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  1. I'd say I'm worried about What and how Effective the A2G functionality of any Jester AI in the Longbow will be... Lets be honest CAS/BAI/AR type engagements from a Rotary Winged Platform is far more complex (and in a more complex threat environment) than BVR A2A Combat and I'd be concerned as to how its going to handle that...
  2. Well, A2G (The only thing an Apache will be doing...) NOT SO MUCH... I'm sure that promised Jester LANTIRN functionality will be coming...in maybe Two Weeks or so!
  3. These switch positions (default) were changed with the release of the DCS A10CII (and relates to the new and old A10C models) Apparently according to a SME (A10C Crew Chief I believe) this is the way switches are set for a Pilot when he gets in the cockpit
  4. Seems very unusual for ED to release a patch that ONLY contains updates 3rd Party DLC Campaigns...have they ever done that before? Normally 3rd party content creators say they've passed over "hotfixes/patches" to ED and they're waiting for it to go into the next OB patch...
  5. The obvious answer is - is it possible to aproach from a slightly different direction (without compromising yourself tactically) that means "your" target is somewhat isolated rather than cluttered/overlapped by other targets... The other answer is...what about LMAVs...wondered for a while what the "point" of them was compared to regular mavs (what with them not being fire and forget) but had this problem and the LMAV is the obvious answer if you absolutely MUST hit the particular target and only that target.
  6. Phew...great news I was looking forward to the PG A10CII Campaign...can't wait for its release!
  7. Is the sequel to this going to be for the A10C II or for the Hornet? In this weeks newsletter it says "A-10C Operation Persian Freedom campaign is in the making and will carry on the events of Persian Freedom into the Syrian theatre. This campaign will be for the Hornet" is thata typo? Cheers!
  8. Sticking an 850W + in any flight sim set up is a bit of a no brainer when you think how many USB ports are occupied with hubs and peripherals and is a relatively insignificant cost increase in the build price
  9. Thanks for the ffeedback everyone Not that i'm any the wiser LOL Conscious that in some ways either of those cards might prove overpowered for DCS at the moment...BUT new Clouds/New Developments/Bigger/More Detailed Maps etc over the next few years (plus the fact I support a couple of external screens for MFCDs) means I might as well go as high as is sensible (Though the Jump up to 3090/6900XT seems a step too far in terms of price/performance)
  10. Pretty straightforward - collecting parts for a new build PC (availability allowing LOL) and wanted some Guidance on the GPU choice... Obviously if you look at "generalist" Benchmarks Reviews...Team Greens 3080 would be the way to go BUT thats primarily on the back of Ray Tracing/DLSS technology and driver optimisation for popular games. Now EITHER of those 2 Graphics cards will smash FPS out of the park for everything else I play (which is predominantly Turn based Sims, IL2 and Elite Dangerous) as I'm a Flat Screen 1440p kinda guy! So really the deciding factor is which will
  11. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me can confirm this...I have a feeling the TGP can't track properly when it is sighted exactly along the line of the FPM... I had a sequence of APKWS missed at first and I simply couldn't work out the root cause... Howeverwhen I kept the FPM ABOVE the SPI on the tip on (or offset) I never experienced it... Bear in mind I didn't test it, have no knowedge base to suggest it to others...BUT it solved my problems, they work for me now...I didn't look any deeper!
  12. What (functionality wise at least) IS the push to migrate to Windows 10? I use Windows 10 on my work PC and home/work laptops and it doesn't seem to offer any advantages Besides...as I said I still run Windows 7 on my home desktop for some old, old legacy software...but I'll drop it if I have to, to continue running DCS - doesn't seem THAT outrageous!
  13. Sorry to derail thread slightly...I'm a legacy Windows 7 user (because of some old software i'm running) but have been meaning to update to Windows 10, the ending of support for Win 7 in DCS is enough of a push for me to do so... Is there really a "Free" upgrade path for Windows 7 users...I thought that offer ended ages ago? Cheers
  14. I was tempted to jokingly put "Throttle Settings in the A10C" isn't it just Off (Idle) and On (Buster)" but that wouldn't be very helpful! I do tend to fly "Buster" (Max military power) in all tactical situations and depending on Loadout/Altitude etc cruise/orbit at between ITT650 and ITT 700 - not sure how that relates to real life Ops. You can "overpower" the engines with the "Override switch" which sits just below your Left knuckle on a Warthog Throttle...it gives you 5-6% extra power for emergency situations...I reserve its use to when flying on One Engine.
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