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  1. If you have all necessary Buttons on the UFC bound to the Keyboard you can enter the coordinates while still in F10 Map. This might need some Training as you dont See the UFC.
  2. It would be very helpfull to attach a small track (no MP, n mods) to show the issue
  3. I Wonder If Harms can be used in POS Mode on Station 4 and 6 as this Mode does Not need the Harm to send a Sensor picture Signal to the Plane. And where is the Sense to ferry Harms? You seem to Put a Lot effort and time to clear that topic. Wouldnt it be better to add a "Special wiring" Option that can be forced by MP servers? I mean this discussion seems to Break down to the fact that the wiring is preventing the use of mavs and Harms on 4 and 6. Lets assume the US airforce or Partner countries did Order some Planes with Special wirings for SEAD or Strike purposes....the Special O
  4. Nice to get some positive feedback about this. Thank you very much! A static name with a custom livery only works if everyone has the skins plus you need a complete skin for every pilot in your flight although only the nametags are different. And this can take a huge amount of disc image and maintenance. I am therefore hoping for an answer from ED about this topic. There are some standard liveries, that have a box on the edge of the cockpit glas for nametags, e.g. the 152nd Fighter Squadron "Las Vaqueros"-Skin. That is the place where the nametag entry should go then.
  5. DL switch is not referring to Link-16 but to some other system which is not implemented in the viper block we have here, AFAIK. Therefore it is a dead switch without any functions. The Map switch is also not necessary. Without a track it is not possible to see what the issue is. The screenshots do not help as they do not show, i. e. the align status of your plane or if it is an airborne start or cold start on the ground.
  6. The Boresight option only appears when the maverick is locking something. If you use Area-Track Lock you need to press TMS Left short first and then the boresight option also appears
  7. Hello, I am not sure if this is intended or a bug, but if you select Area Track Mode on the WPN page of the Maverick with the OSB or TMS-Left and change the station back and forth, the Maverick is no more in Area Track Mode but in COH (Cold over Hot) mode. COH and HOC modes are stored within the stations. I would expect the Area Track Mode to be stored in the stations as well. This is necessary to quickly assign two targets, one for each station, with the TGP in PRE-Mode with Auto-Handoff. Right now the second station must be put back into area mode after the first shot befor
  8. Hello, It would be awesome If we can write our names on the external model under the cockpit. It is already possible to enter a unique tail Number at the rearming menu. Maybe something similar can be added there for the pilot name and callsign. Best Regards.
  9. any new on this one? i am really curious if we get it
  10. Hey guys, reading the HARM threat table sheet I do not understand the entries for the carriers. From my understanding the carriers CVN-70 till CVN-74 are carriers of the same class (nimitz). I assume that these ships have the same radar systems. The RWR symbols for them are the same (SS). How is it possible to have different DED-ID for different ships of the same class? For example how is the Carl Vinson different from the George Washington that the HARM can differ between them via DED-ID? Thank you in advance.
  11. Dear ED Team, Please Note that this Bug is still present in the latest OB. Can a Moderator Please Change the Tag from [fixed internally] to [investigating] or something else? This Tag is from June and the Bugfix did Not make it into the OB so far. I doubt that an internal fix is held behind a Release from so Long. Instead i think, that the bug is not fixed yet, but i can be wrong. So i bump this Thread and hopefully i can send you a new track at the end of this Werk... Regards, Badlego
  12. Let me help you with a track. Mig flanking from left to right. STT lock. Steering cue before missile launch is calculated like pure pursuit: the aircraft directly points at the target. The launched missile will immediately pull G to the right to go to lead pursuit. After the launch, the steering cue hops to the right, sothat the next shot is done in lead pursuit and the next missile has an easier path to the target. Note that the TTA and TTI timer is missing once the plane is winchester, but thats another bug... F16-Aim120-Steering-Cue-bug.trk
  13. But Page 3 on the DLink DED page says "Link16 STN" with 8 Slots to be modified. I thought these entries are setting which plane is marked as "blue" on the Datalink. There is nothing about IDM. I think IDM is not used anymore in our F16 version, is it?
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