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  1. The spit is the most frameratekiller plane on dcs. This great vid from Jabbers can help you out.
  2. Fantastic one wish can off the wishlist!
  3. Wow..hello Tony, how do i use flyinside in DCS. Very interesting. Looking forward to your answer...:thumbup:
  4. :thumbup: For this wide test I hope for usefull results!!! :thumbup:
  5. Weekend news Harrier on pre-purchase Whoot....:thumbup::D
  6. Euhm but the hands on preview was not so great about screen door effect and tracking issues but reviews will give us the final verdict. The hardware is ready in 2 generations then there is already a cv2 and more headsets.
  7. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=184762
  8. Thank you. I will try it tonight. :thumbup::D
  9. How to trigger the start of the V1? Thanks in advance
  10. Well deserved! Congratulations!!
  11. Well, there is somebody out there who can't ressist it not too buy. We shall hear from them. :D
  12. Move your head, use PD settings and not to forget virtual zoom!
  13. Explain? We have the rift or the vive. The boost in pixels in minor in relation to the things we have. The costs are more then the joy of it. If you want to upgrade to the samsung fine, but don't expect a magical boost of experience in relation to the rift or vive. There is much to come in VR, just be patient. The market grows fast and the development from new headsets with better specs too. I hope this explains my warning to the community.
  14. Warning To the rift and Htc vive users. Samsung is just 1.3 times better then oculus and HTC vive Rift and Htc vive = 1080 x 1200 pixels Samsung = 1440 x 1600 pixels It's just 1.3 better then what we have! So be warned. :book:
  15. Wow, i can't wait to fly it. :D
  16. I am not convinced at all. The FPS limits on current systems. So what to expect with this. I think when we are 3 generations further with CPU and GPU we talk again. :D Till then my oculus rift rocks.... :D
  17. VOLTA Nvidia. release next year. I think around march 2018! That's what to waiting for. It should be in the late of this year, but AMD is no concurrence in this segment, so Nvidia pushed it back to next year.
  18. Uninstall oculus. And install it again. Do a new full setup. Let us us know if the problems are gone. I had this once too. :)
  19. Use VR zoom. toggle key to UIlayer in settings on the bottom. I use VR zoom all the time.
  20. Yep, 2.0 is better optimized. 1.5 follows later. ED is hard at work at it.
  21. Nice. works for cooling your head in warm days.
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