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  1. Can I get an airbases warehouse fuel level with lua script?
  2. Same crash on login. But without login - offline mode - the DCS is working. After, in the main menu I clicked the online mode, try to login and crash...
  3. Thor_HUN

    AGM-88 HARM

    As I know, AGM-88 has never been integrated into the AV-8B, as useable weapon.
  4. What will be the next? Fictional weapons or starships?
  5. Thor_HUN


    I would like an AN-2 with paratroopers. If you make it, i'll buy it. It would be a good Korean era airplane.
  6. Would it be possible, that work the Belouga will working the same way like in this video in the future? (It was a part of a documentary film from the Mirage 2000)
  7. End of support. Interesting. http://porrimasimulations.co.uk/about/ I think the Eventuality UK don't know what it do. Joint company with the VEAO... :-D
  8. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=218618
  9. MBot - Absolute agree! Dear ED, It would be great if you could add functional ground EWR system to the Western countries. For instance : Swedish-GIRAFFE or American - SCR-270 (WWII). THX! :-)
  10. Dear Deka, Will there be chinese air to air weapons to J-11A? For example: PL-8, PL-9, PL-12.
  11. Yes, you never said that. It was a promise - four years ago... Since we have been purchased your module we got new texture, 3d model, cockpit, it seems better FM, earrings, necklace etc. but the aircraft itself is still useless for military purpose. Please give me information what's gonna happen because years, weeks and days gone but nothing happened on this field of development. "The Hawk first entered service with the RAF in 1976, both as an advanced flying-training aircraft and a weapons-training aircraft." [...] "In its weapons and tactical training role the Hawk is used to teach air combat, air-to-air firing, air-to-ground firing and low-flying techniques and operational procedures." https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/shop/modules/hawk_dcs_world/
  12. Interesting. "Functionality of the gunsight will be re-examined during the asm rework" - When? More 4 years? "it was never included in the patch notes for this release because we haven't released any work on it yet" https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=134650 Never? https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2246253&postcount=7
  13. New cockpit. Cool... And in the cocpit the A2G panel : rotate the buttons and ... still NOTHING! :-D After 4 years. :-) Good work!
  14. I think in the TACAN system there is a little error. When I want to use it with Y channel sometimes my plane gives correct bearing or distance or TACAN callsign (never all together). But when I switched the TACAN to X channel (with y channel's number), it gives the correct datas. TACAN_Y_channels_error.miz
  15. Is there any chance we will get Turkish airports or airbases on the Caucasus map in the future? For example: Airports: Kars Trabzon Sinop Samsun Airbases: Amasya
  16. Chinese weapons? Dear Deka, Will there be chinese air to air weapons to J-11A? For example: PL-8, PL-9, PL-12.
  17. Thor_HUN


    And a target pod! :-)
  18. In the video, is the final version of the A/G gunsight? I saw this in a documentary: - 19:44
  19. It was only a cable problem, I fixed it. but "You will not need a constant internet connection either. The new system will just “phone home” after a three day period or the next time you log into DCS World." https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3304775&postcount=1
  20. When I used the MK83, I experienced a little graphical problem... And when I armed the mk 83 in the armament menu it show 2pcs but on the pylon is actually 3pcs.
  21. Dear ED, I had an internet connection error that I wasn't realized this morning. I try to start the Dcs world 2.2 and it failed connect to the your authentication server. After all I received a message as AV-8 has been disabled. That's happened 2 days after the installation.
  22. I hope it is only a bad joke... Digital Combat? Simulator
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