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  1. On 12/1/2020 at 5:36 PM, imacken said:

    OK, so my G2 arrived today.  My first impressions are not that great.  At the moment, I wish I had my G1 back!

    Initial thoughts -

    1) FOV seems narrower

    2) sweet spot doesn't seem that much better

    3) audio is nicer

    4) comfort is a little better

    5) image quality doesn't seem to demonstrate the much-taunted improved contrast and 'pop'

    6) most importantly, the image clarity is much worse. I clearly must be doing something wrong here, as with the G1, the text in DCS menus was solid and sharp, with the G2 it's a little jerky, and just doesn't stand out so well.  The Hornet cockpit (only one I've tried) is nowhere near as clear and well defined as the G1.  I've tried SteamVR SS at 50%, 100% and even 150% and it's just not happening.

    Now, I remember dburne (I think ) had a similar experience here, but I can't remember what improved that for him. Don?

    All in all, I'm sure something must be wrong, but atm, I want my G1 back!

    EDIT: There is a bit of an eyesight issue in that I'm waiting for my G2 lenses to arrive, but however, I am wearing my glasses, so it shouldn't make much difference.

    Wow Mine comes in a few weeks. I've got the reverb g1. I expect much better View. In the preview from different youtubers is this the Dream, so I think it's software related issue. I see some differences in wmr updates and steamvr updates through time. 

  2. Well, I've only used mine for about 15 minutes. The sweet spot is a little bigger, the lenses are a LOT better, the adjustable IPD is nice but to me the biggest improvement has to be the color accuracy and the contrast.


    It's definitely a generational improvement, the difference between the G1 isn't like going from an Odyssey+ to the G1 was, but it's a worthwhile upgrade and fixes most of the issues I had with the G1.


    NICE.. definitely I was hoping. :D Hope i got mine soon. I already mailed the shop where i pre-orderd. :D


    And it got a cumulative update yesterday - at least on my end.

    My Reverb G2 arriving this afternoon sometime, so I will find out soon enough I reckon.


    Wow... DON...Today?!? Hope hearing your experience.... :D


    Yes.It was an update for the G2. MRTV said it was for further clarity update on the G2. I saw no difference on the G1 yesterday. Awaiting my G2 too. :D

  4. as a 3090 owner, i don't see very much improvement after all. i spend alot of time tweaking my settings. Iike expected, cpu issues. 4.9ghz 8600k, 32Gb ram at the moment. Rift S user.


    some more 0.2 SS, shadows on medium, MSAA 2x. That's it. Don't expect too much. Dubai on PG looks good for the first time. Normandy.. still performance like the previous 2080 rtx, even without terrain shadows slide show.


    That's my own experience for now..


    As I said. Would we improve in VR. ED gonna grab the engine by the Balls. Vulcan? Is this now in final stage? Or another game engine?

  5. Don't get to enthousiast. I have the 3080 now. Clocked 9900ks on 5.2 GHz. Rtx 3080 clocked on 2070 MHz. Yes, there is Improvement but very less then I expected. My opinion that I Hope that ED ASAP a New game engine introduces for our New game Systems. Very important step for VR. You'll see what I mean if you upgrade your Systems.

  6. It's in! MSI gaming trio 3080 card came in this morning with the Postman. At last. So time to test myself. :D Can I do Magic? We'll see... :D


    First impressions.


    Not the ultimate solution!


    yes, you can take dcs settings little further like MSAA and distance view, full shadows.


    But FPS is not much higher then before.




    Please ED go for another game engine that makes vr great again. :D



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