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  1. Had my roll spring break today. I've been using this Orion for 9 months probably 2/3 hrs daily. I've put in a ticket to try to get some replacement springs (I think). I really like this stick and want to stay with it. Should we be greasing these springs and if so any suggestions on the best lubricant to use. Anyone know of replacement spring that could be acquired in the US.
  2. I placed a portable TACAN and set an NDB freq. Whoever (or should it be Whomever?} host the mission can receive the NDB but no one else logged onto the server.
  3. I'm trying to set up a NDB in multiplayer for some Huey flights but have been unsuccessful. The host can receive the beacon but no other players can receive it. Is it not possible at this time or is there something I'm missing. I've used the TACAN freq. and scripting freq. with the same results. Thanks.
  4. I also notice the Command Bunker can not be destroyed anymore.
  5. Anyone having any problem destroying ammo bunkers. 4 GBU 24's in one bunker and no destruction/fire works display.
  6. Thanks for the reply Shimmergloom667 going to try again to see if we're doing something wrong.
  7. Is there a change in the buddy lase procedure? I find I can no longer buddy lase for anyone or see anyone else's laser when the LST is selected.
  8. Thanks again Swift, really appreciate the help.
  9. It seems not that I have to hold the trigger down continuously to activate the laser when using the E Mav's. In the past it was 1 trigger press to activate the laser and another to deactivate. Am I doing something wrong or is this how it should work?
  10. I spawned a Hornet in at Mozdok and after startup I loaded some waypoints. I had wp bearing and distance information displayed but upon departure the distance was frozen. The bearing indicator on the HUD worked properly but the distance did not move. Even wp 0 at the airfield stayed at 0. During the flight I was loaded with some JSOWs and after inputting tgt wp for each, when I brought them up they all pointed back to Mozdok. Hmmmmmmmm, baffling I thought.
  11. Has anyone noticed a difference between lt and rt brakes. I find the rt brake is more effective than the lt brake. On the ramp static 80% RPM the Rt brake would hold the ac but at about 72% to 75% the lt brake lets the ac roll ahead. I'm using the TM TPR pedals.
  12. A little longer now and it appears to be back to normal ops. And my framerates have gone up.
  13. OK, I've done a short test so far. I disabled Malwarebytes and no freezing now. I now wonder if the Win update has bugged Malwarebytes that has bugged DCS that has bugged me. That is a lot of bugging and debugging. I sure hope this fixes it.
  14. I tried running with TrackIR off and the I still have the freeze but not as often.
  15. Hello Bignewy You can see my post at the start of this topic what my game is doing. Up till a few days ago it was working great then after an Win update I start getting the freeze. I've found out that the longer I stay in the longer the freeze gets. I tried turning off the AV (I use Webroot) with no change in the problem. Here is a log from a flight today in single player and an earlier trk file from multiplayer PG Training Mission-20190912-221940.trk
  16. My system specs I7-7800X GTX 1080 TI 32 GB RAM ASUS TUF X299 Mark 2 850 Watt Thermaltake 80 PLUS Gold C drive Samsung 960 EVO M.2 PCIe NVME SSD Maybe there is something common in our systems that Win caused a problem with? PS: This is on the openbeta game that has the freeze, don't have DCS World installed so don't know if it happens on there. It also seems that the longer I'm in the game the longer the freezes get.
  17. On Sept 9 my game worked great. On boot up on the 10th it now has a 1 to 2 second freeze every 15 seconds. I can not figure this thing out. There was a Windows update on the 9th and it is only think that I think could be the cause. But don't know what to do about it. It doesn't matter which module/map/single/multi. I've tried a lot of things to no avail. Any suggestions? PS: BOS runs great. No other games freeze.
  18. It seems that the terrain elevations in multiplayer are askew now. Looking at the F10 map in multiplayer now you get some bad elevation readings while in single player they are normal.
  19. First understand the FCS. With the flaps AUTO the FCS flies a 1G aircraft. You do not trim the ac when flaps are in AUTO, just point the nose where you want to go and the FCS will take care of the pitch trim. All that changes when you go to 1/2 or FULL flaps. The FCS now flies AOA. Specifically it sets the AOA to 4.0. You can get airborne and slow to 230, LDG down and maintain 230. You'll see the E-bracket appear when the LDG is down. Your E-bracket represents your AOA indexer just on the left side of your HUD. When your VV (Velocity Vector) touched the bottom of the E-bracket you'll see the donut and bottom chevron, as you approach the middle of the E-b you'll get the donut, and if you continue towards the top of the E-b you'll see the donut and top chevron. Now back to our flight (stable at 230 LDG down), you'll notice your AOA number displayed on the left side of your HUD, start to slow while holding altitude until your VV is in the center of the E-b. You'll see your HUD AOA numbers disappear from your HUD when your VV touches the E-b. If you have your FCS page on a DDI you can see your actual AOA number and the bottom of the FCS page on the left and right at the bottom showing the actual readout from the 2 AOA sensors. Stabilize your VV in the middle of the E-b, you can see the AOA on the bottom of the FCS page showing 8.1 AOA. Your ac FCS is still flying a !G environment. Your 8.1 is the optimum AOA for trapping, best app speed and hook attitude. Now we will select flaps !/2. Don't trim the ac!!!!!!!!! Your FCS is now flying AOA, not the 1G. We now want to use the throttles to control our altitude. Get your ac stable, on altitude without retrimming. When you get stable you will see your AOA sitting at 4.0. Doesn't matter whether you go to 1/2 or FULL flap the initial FCS setting is 4.0. You'll find yourself constantly making small power adjustment to hold your altitude. You can now start to slow your ac by reducing power and bumping your trim up until you have the VV in the middle of the E-b. Stabilize the VV in the middle of the E-b. Again when your VV touches the E-b you'll lose your AOA readout on your HUD. You can look at the FCS page on the bottom and see 8.1 when the VV wing touched the middle of the E-b. You can now practice flying the proper AOA using the throttles to control your altitude and app path, let the FCS control your AOA. Hope this helps and answers some of your questions. This is all part of the training we do in VCVW 11. "Homer" DCAG VCVW 11
  20. I had the binding problem and I found a fix. All I did was delete my joystick file from Users/my name/saved games/desopenbeta/config/input/f-14b/joystick. Then copied and dropped my f 18 joystick file into the f 14. Then went in and set up all the controls with no problem at all.
  21. I do a lot of training for our wing and I've noticed since the latest update that the VVI on the HUD is now less that half of what it use to show. Doing a stall the VVI now shows 4200' decent when it used to show 9500' when fully stalled. The standby VVI is pegged a 6000 down.
  22. set QNH altimeter and see what that reads. Should show field elevation. QNH is used in the US and your approach chart altitudes are base on QNH.
  23. When I set the QNH altimeter it reads about 150 below field elevation at Nellis.
  24. I think I may have fixed the problem by turning off Net Guard in McAfee's Firewall settings.
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