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  1. Hi, I noticed that the HARM in TOO mode can home on the 1L13 and 55G6 VHF EW radars. Publicly available documents suggest that the lowest band the AGM-88C can home on is the C band, and thus it wouldn't be able to target VHF emitters. In the DCS Hornet it seems it is not possible to target these emitters in SP mode, only TOO, and they don't have the RADAR_BAND_1_FOR_ARM or RADAR_BAND_2_FOR_ARM attributes in the database, so this leads me to believe that this is a bug in TOO rather than a design decision. Track attached. harm.trk
  2. The primary usage of the radar channel, AFAIK, is to prevent interference between radars in close proximity (i.e. wingmen). While it would be great to have them in the sim, they shoudn't really have any effect over any decent DECM setup, as the processor will generate appropriate signals for whatever it has identified as the threat it intends to deceive.
  3. That particular campaign you installed seems to need you to edit some lines on the MissionScripting.lua file of your DCS install to save campaign progress. I'd suggest you take a look at the campaign's readme file or other install/usage documentation
  4. Do you have any source for this claim? As far as I know only some 5th gen platforms have this capability.
  5. Agreed. While the last update reportedly fixed some issues some people were experiencing with some modules, I found it way excessive if click and dragging on the Hornet (resulted in tens of .inHg for a minor click&drag)
  6. Number 6 is indeed still present and looks like a misinterpretation of a note on the NFM normal procedures
  7. There is a radar / jammer filter priority logic for exactly this reason. Aside from being togglable from the RDR ATTK page, it is automatically enabled while guiding an Aim-7 or Aim-120. However, it is not implemented in DCS.
  8. So far it seems the way DCS simulates it is way oversimplified (resulting also in a really op system), and doesn't consider a lot of factors, just depicting moving units as spawned form the ME/scripting. As you can read in the bug reports section, there are some reports and requets for ED to improve this to perform in a more realistic manner.
  9. As I posted in another thread, a quote from an article: There are also some videos from ODS on Youtube where it is actually put to some good use (also described in Vipers in the Storm), but it must definitely be way more limited than what any PC game has ever modelled.
  10. Ahmed

    sea / gmt clutter

    Thanks for looking into it. Your SMEs will definitely know better, but there are several accounts online on how useful GMT really is. For example: from http://www.ausairpower.net/SuperBug.html
  11. Ahmed

    sea / gmt clutter

    Submarines are also detectable at 80NM, beyond the horizon, in 18+ foot swells (200kt wind). GMT/SEA have probably been too early accessed. Hoping that it gets polished for the release.
  12. Great to see this progressing! Hoping they can get also get a good compromise for EW simulation.
  13. The RWR should actually go off for anyone within the coverage area of the FLOOD cone, not just the target. This is true also for other types of guidances, but especially true for a mode such as FLOOD. I hope that this gets implemented correctly to avoid magic sensors.
  14. Hi BN, I recorded a new track showing the issue. As explained above, the search/acquisition radars show up on HARM TOO despite alarm state being green. This only happens in multiplayer with a remote server. radar_test-20201228-173718.trk
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