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  1. Moving trains in ww2 servers. All the problems with the A8 fixed would be good as well.
  2. For me WW2 knife fighting is where it’s at but the way this era of warfare has been left to languish with unresolved problems in many of the aircraft and their weapons plus the train situation on line is just disheartening to say the least. These problems and others are now making me think long and hard about future purchases. Please DCS fix these problems so that I and others can continue to support this great product. Please because I would dearly love to add the Mossie to my collection but it would need better love and support than the aforementioned have received for me to purchase. Ibis. My commitment so far to D.C.S. Combined Arms Super Carrier AJS 37 Viggen AV-88 Night Attack V/STOL F5E Tiger 11 F86F FA-18C Hornet Flaming Cliff3 M-2000C Mig15 bis UH-1H Huey Nevada The Channel Normandy Assets Pack 109K4 FW-A8 FW-D9 Thunderbolt P51D Spitfire LF MK1X
  3. Bump again for this in multiplayer. B17 formations dropping bombs with no destruction? It's a hard way to win a war. A waste of men and machines.
  4. Yes please great idea, double thumbs up from me. :thumbup::thumbup:
  5. Well it's back again. I an getting "client is tainted" when trying to join online. I get the message: Models/an-m65.edm@ I have updated, repaired, cleaned, and searched for this file without success. can anyone help please. Thanks I have no mods.
  6. Landing gear and fuel pressure lights no longer work. Am I missing something or is it a known bug since last update? Thanks.
  7. I tried several times but received that message but now inexplicably it lets me in. I have no mods. This has happened before and self rectified so I am at a loss. I hope it doesn't keep recurring. Thanks for your help c0ff I will check Bazar\World\Shapes cheers. I just checked and it shows a AN-65.EDM and there is no @ on the end of the file name where as the notice of impure client states it in lower case letters with an @ . Also it shows "Models" where the other shows "Shapes". strange.
  8. I an getting "client is tainted" when trying to join online. I get the message: Models/an-m65.edm@ I have updated, repaired, cleaned, and searched for this file without success. can anyone help please. Thanks
  9. Hi Phil, you solved it mate:thumbup: Thanks a bunch, it was driving me up the wall. I have had trouble with key bindings after one update and had to redo them. But hadn't noticed the "game flight mode" now had a tick in its box. Removed it and all is working fine. I noticed several people have had this problem but the cause was not found or at least hadn't been posted. cheers and a big thank you.
  10. Well I have to admit defeat. I have tried everything I can think of and she still climbs even when trim gauge shows full down trim. I know others have had this problem and in one case it magically fixed itself. It works ok online which is weird. Oh well I will have to fly online. thanks for your help.
  11. I now have this problem, trim screwed right down but still she climbs. All looks good in the control section. It's as though the vertical trim is broken between the trim control and the trim itself. The thing is that online all is hunky dory no problems at all. Anyone have a clue to what may be causing this? thanks
  12. Hoirtel thank you for your reply. I will try it again using your tips. Thank you very much. Ibis
  13. Yep, exactly as I had. Check that you have the current version, ie the latest update.
  14. I had this pitch up problem with trim not working, the fix was that I had missed two updates as the auto updater had stopped working. It wasn't the only problem either I had multiple crashes due to key bindings disappearing. Fixed the updater, updated and all is well again. Hope this helps.
  15. That's why I threw the bloody thing in the bottom drawer and went back to my beautiful lovely crisp clear screen. If somebody can show me how to make it worth using I'd love to do just that. I have tried everything, searched the threads etc. but nothing seems to work. good luck Ibis
  16. To be honest, the plane I would want the most for DCS is Tempest Mk.V Agreed and how can the Typhoon be missing. It was in Normandy from the start and instrumental in making the breakout possible.
  17. Its true adversary as far as the English were concerned was the Tempest and for the Americans I believe it was the P51. Of course they had to catch it unawares or landing.
  18. A couple of days ago I received a message from DCS that the F-15C and the SU27 were available to install and thinking that they must have upgraded the FC3 aircraft which I have I clicked the install button. On the next startup I was asked to insert the serial numbers or skip well I didn't have the numbers and so put the serial number for FC3 but of course that didn't work. A message appeared saying I had authorization for two days. On starting up the following day I get the message " loading ' but it never does so I am locked out. Can anyone tell me how to proceed from here? Thanks. Ibis Well I just tried again but it still requests the valid serial numbers or click "skip" which I did, "skip" that is, and it let me in for another 2 days In my installed modules I had noticed the F-15C for DCS World and the SU-27 for DCS World are in my installed modules along with FC 3.
  19. For the breakout from Normandy we need: in this order Hawker Typhoon Hawker Tempest Mk V Douglas A20 Havoc Martin B-26 B Marauder North American B-25 Mitchell
  20. Yep I found this parked in a hanger. I want one https://imgur.com/a/QeHySSa
  21. thank you Reflected for your very prompt answer. Love your campaigns. cheers Ibis
  22. Hi Reflected, since the last update it isn't possible to start the Big Show Campaign as right at the start there is an aircraft parked on the taxiway in front of a shed. As soon as the mission starts a vehicle drives directly into this aircraft and explodes blocking the taxiway. So I can taxi around it but the all the AI are stopped so the mission cannot advance. Hope you can help, Thanks Ibis.
  23. Thank you stuartaston I will check that out. cheers Worked, thanks.
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