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  1. Yeah, a late J-7 would be a solid choice (and one I'd be very much in favour of). I've written about this before so I'll just quote my most recent post on the subject:
  2. _Firefly


    Agreed, though if I were a DCS dev I'd go for a late Chengdu J-7 variant. It's different enough from the bis for people not to call it just another MiG-21 variant, it was widely exported so it fits a number of existing maps (Syria, Persian Gulf), it has extensive armament options (those two 30 mm cannons!), it'd pander to the lucrative Chinese market and capitalise on the surge in interest Chinese aircraft have enjoyed since the release of the JF-17... And, depending on the variant, it fits Cold War-style scenarios perfectly.
  3. Houston, we have a problem - server is down, I repeat, server is down!
  4. _Firefly


    It's been brought up before, so I'll be brief. The LanceR is based on the MiG-21MF, not the bis we have in the game. It would require significant rework to make it work in a realistic fashion. The Indian Bison modification (aka MiG-21-93 tailored to India's needs) would IMHO be more feasible, but again, it would require non-trivial amount of work to function properly. Don't get me wrong, as a Fishbed fan I'd love nothing more than to see those upgraded variants make it into the game (especially the Bison, which can carry the R-73 and R-77). However, M3's basket seems rather full right n
  5. Elmo, thank you for this much-needed update. Glad to learn that the team is focusing on ironing out the kinks in existing modules rather than making new ones. A few questions: 1. Which module of the ones that Razbam is currently working on is going to be released first? 2. The MiG-23 was first teased in June 2018. It's been more than two years and now we're being informed that work is only just starting on the cockpit. Why? 3. Why is the work on the Lightning progressing so much more quickly than on the MiG-23?
  6. :thumbup: Excellent, looking forward to it. If you need a tester then please let me know.
  7. I hope that alternative involves enforcing the use of SRS. Flying without comms on your server is meaningless.
  8. Apologies for misunderstanding your intentions, I judged your claim based on the fact you posted this in the bug reports sub-forum. I'm glad you didn't take my post the wrong way. As for verifying your assertions, I'd start with a look through the official MiG-21bis flight manual (they're out there if you know where to look, I don't want to post links here for the fear of breaking forum rules) as well as test pilot reports from US evaluations of the type. Note that most of the currently available declassified US sources cover the MiG-21F and its later Chinese derivatives. Although similar i
  9. Thank you Elmo, looking forward to it.
  10. @Robin885, please don't take it the wrong way, but "I believe" and "I'm fairly certain" doesn't constitute a valid complaint. They are just weasel words to justify your belief, but with no actual proof behind it. As someone who says that the MiG-21 is not behaving correctly at high angles of attack your job now is to find the necessary documentation to prove your assertions and test it out until you get verifiable and repeatable results. Only once you complete this step should you consider filing a bug report to the devs. Unless you find some legitimate flight test documents and/or pilot repor
  11. The map was nearly unplayable for me until I changed the terrain textures to "low" and reduced tree visibility to 50%. It looks much worse this way, but that's just about the only thing that can get my RAM usage to below 99% (I have 16 GB of DDR4, need to upgrade to 32 GB).
  12. I love these @Apok, thanks for posting them. @OverStratos, @RAZBAM_ELMO, having seen the recent batch of Lightning pictures on your FB makes me think that its 3d model is further along than that of the MiG (though I'd like to be wrong). There's also talk of the F-15E supposedly coming next year, though I have a hard time believing these rumours. Is there any chance you could give us a rough roadmap of planned module releases? IMHO clarifying the situation would be beneficial for both devs and fans alike.
  13. Agreed. Luckily changing the West German skin back into a Best German one shouldn't be too difficult.
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