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  1. Hi mate, Sorry for the late reply. Instances arent currently supported yet but they are on my list of stuff to work out. It is a ways down the list though.
  2. All download links are dead. Please update original post.
  3. OK, I have been able to repeat. I used the same trk/miz file in the original message. To repeat Start mission: Set First waypoint (one from the Mission Editor) to a specific altitude. For my example i set it to 4160, i then set a second waypoint further way at 10,000, a 3rd at 8,000 and finally a fourth (and final) at 1000. Once this is done, when the aircraft finishes waypoint 4 the aircraft will orbit waypoint 4 at waypoint 1's altitude of 4160.
  4. I recall being in a mission once that did this but can't remember which mission it was. Is there a way to remove weapons from an aircraft if it is not whitelisted. As the Warehousing system doesn't really have any interaction worth a damn I want to be able to dynamically ban / lock weapons if they are being over used in a mission.
  5. Thnx to Shadowze and Wingthor from the Moose Discord for the help while I learn LUA. - Added an array of strings to blacklist against the save function - Added Debug to show / hide messages while testing (can be turned off and on) - Added Unit and Group count when saving file - Added Support for scripted units to be saved as well (can be turned off and on) - Bug - Cant delete file when no groups are being saved (thus resetting the persistence). Not sure if this is an issue with DCS or Moose at this point. --[[simple Group Saving by Pikey May 2019 (Updated by OzDeaDMeaT September
  6. Thanks for the Script Fargo. With a little help from the from AEF Zyfr and Wingthor from Moose I managed to get it working. I also added a section some variables at the start of the script to help people tweak it for various missions (i.e. the save file name && IgnoreString for groups) -- Simple Group Saving by Pikey May 2019 -- Usage of this script should credit the following contributors: --Pikey, --Speed & Grimes for their work on Serialising tables, included below, --FlightControl for MOOSE (Required) -- Modified by OzDeaDMeaT to add the ability to ignore specific gro
  7. Release v1.172f - Added VNC Remote Connection Support (note your VNC Server must use TCP connections for !access to detect connection correctly) - Added VNC Server EXE Path check for Check-DDC2-PS function - Modified Node-Red workflow to now support VNC Server connections ##Note## A number of Server admins have requested the link between AutoStart and delay 1s has been removed and can be added when you implement the new version.
  8. OK, I have racked my brain, asked Moose folk and generally given up on such a simple addition to make this script a little more useful (at least for me) Issue: I want to have the script ignore ALL ground vehicle groups with the word 'IGNORE' or 'ignore' or 'Ignore' or any variance of the word ignore in the group name, but save all the other ground units. The script is currently only writing the line below now. SaveUnits = {} Any help would be appreciated as I am completely stuck. Here is the code I have attempted to put in but had no success with. It was originally saving the igno
  9. ok, worked it out. Apparently if you have an IPv6 address for the DCS Server, IPv4 will not allow the connection for TACView. So, if you have IPv6 setup for your DCS Server you must connect using the IPv6 IP. (if you are on the same LAN as your Server)
  10. I can connect to the Server Realtime Telemetry fine from the localhost, I can't connect to it outside of the system. That is both with the windows firewall enabled and disabled.
  11. Are you running the server as administrator? Do you have stuff like SLMOD installed or any other mods?
  12. Is that happening when you load a specific mission or when you start the server application itself. What does the dcs.log say?
  13. ahhh, Thnx Grimes, I am sure that is exactly what it is. I will give it a go tonight.
  14. This method of server config is ancient mate. you dont need a graphics card to run a dedicated server. If you have no hardware contention you wont see any performance degradation between a dedicated server and a VM. I run my servers with ESXi 6.7, Dual vCPU and 10GB RAM and 200GB of HDD space. That is with about 600 units on the mission with no lag or server issues.
  15. OK, it turns out SLMOD was ****ing me up. I have since removed SLMOD while i try and work out how this thing is supposed to work. I can't seem to get the vehicles to load correctly on startup. it seems to generate a new file and overwrite then old one with a full list of units again.
  16. My MissionScripting.lua file is uncommenting out the following lines every time the server starts. sanitizeModule('io') sanitizeModule('lfs') I want the lines to look like this --sanitizeModule('io') --sanitizeModule('lfs') But every time i start my server it alters the files back to uncommented. Is there a way to stop this from happening cause its ****ing annoying?
  17. Hey Pikey, Firstly great script. I am attempting to load the externally from the .miz file. It all loads and creates the file ok. I am doing the same for Moose first also. Rather than starting the Moose script on Mission Start (it crashes my server for some reason) I am running the external include.lua that is running Moose etc. I got an external include script that is injected into the mission itself. local missionScriptsDir = [[C:\DCS_SCRIPTS\OzDM_Syria_Persistence_Test\]] dofile(missionScriptsDir ..[[include.lua]]) The include looks like this: local mooseDir = [[C:\DCS_
  18. My Server keeps uncommenting out these likes each time the server starts. Is there a way to stop this from happening? --sanitizeModule('io') --sanitizeModule('lfs')
  19. Fantastic news Fizzxit. Was there anything I missed or could have described better in the Instructional Video Series?
  20. Call your ISP, you might fall under a carrier grade NAT. It is where your ISP has a firewall of sorts between you and the internet. Check out this website to see what ports you have open. https://www.ipfingerprints.com/portscan.php I would also recommend getting a friend who understands networking to go over your setup. Hopefully it's just a misconfigured setting somewhere.
  21. Hi Guys, The DDC2 Installation Video Series is now available on Youtube.
  22. I am conducting a standard installation of Tacview on my Dedicated Server. It does not appear to be generating the options.lua data or moving the Mods or Scripts folders into the DCS profile either. Is this a known issue? Also, is there a location like a discord or something that people can discuss these kinds of issues?
  23. Thanks mate, I eventually found that the UCID is referenced if you enable SLMOD statistics.
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