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  1. easily usable script module to your mission Case III Operations or Night Landing an easy usable script you can use for all your Hornet F18 or AV8 DCS mission. Case III Operations or Night Landing it gives you Boat and ATIS information ( runway HDG, speed, wind ... ) for landing on boat the script is all commented both french and English 2 missions one running ATME in English language the second in French language. works fine with ATME v145. boatATISandRWYinformationATMEscriptandmissions.zip
  2. hi buddy. nice vid as always. it's quite sad, you don't have internet connection anymore ? or .. what else could you not allow you to a fresh reinstall and module reactivation ? :cry:
  3. +1 good question regarding last update. I've just try to lower all setting including AA and it seems to looks like AA is still on. I suspect a recent change where nvidia can now recently have an effect. It used to be none effect on older 2.5 version . just need confirmation.
  4. hi All. the subject is not "real study simmer" vs "arcadish simmer" vs real pilot if EGT limits are implemented , there is no problem with the fact to implement acurate EGT limits . we all enjoy DCS because it is the most accurate. the problem maybe after few more test ( light huey, mid fuel, winter, no load, and test with a sling load also ) is HOW we reach EGT limit and how it is accurate 1) maybe EGT temp is a bit too much sensitive regarding loads and weight and torque ? 3) maybe delay before engine failure is a bit too short we miss here a random parameter before failure or partial/radical power loss? 4) it's surprising that with a light huey, mid fuel, no weapons, you can not load a standard sling load without reaching EGT limits to know what Belsimtek have implemented see this published on their fb page (if not yet published here i don't know): " What you should expect: If you are over EGT safe limits for a considerable amount of time (we will provide in-game test numbers below), it will start a cumulative degradation effect which will depend on the time and EGT temperature in which you will be flying since that cumulative degradation effect started. cumulative degradation effect will cause permanent engine performance degradation and percentage of that degradation will depend again on temperature and time. If you drop to safe numbers before cumulative degradation effect started, you will save normal engine performance. If you drop to safe numbers after cumulative degradation effect started, it will stop its accumulation and you will return to degraded engine performance, but accumulated cumulative degradation effect will not go anywhere. And next time you go above limits, it will start to grow again and it will bring more performance degradation. After cumulative degradation effect reaches its limit and if you still operate engine above limits it will cause even more engine performance degradation and can cause engine fire. Here is approximate numbers from our in-game tests (just a couple examples): EGT temperature on gauge 645: 166 seconds (from start of over limits operation) before performance degradation (FREE TURBINE RPM will drop by ~200 in 5-10 sec); 209 seconds (from start of over limits operation) before your engine can catch fire EGT temperature on gauge 680: 83-88 seconds (from start of over limits operation) before performance degradation (FREE TURBINE RPM will drop by ~200 in 3-6 sec); 90-95 seconds (from start of over limits operation) before your engine can catch fire Here is numbers from manual we obtained from our SME: 400 to 610 ºC Continuous. Green Arc 610º to 625ºC Take off power. Maximum use 30 minutes. If using that temperature range more than 30 minutes it may damage the engine and maybe produce a fire. 625 to 675 Maximum 10 seconds (only for starting or acceleration) if more than 10 sec. HOT START 675 to 760 Maximum 5 seconds (only for starting or acceleration) if more than 5 sec. HOT START 760ºC Maximum. If exceeded is a HOT start or if in flight it may probably tell you have engine fire. For normal flight conditions 625ºC is the maximum. Exceeding the limitations here may lead to engine damage, engine fire or even engine stop. With the Governor in Emergency the pilot may easily exceed the engine limits in N1 (engine structural damage beyond N1 101,5%) and EGT. Exceeding those limits could damage the engine, produce a fire or get the engine stopped" So maybe a bit more tweaking is needed. but last but not least, campaign and mission must be realisticly set in load limitation to let mission doable. PM : has someone did stock Belsimteck mont Elbrus mission, since EGT implementation lol .
  5. maybe this could help Reflected ? not tried it myself https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/2664501/
  6. You've dreamed to be a pilot. you can't afford to buy for yourself a real collection of real famous aircraft. Anyway you should probably won't be allowed to fly them. so, what are the option ? an accurate simulator with aircraft modelised with all his realife systems for 4 years by talented developpers for each each modules probably, the best of what can be cold "accurate" in Sim world and PC in 2018 and virtually, begin to collect those top noch famous aircraft with a top rewarding aspect to master it, clean, land it clean perform it clean having fun the whole way of a step learning you can do with the real manual. I would buy all Hifi module one more time if needed, and didn't regret any of them, just for that top level quality. Regarding FC3 : for hi fi modules, there is a time , you will bind on your Hotas and other peripherical, always the same way no matter the hifi Module. and finally using clickable cockpit not very often. This point is beginning to be more and more important with VR. you will use clickable cockpit if you forgot to bind something 'important" So FC3 with decent ( excelent PFM) flight model for some like SU27, once binded as you used to, is not so far from HI FI modules. only some avionics systems INS, complete start up procedure will lack a bit...
