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  1. bonne découverte n'hésites pas à nous solliciter et à travailler sur les missions exemple simples.
  2. for desktop PC so far my experiment to get max smooth FPS : choose medium general setting or Low Setting preset as a starter base traffic to low visibility medium level up both textures and ground textures to high anisotropic and AA at 0 uncheck vsync and use Nvidia DSR x2 with 30% smooth in Nvidia general 3D config. use same resolution both on windows desktop and in DCS I can get a good nice result with 140-70 fps in high level flight and about 55-60 over forest and town that way. also every other deskop apps seems a bit ugly ... ;-) but what i want is DCS perf first. don't know if it could go that way with DSR for a VR setup. also AA and anisotropic are very demanding no matter nvidia settings full screen or not. But waiting for Code optimisation on 2, this is the turnaround that works good for me so far. PC spec in my sign. experiment first with settings like that, and if your system can handle it. level up a bit. you can allow AA 2x if top of mountain are too much ugly. but don't expect to have better FPS once you switch AA on edit : also DCS is set on high priority (not realtime ) with process lasso. 25% average but >80% on first thread
  3. Hi all. here are my settings. first experiments wich works good with my actual config ( note sure if optimal see my actual config in sign ) Right click on the process dcs.exe in Lasso Priority class --> always --> High + in the same submenu Windows dynamic acceleration checked ES priority --> always --> High Memory priority --> courant --> normal / always --> low ( not very sure on that one ... experiment yourself ) + in main menu ( right click on process ) check " classify as High Performance process" I gain about 10 fps in DCS and XP11 with this awesome soft. ALSO be aware that you can have some malware using your processor thread and priority. do a complete clean Up. In process lasso you can have a look on suspicious process with abnormal using processor. This piece of code is quite good, because no matter the Bios settings : in Bios you can only force activate or desactivate intel boost and hyperthreading. this piece of code allow to priorize process, memory access for a specific prog. hope it can gives you a help and a better experience in Dcs.
  4. Hi all I've grab a signifiant performance boost fps , and less less stutter with this program free to try : process lasso. you can priorize performance and priority on any active processus / programs. DCS and XP11 is really more smooth now. signifiant boost on my system win7. don't know if it is as much spectacular on a win10 system, also ...it's free for testing. give it a try maybe.
  5. nice to hear some good news about improving M2K FM.:thumbup: so disapointed in "kilo" configuration
  6. use scale Gui in DCS graphic option. also in 2.1 you won't have problem to click in cockpit it works. but it's not working in 1.5.7 so far.
  7. You're totally right. I'm confused this dark round comes from defaut textures and also on old spit livery we can see it. ... Unfact, here is an other attempt i've done recently to match real photo, with success, give it a look if you're interested in. ;-) exhaust.psd
  8. rust effect "here" is my work but i really don't mind you use it for sure, don't worry. it's GPL free license ;-), and I don't ask to "credit to my work" I'm just a bit pround that my work is used in small details, and I find that's funny, that's all, unfact you don't know it .;)
  9. I'm very happy that my work on spit exhaust pipe is now in the open world and well used.:thumbup: good work
  10. Channel Stop – Air operations intended to stop enemy shipping passing through the Strait of Dover.[1] Circus – daytime bomber attacks with fighter escorts against short range targets, to occupy enemy fighters and keep them in the area concerned.[1] Flower – Counter-air patrols in the area of enemy airfields to preventing aircraft from taking off and attacking those aircraft that succeeded.[1] Gardening – mine-laying operations. Instep – missions to restrict attacks on Coastal Command aircraft by maintaining a presence over the Western Approaches.[1] Intruder – offensive patrols to destroy enemy aircraft over their own territory, usually carried out at night.[1] Jim Crow – coastal patrols to intercept enemy aircraft crossing the British coastline; originally intended to warn of invasion in 1940.[1] Kipper – patrols to protect fishing boats in the North Sea against air attack.[1] Mahmoud – sorties flown by de Havilland Mosquitoes equipped with rear-facing radar; when an enemy aircraft was detected a 180° turn enabled an attack.[1] Mandolin – attacks on enemy railway transport and other ground targets. Noball – attacks on V-weapons launch sites and related targets.[1] Ramrod – short range bomber attacks to destroy ground targets, similar to Circus attacks.[1] Ranger – freelance flights over enemy territory by units of any size, to occupy and tire enemy fighters.[1] Rhubarb – fighter or fighter-bomber sections, at times of low cloud and poor visibility, crossing the English Channel and then dropping below cloud level to search for opportunity targets such as railway locomotives and rolling stock, aircraft on the ground, enemy troops, and vehicles on roads.[1][2] Roadstead – dive bombing and low level attacks on enemy ships at sea or in harbour.[1] Rodeo – fighter sweeps over enemy territory.[1] Rover – armed reconnaissance flights with attacks on opportunity targets.[1] Scramble – fast take-off and climb to intercept enemy aircraft. I would love to do a Noball mission over channel ;-) but we need V1 german weapon for that.
  11. Spring tension campain was also one of the best campain mission so far for me, and I really learned the Mi-8 through it. Mi-8 is one of my favourite module, so I will have to grab quickly that new one ;-) thanks for your review.
