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  1. So how will this MiG-29 fare against the more modern NATO jets? I think a lot of players are going about this the wrong way. Fighter vs Fighter, there is no contest and it is silly to think that a bolted on ECM pod or R-77 will change that. So what are the solution for having fun in a modern scenario? You keep the jet as realistic as you can and balance the mission instead. Give the older Redfor fighters tactical advantage. Better SAM coverage! Better GCI! more bases etc. There are ways to get interesting missions without trying to min-maxing every jet.
  2. Is this a borderline troll-topic? I mean... if you cannot switch to Win10 without buying new hardware, how can you run DCS? It is one of the most demanding titles out there. If Win10 is so demanding that your current hardware cannot handle it, keeping at 2.5.6 sounds like the only real option.
  3. It won’t happen for a number of reasons. The old R60 is made by third party Magnitude 3 and is not ED’s own missile. They have to take ownership of the missile and bring it into the rest of their inhouse made weapons. Another issue is that the FC3 jets are coded a bit differently, they have to code a different rear aspect only lock-on envelope into the jet just for the old R60. So it is a lot more work than you think for a missile that was phased out in the early 1980s.
  4. Windows 7? They had to cut support sooner or later. If you MUST cling to this old OS you can still run DCS 2.5.6 or install Win10 on a secondary drive / dual boot and make it dedicated to DCS. I would not step away from DCS + 500$ worth of modules in favour for using an old and unsupported operating system. It makes no sense. Win10 is not perfect, but hardware and software is constantly moving forward with or without you.
  5. For sling loading and transport operations? Yes. But for attack missions and CAS? I'd say it is quite hard against any type of vehicle that shoots back... and against infantry we are facing a different issue without any real spash damage, AI fear (running for cover etc.) The Hind will face the same type of issues and two BTR-80's will turn the helicopter into swiss cheese when making a strafing pass. The Mi-24P will still be a fine module, I have no doubt about that. But it won't shine in the attack role unless the missions are carefully tailored around it.
  6. That is why I expect that the S-24 rockets will be a popular option. Warhead is large enough to do some real damage. But the problem is still to engage without getting hit. DCS vehicle AI has very good reaction times and will fire everything from 7.62mm to guided missiles on the approaching helicopter. Sneaking around like the Ka-50 will not be so viable as the Mi-24P is larger, doesent hover as good and the short missile range will make those very dangerous to employ at a stand still.
  7. One tip I can share. I make sure to flip up the FLARE JETTISON cover and have the jettison switch binded to my hotas. When the IR missile is coming your way, you close the throttle - manouver and dump every flare in one go. It is not the perfect solution, but against modern IR missiles you will only get one chance (if that). No need to conserve them, worry about flare count later. Flying with max flares and 0 chaff should get you a pretty good defence when you jettison in close. A cloud of heat. Tried and tested many times on the Just Dogfight multiplayer server, it really helps surv
  8. It's going to be interesting finding out how well Mi-24P fits within the DCS environment. I have flown Ka-50 with only rockets and 30mm cannon boresighted... A very low threat environment might be survivable, but it will take a lot of skill and luck to employ correctly without getting shot down.
  9. Thank you Hiromachi Im sure a lot of work has been put into creating these options so It would be nice to finally be able to fully utilize them in both SP and Multiplayer.
  10. I play a lot of multiplayer and the local Special Options settings does not have any effect when playing online. So, Magnitude 3, could you please integrate the following items fully into the MiG-21bis module? Realistic ASP IR A-A Missile Reticle Drives me nuts every time it does not work realistic but the box is checked. Why is this optional? Default is also set to off. SPECIAL FEATURES (the more realistic and useful RWR functionality) Whitout this we are stuck with the old RWR logic. Knowing what direction you are locked from is extremely important when trying to avoid a t
  11. I agree with Deka on this one. There is a very real reason why there is no BRM rockets on the inner pylons in real life. IF it is eventually modelled then it should be a a very risky loadout that can cause engine surge.
  12. It’s very nice and fun to fly! Some minor issues with the accuracy of guns/radar sight, but nothing major. They have not included any nukes to use with the LABS system, so if you expect to go full ”Dr. Strangelove”, you have to make do with iron bombs.
  13. I have not made any rules, if you see any rules mentioned in my post please point them out. Then you accuse me for trying to shut you up, and that is not true either. Not once did I question your right to have an opinion, but you obviously had a problem with mine and called me a nobody. @BIGNEWY There was no misunderstanding and you shouldn't apologize. Im done in this thread. Over and out.
  14. DCS is not 100% accurate to real life and it will never be, but the ambition is to make it as realistic as possible with the resources that are avalible. ED team cares a lot and are dedicated developers. They do what they can to keep it as realistic as possible, but sometimes compromises has to be made. They are running a business and every line of code costs money and time. That simple. There are many technical discussions on the forums, some more heated than others. My advice to a Junior Member with less then 100 posts: Don't pick a personal fight. Discuss the matter in a calmed and con
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