  7. ton script est bon je l'ai testé. c'est la manière de la charger qui doit déconner 1) en premier on charge le "core" le moteur en quelque sorte de ATME avec un "DO SCRIPT FILE" 2) ensuite ton script avec un "DO SCRIPT FILE" 3) enfin on lui dit de lancer le tout avec un DO SCRIPT tout court dans le DO SCRIPT : on met ATME.setDebugLevel(1) ATME.run("EN") et ça va fonctionner. lorsqu'il y a beaucoup de module l'ordre peut être important. ( moi je met le core puis mes libraries de fonctions generiques à moi mes scripts d'ambiance son décor, puis mes différents mini scripts de mission, et enfin je fais le ATM.run comme ci dessus dans un D SCRIPT voir screen en PJ @+ bonne découverte
  8. interressant. il te faut par exemple une AI defini dans le ME avec 1 plan de vol par AI. les rendre eventuellement invisible avec ATME tu recupere les données de WP de ces AI , selon la mini mission selectionnée ou active une mini mission 01 = datas de WP associée à l'AI 01 tu fais de ces datas une variable txt avec une pagination lisible et tu l'affiches sur demande avec une gestion de menus , pour donner les bonne consignes à tes joueurs après plus complexe tu peux utiliser des conditions scriptée etape par etape linéaires selon le mini scenario en cours.( c'est tout le principe de ce que j'ai essayé de faire et que sunski a evoqué ) la question est de savoir si chacun gere l'objectif etape par etape de SON scenario dans une mission commune ou si les conditions (par exemple point de passage), doivent être validés par tous ceux qui ont selectionné cette mini mission.( notion de COOP possible grace à ATME quelque soit le nb de joueurs et d'appareil ) mais le principe de mon module sur base ATME c'est justement de permettre ces choix etapes par etapes pour chaque mini scenario dispo à la selection dans la même mission ( condition solo ou coop ) n'hésites pas à me contacter que je retrouve éventuellement un exemple propre proche de ce que tu veux faire (...ou pas selon l'idée que tu as déjà en tête ;-) ou alors je te partage la trame vierge. d'ailleur c'est une bonne idée que de mettre à dispo cette trame generique à qui veut l'utiliser je vais essayer d'y reconsacrer un peu de temps pour le mettre au propre et ajouter des commentaires exploitable à l'utilisation. mais comme indiqué par SUN il serait raisonnable de te faire les dents sur les exemples de base d'abord même si ATME est plutôt intuitif (même pour un luanoob que j'étais). @+
  9. "4) Sea is almost black except where suns reflections are." try details "water on high" it make a huge difference for water/sea rendering.less setting also make it black on my rig. very good work on that point from ED in high settings. for the other just think "WIP" As a skinner i would like sometime they stop one day experiment and now close the rules of rough and spec files regarding defferred shading tweaking as soon as possible. i'm fed up to do and redo my skins, with all different way and rules from one module to an other. but anyway. let's be comprehensive on constant evolution process. It will need time for third party module to update new rules and settings also. but for me the most important and quick fix to find now is antialiasing vs deffered. What's a pity to still have those horrible AA partial result in 2018, not yet resolved, with overexpensive Nvidia. on XP11, deffered shading and AA are well integrated. it's a huge improvement how light works with different materials, but it's still expensive in perf.
  10. hi all maybe you guys knows : yesterday i did a full fog landing with no visibility with the AV8 in AWSL landing configuration. as the AWSL did the job i was really surprised that the FLIR system only show a big green cloud of fog and can't see the land though fog ? is it accurate or should IR show land wihout a green fog layer ?
  11. ok, no problem in center zone or eratic mouvement in conf, calibration, or DCS setting curves. here is what i feel : people complained gazelle was way too sensitiv at the early begenning. so maybe a curvature must have been hardcoded in the gazelle to make it more "friendly" and easier. so, when i put some more curvature in my DCS settings it amplifies the hardcoded curvature resulting that i have something like a huge flat zone I did a test with Negative curvature (-10) and a saturation of 75%, and it seems that "huge dead zone" has completely disapears and a quite better feeling. So for the Gazelle do not apply curvature or just a bit of negative curvature on X Y.
