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  1. I am building an 11700k system right now...I have to keep my 1080ti card for lack of 3090's This is replacing the 9600k system and I am hoping for some improvement with the FPS. I'd have gotten the 11900k but there is not much difference than that of the 11700k (for me). This thread gives me some encouragement that I might get a few more FPS
  2. Test it on a second WMR PC to see where to start looking.
  3. My expectation was that it was something in the overclocking settings causing it. I had BSOD issues and needed to dial back my Oc settings to fix it.
  4. got it...thank you! It seems as if it is not possible to make a new mission and choose this one as the player controlled aircraft. That's why I was confused The A29 just doesn't appear on the dropdown. But I will use one of the missions included and build from those.
  5. How do you install it?
  6. YES! Lookback LEFT and Lookback RIGHT please.
  7. Can you resize it to make it smaller? IT's huge in VR
  8. If a VR device manufacturer could simply give 140 degree FOV and no SDE they would win the internet.
  9. There are no "valid" alternatives to VR with a flat screen. The missing element is the 3rd dimension. Without that, it's just fancier flat screening. (my opinion)
  10. I use a track ball on the left and a mouse on the right (im a lefty but mouse with the right)
  11. Will the latest version of the Shaders Mod work for DCS version ?
  12. On some servers you get cold and dark Vipers. To save time I hit the Win+Home to get started quickly. However, I can never get the velocity vector to turn on and show in the hud. Can someone tell me what I am doing incorrectly? Where's the switch located? I believe everything is on like it should be but no VV
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