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  1. Well Nice to see Early acces earlier. :D
  2. +1 reverb g1 now. September reverb g2 and probarbly Rtx 3090. :D
  3. Looks like the first batch a Year ago. I swapped it for a New One. Never had that problems again.
  4. ALERT-ALERT-ALERT-ALERT-ALERT HP asks € 440,00 more then reseller. I instant pre-orderd at reseller with discount code for € 599,00 instead € 1000 + at hp.nl https://store.hp.com/NetherlandsStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=1N0T5AA&opt=ABB&sel=ACC https://store.hp.com/NetherlandsStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=1N0T4AA&opt=ABB&sel=ACC (Reverb G2 without controllers) https://www.derekenwinkel.nl/hp-reverb-g2-new-generation.html And yes. There are two versions G2. One with controllers and one without controllers.
  5. 45 FPS straight you can get with the HP reverb G2 with your system now! I play 45 - 90 FPS with the reverb g1 now. See system in signature. Because i will the best of the best i gonna upgrade at the end of the year. But will it Nvidia or AMD... time will tell. 90 FPS DCS on high settings is a dream. I'll hope it finally comes true. :D
  6. This reseller does.... euhm... excl. is really no controllers there... https://www.derekenwinkel.nl/hp-reverb-g2-new-generation-1830.html Very shady for a gold reseller... I don't trust them. Not all reviews are good. So even with € 100,00 discount. I really only go for the HP official site. Sadly still not for pre-sale in my country. :D
  7. Yep 2 seperate Products. Hp didn't announce this.
  8. Please watch out for resellers. I saw pre-order hp reverb g2 with and without controllers. Don't like it at all! The reverb g2 comes standard WITH CONTROLLERS! Scam?!? Well very odd indeed! https://www.derekenwinkel.nl/hp-reverb-g2-new-generation.html https://www.derekenwinkel.nl/hp-reverb-g2-new-generation-1830.html Please be alert on this. :D
  9. Syria map pre-purchased before the newsletter. :D
  10. Don your all good. I run 45 fps at minimum on 2080 with reverb G1. G2 will not more demanding then G1. I am too see the G2 and 3080 ti/3090 in Future. End of all problems in DCS. Whooaa :D
  11. I am stunned. Why buy now a 2080ti? A card that is 2 years Old on full price? In 3 months the 3080ti is there with 40% increase to the 2080ti. Sorry, I simply just don't get it. Sure I saved the money too... just waiting for the real monster card. :D
  12. https://www.roadtovr.com/hp-reverb-g2-announcement-pre-order-price-release-date/ Hp steps back from times to release by resellers. :D Was to expect that resellers want your money first! yep... whoop there it is.... :D
  13. Well some Patience is needed. I talked to hp in my Country. They answered, call us back next week. :D
  14. I only pre-order from HP. The aftersales are fantastic. We all had problems with version 1 from the hp reverb last year.. HP send me a new one and asked sending me the old one, so i don't missed a day in VR! :D So i stick with them. A reseller can be demanding the old one before sending a new one. And what to think of guarantees..long waits and hope for the best.
  15. You can see the 3d objects while you zoom in, in the mission editor and how they placed in the mission. :D ============================================== Friday... weekend news.... bugsfixing weeks :D I am really curious if ED found big BUGS...zoom...zoom...zoom.. Maybe a neat little patch? :D hahaha... Thanks.
  16. Welcome to the Hp clan Don! :D you won't regret it!
  17. I put on the naughty shoes and contact pre-sales from Hp in my country. Too ask if they know when i can pre-order the HP Reverb G2. The headset must now going on full production by HP. So asking is better then guessing... :D Hope they can answer.
  18. This is for you Don! Hahaha... i am happy with the reverb g1, but i'll think this is the ultimate dream! :D
  19. No luck in Europe yet. Checking everyday! :D https://www.derekenwinkel.nl/hp-reverb-g2-new-generation.html This website claims 9/16/2020 in House. I wait for the official hp site, cause the aftersales is Outstanding good, personal preference.
  20. The clarity is fantastic. The mura is the attacker of the clarity. The sweetspot in G1 is small, the sweetspot is enormous in the G2. Look at the vid i posted. It's through the lens, in reality this is more sharp. Imagine.....:D Below reverb g1 dcs for the comparison. :D I think the jump is from 720p to a 1080p. By the way 4k is miles ahead...probarbly 5 to 10 years. There is simple no videocard who can pull it. :D I am happy with my HP reverb G1, but G2 is way better in my opinion. I started with the oculus CV1 big steps in VR are made.
  21. Never, Jensen is agressive. He put on 1200 bucks and the custom cards are round 1500. My bet! No worries i've saved money for this battle of titans. :D
  22. I hope Jensen don't let US down with the New 3080Ti/3090. :D
  23. Whoops there it is. Best graphics on a headset. :D All discussions are over. Again hp take the Crown for DCS.
  24. I follow mrtv from the beginning. He is Independent. There is no youtuber so honest as he is. No more mura. Clarity is estonishing and a big sweetspot. I believe reverb g2 is the New King of the headsets for DCS again. So pre order for me. :D
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