  12. interresting thread, I'm a pround owner of MS FFB2 for years. love it with MI8 & HUEY (and i ll never give it away for helo against a warthog or virpil). also I have some very good feeling with XP11 bell 407 and XP11 A350 ( very sensitive helo also ) with simFFB.exe. but I've never had such a (bad) feeling of a (?coded?) hudge deadzone like with the gazelle. no matter FFB option is activ or not in the misc option no matter I have a linear curve or not no matter I disenguage SAS autopilot stabiliser I still have those feeling of a hardcoded deadzone, i have not this feeling with all oversensitiv helo like above. all very accurate in close center zone. the Bell 407 is more sensitiv as the gazelle , also with the M2000C refueling I can give some little accurate input around center with no problem or such a feeling. so definitely it's not a MS FFB2 limitation, but a problem in gazelle implementation. sorry but, for me, it just need some more work.
  13. will the races be on UTC Est European hours ? would love to compete my skin is ready :pilotfly:
  14. what a good laugh reading this thread :megalol: :D so ? what is the normal conventionnal size of a tree, in Caucasus :megalol: :P with such a question you have so many different answer, ... but man, in fact what is a tree ?? isn't it a big bush ? lol you Dcs fans are incredible. :thumbup:
  15. Salut Plon a très bientôt alors ...quand tu peux, ...et si la mission proposée te plait ! au plaisir de faire connaissance et de faire un(des) vol(s) multi sympa. par contre même si on a du contenu, des connaissances et pas mal de pratique DCS, on va dire qu'il faut que tout ça se mette en place. si possible dans un bon esprit gentleman et surtout sans aucune obligations, (à part les politesses d'usage minimum ;-)
  16. "THIS IS NOT A SQUAD" (We fly mostly on UTC+1 saturday 16:00 FR EN ) Hi all for every one who want to fly Multiplayer sometimes but not regular, on quality DCS Mission you can subscribe this FB page to check our missions events : "Very Soon, we will share some Multiplayer DCS quality mission Events. of course Helo mission from different knowledge ( cargo, troops pick and drop, precision landing etc ... ) but also warbirds mission, modern era jets missions, formation flying etc ... most missions scripted with ATME lua engine. everyone is welcome for a flight or more, FR and EN speaken. discord server for inflight chat is available. just subscribe our FB Page and check if next event is something interresting for you... don't be shy and subscribe for a nice MP DCS experience ! , this is NOT a squad, only DCS friendly gentlemen. feel free to join a specific mission once or more. our flight will be first on Saturday in UTC+1 16h00. https://www.facebook.com/groups/245059796064958/ just subscribe and check our great incomming events ! ;-)" all knowledge level allowed. see you soon. ;-)
  17. Personal taste here. give it a try desaturate a bit, a bit of sepia, ... for 2.0.7 version above be aware if you use sweetfx in DCS it can cause some issue in Campaign progression save. also if you experiment a crash in a beta ED will say you to test beta with no mods. SweetFX_settings.txt
  18. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  19. finally ... :music_whistling: see 29/12 newsletter. https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3338291&postcount=124 good news.
  20. @Nyquistt 1) you're right for the turnaround soluce it seems to work in that way, but in fact, it still a bug that may be resolved one day in native script function in MP and client/server informations management. for helisimmers radionavigation scripting, this native scripting function "radiotransmission" is essentiel. 2) >1Mhz : this bugs seems to appears since radiotransmission was recently set in ME in Mhz ( before it was Khz) ? that one must be retested ?
  21. " Originally Posted by stratman59 View Post Well, I just don't know, another 4 hours tonight and no nearer, sometimes even with full opposite rudder and stick full to the right, as soon as I apply the throttle it just turns sharply to the left? I really am baffled by this as I can take off in the Spitfire in IL-2 BOS in full sim mode relatively easily after just a few hours practice?" it seems you fall asleep on your left foot in a 3 point stall attitude then ;-). move rudder accurate and concentrate on all nose deviation. DCS : 3 days to do a clean spit take off. A week to do a clean spit landing.
  22. with no assistance and mid fuel load 1) spit well aligned on runway, tail wheel aligned 2) pitch trim on neutral ( midle needle ) 3) begin with stick forward and stick on right ( to conteract torque ) 4) slowly give her some throttle to give some rudder authority from proppeller 5) the more speed you grab only think " I wanna her on 2 points, well aligned" ( using rudder for the rudder : use small but quick input to correct nose deviation, come back to center each time quickly.) 6) the more speed you get, put back your stick on midle ( from right to midle but keep it forward to force her on 2 point) 7) once on 2 point attitude and well aligned, you can progressively gentle continius throotle up more power until take off speed. for the rudder : use small but quick input to correct nose deviation, come back to center each time quickly.
  23. thanks for all the knowledge sharing.... but for me all that stuff seems a big step above the old way to tweak liveries... but if it's not 3dsmax dependant it's quite better. can't easily anderstand how to do my perfect 4k spit livery for 2.1 the first priority for me is to switch off the blue mask on livery texture when sky is full cloudy on a 12oclock summer day. second priority is to work to an alternativ cockpit texture actually way too washed. does anyone can give me some tips on this two : spec or Pbr way ?
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