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  1. I had this turned on, although I don't remember turning it on. I turned it off and my 2nd mission Crashes seem to be over, also, not getting the Steam VR crash.
  2. Me too. Had no issues at all prior to the latest DCS Update. No second mission crashes, very few Steam VR issues. Right after the latest update, everything stopped working properly. I had continuous DCS crashes, which I have never had, going all the way back to 2007! Major issues with Steam VR. I was running the latest version of Nvidia Driver 466.27. Up to Date Windows version. I reverted my driver back to my previous driver 456.77 which helped with framerate fluctuations. I am starting to Curse my decision to go with HP G2 because I hate dealing with Steam and all the issues with the
  3. reverted my Nvidia Driver to previous, successful one, 456.71 Frame rates settled down to 45. Still having crashes with Steam VR.
  4. This last update made, for me, a situation where I am seeing 2nd mission crashes, Crashes of Steam VR, constant stutters, frame rate fluxuating between 35- 53. I have tried most of the work arounds suggested and none make the program playable. The last update was the cause of all these issues for me. on Wednesday the 5th I played DCS for hours, no issues at all. I have maintained my Computer with update drivers, Windows 10 updates, etc, and made no change to them since before the 5th May. DCS BROKE THEIR SIMULATION. Please fix it.
  5. guess so, but now can't play at all, also getting the Steam VR crashes now,
  6. Never had this issue at all until the update on 6 May.
  7. Thank-you for the update. I did not have this issue with the initial roll out of DCS 2.7 but it appeared after the update on the 6th of May. I have done most of the things you list so I guess I just have to wait to see if the can fix this issue.
  8. Flappie, Zip file as requested dcs.log-20210507-171937.zip
  9. Thanks for the response. I have the latest Nvidia Driver 466.27, which, up to Yesterday worked great on DCS. I do not have the KB4589212 installed. My version of Windows 10 is 20H2 KB4023057 which was installed 29 April, prior to this latest DCS update and worked great.
  10. Latest update totally wrecked my experience. At first it just crashed every time I tried to load a mission via Mission Editor, then I did a complete repair and got mission to start but framerates were totally unplayable. Prior to yesterday's update I was running very smoothly with framerates locked to 45. crash log was submitted
  11. Can't proceed past load mission I have run a complete repair and can get it to run but now framerates are so low that it can't be played dcs.20210507-163639.crash
  12. I would concur with divine. Having 24GB vrs 11 GB with my 2080TI would explain the difference
  13. How are you starting DCS? I have found that if I start SteamVR, which also starts the WMR app, then put on my G2 headset and select DCS inside the Steam app it launches correctly without crashing back to the WMR app. If I start DCS via the Desktop icon I get crashes like you describe.
  14. I have had to amend my procedure since recent updates by SteamVR. Instead of just starting the SteamVR app which also starts the WMR app, then clicking on my DCS App on my desktop. If I do it that way now I will have issues with the Headset screens shutting down in DCS and switching to the Clifftop house, with an error message about a failure in the SteamVR application. Instead, I now start via SteamVR, which also opens the Windows portal, I put on the headset and the SteamVR screen shows recently used application. I select the DCS app and open using hand controller. DCS loads and I have n
  15. Rocky49

    G2 view problem

    I found that starting DCS from within SteamVR has stopped the issue of a black screen in the headset and the game still running on the monitor. Coming from Oculus, I had never even thought about unplugging the power supply as I never did that with my Rift or Rift S. I am unplugging the power cord on the headset connector and the white logo light on the headset is now off. To be clear, my headset was not "hot" to the touch but merely slightly warm. I don't think the headset is "powered up" when sitting idle, I think it was just the illumination of the HP logo that having the power supply co
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