  12. how long does the smoke works ? for exemple to put some " damaged " and smokes in a town. like Stalingrad in BOS is there a way to do so ? (except with a lua script ever done, but not MP and FPS frienly, to spawn and make explode some units randomly in town )
  13. Popup group, enemy aircraft. 11000 feets. Heading 120 ( with female WWII voice of course as it used to be ) ;-) ;-) sorry I have more than 1000 hours of flight in CLOD i'm a bit biased ;-)
  14. from original lag 3 manual, some basic aerobatic training usefull in dogfight
  15. Vulkan seems to be the futur high perf engine for multiple objects in sims 100 FPS with Vulkan, 30 FPS with OpenGL/direct X https://www.helisimmer.com/articles/vulkan-next-big-thing-flight-sim/ https://developer.nvidia.com/Vulkan Is it something ED is looking at ( as Laminar does with XP) ?
  16. in ME : test with the condition unit is alive
  17. bazar is on stock DCS folder tree, no not that one ! go in C\user**yourname"\savedgame\DCSalpha\ On a major update it's always a good thing to reinit your savedgame DCS folders. because of new scripts, shaders, and so on.... But you wanna keep of course personal data. input settings, missions, screeshoots, are the main. do a complete save of your DCSsavedgame folder before anything else then erase all ( ) and paste the saved /config input the mission and anything else you wanna found again. you can also delete fxo metashaders only.
  18. also you can put "ground texture" to low and keep generic texture (object and aircraft) to high. it won't be horrible with those settings check your VRAM GPU Load also ( with GPU-Z) . I have "only" 4096 Vram available with my 970 GTX 3000 used in 1.5 full "100%" 4096 used in Normandy. once all Vram is used it will use standard RAM, and do some stutters ( read on Nvidia forum ) the load radius and grass seems to affect it. the lower the load radius, the lower the GPU load ? but it still far from perfect. and not very sure to all those experiment. for such a quality sim and modules, we need 60 Fps stable to feel all precision of FM and ground effects. less & stutters is garbage. in a second step, if you use the new lights effect lower the AA to 2x and find a turnaround to improve it from nvidia panel, DSR, or Reshade3.
  19. C:\Users\*the name you gave to your PC*\Saved Games\ you must create here the folder "KNEEBOARD" also inside this directory you can create specific folder for specific aircraft use, with the same syntax as livery or anything insight DCS\mods\aircraft for exemple "SpitfireLFMkIX" and put specific file inside file in "kneeboard root" will be visible in all aircraft also, i had issue if the file is xxx.PNG no issues if it is xxx.png I have an excel file I can tweak with what I need print it with pdfcreator save with XXX.png inside the correct folder C:\Users\*the name you gave to your PC*\Saved Games\KNEEBOARD\SpitfireLFMkIX\ ...done
  20. maybe you can test something like that ( from old CTLD script), must be a bit tweaked but can give ideas. (this one was used in ATME engine so you'll find some specific function) local function staticcargo(player,zone) --spawn wooden cargo --[1] = "FARP Fuel Depot", -- model for Fuel --[2] = "skladik", -- model for Cargo ( cargo caisse bois) --[3] = "Crowd1", -- model for Passengers ( foule ) --[4] = "rsp_esd-20", -- model for Generator --[5] = "UAZ-469", -- model for UAZ-469 --[6] = "cadaver", -- model for Injured Pilot dom2c-all --[7] = "dom2c-all", -- model for Injured Pilot dom2c-all maison ne pas utiliser --[8] = "boat-2", -- model for Injured Pilot dom2c-all --[9] = "boat-1", -- model for Injured Pilot dom2c-all --[10] = "box2", ne fonctionne pas --[11] = "FARP Fuel Depot", -- model used to spawn a logistic item DEFAULT local pos = zone --( x,z,y) local nameplayer = player:getName() player.modules[moduleName].indexspawned = player.modules[moduleName].indexspawned +1 local i = player.modules[moduleName].indexspawned local nam = nameplayer..i local pos2 = autour(pos,15,20) -- table for the object to span local staticObj = { ["type"] = "skladik", ["unitId"] = math.random(1,100), ["heading"] = 0, ["groupId"] = math.random(1,15), ["shape_name"] = "skladik", ["y"] = pos2.z, ["x"] = pos2.x, ["name"] = nam, ["category"] = "Fortifications", ["heading"] = math.random(1,360), ["rate"] = 100, ["dead"] = false, } coalition.addStaticObject(1,staticObj) -- generic static DCS function staticObj is the table above --player:display(" object spawned "..staticObj["name"],10)
  21. it looks like a memory leak, something in the (new) code wish do a "from to" many time and load the ram. make the experiment : if you make a simple mission with one aircraft over normandy : around 10 Go-13go Ram add some object, reload the mission and check the Ram load the more object you add, the more the load will grow until 16go. or maybe like in early 2 NTTR, each time you do mission/ ME / Mission / ME / mission /ME there's a memory leak without down . but for a tank add, 500 mo of memory is giant. so it can not be the object himself, it must be an information from the new object which is duplicate many time in Ram. for sure it will be improved or corrected within 2 weeks more.
  22. each time i had a problem like that in ME, it's a typo in the description.lua or a missing file in my new skin directory. check your skin folder first and the description lua
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