase fxo and metashader2 folders. TEST FLIR SATURATION.miz
  21. Thanks. Title was changed by a moderator. Hope we will have more infos from Wags or NineLine.
  22. Hi guys. Thanks for this beautifull new A10C. In the newsletter from 31.07.2020 we could see the FLIR in the middle of the HMCS, with the size matching the field of view (https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4439112&postcount=264) Has it to be implemented yet or was is an error and the TGP should only be in the lower left corner like it is now ? Thanks.
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