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  1. Surprise... Surprise. Upcoming webinar hp reverb g2. :D Share and 25 June it goes on! https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/7910661112487582221?source=HP+Webinar+Kathryn+Email+Share
  2. It's a change... :D I'll test it tonight on my VR rig. :D Probarbly boost some FPS. We'll see.... CONTINUE: Tested. No significant changes. I set it back, thanks for the idea.
  3. Damn ED very good decision to get the priority to go on bugsfixing. :D
  4. My System says it can't update my Windows 10. Lol Ik have a New System. I don't get it, what's going on here?
  5. Yep, checked. Much better. Maybe go for the 3090 TI, instead 3080 TI with reverb G2. I'll think it will be in the 2000 dollar range with custom cardz.
  6. Yeah, Jensen or Lisa bump it all up! :D Will Jensen or Lisa win? Nvidia or AMD. Who get's the crown jewel? Will Jensen be aggressive as always? :D
  7. +1 I am interested too in the response off this question... :D
  8. Hope for love for the VR playerbase FPS wise. :D
  9. Hopefully is the Syria map VR optimized and not like the Channel map. Thanks :D
  10. Thanks Don like always. I missed that... :D
  11. Subscription definitly NO I already bought everything to sponsor ED too come where we are now. A fantastic sim compare with nothing else. :D
  12. I'll hope these things are history when the 3080 TI is released. Unleash the beast! Come on Jensen :D
  13. Curious like every week. :D Thanks bignewy
  14. Do a repair. Maybe after that you ready to go. :D
  15. I have seen the change too. I am very happy with it. Thanks ED! :D
  16. Another run on the map. No changes over here. Half the framerate then in other maps! Ed i hope you aware of this.
  17. I reported that the CHANNEL MAP has half the FPS then the NEVADA MAP in VR.
  18. Same. Bad FPS in channelmap in VR. I hoped for a FPS boost seen the new mapmaking technology but sadly not. Compared to NEVADA where i can fly 90 FPS is the CHANNELMAP between 35-45 FPS. I must get a 4080 TI for this. Oops about two years. (joke) :D Please ED take a look. Thank you.
  19. Fantastic job. Three times faster then normal! :D
  20. Well for the weekend is ok. Better then rushed patches. :D
  21. Early access P-47D today? All the youtubers going wild in the Press release. Or in the weekend. :D Any combo deal with the Chanel map? :D
  22. Nope. There no advantages. Oops...Yes one! The low price stays put. :D I had the same experience with reverb G1. Less then the most headsets and a premium product. :D
  23. boedha68

    F-15E UFC poll

    The Poll has aready the answer. :D
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