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  1. Bon dans l'ordre de ce que je peux regarder à ma pause du midi. tout d'abord je pense que tu confonds Handler et callback. la callback est une fonction créée spécifiquement qui traite les events relatif dans l'exemple à tout objet s'appellant "F18test". si tu veux etendre à d'autre objet cette même callback tu peux mettre sur le Handler "oncreateGroup" un filtre avec Coalition / en vol / etc ... à définir selon tes besoin. Mais pas besoin de tracker tous les objets de la mission à priori. Le Handler check et alerte sur un evenement spécique propre au joeur, aux objets DCS group ou AiUnit, ou StaticUnit. les handlers par défauts utilisables dans ATME sont listés en fin de script. le On spawn Handler a été supprimé de la V146 core. tout objet spawné en cours de mission sera traité par le Handler OncreateGroup désormais. un objet inclus dans la mission, mais a activation retardé sera traité dès le début de la mission. ce qui n'est pas du tout dérangeant pour un lui affecter un Settracking par exemple. enfin le fait de déporter le script de la mission avec un dofile, est un routtage utile pour gagner du temps en débuggage, mais uniquement sur le module courant en cours de dévelloppement. le faire sur le core qui n'est pas destiné à être modifié, ne sert à rien. le laisser dans le do script file de la mission. enfin thisModule = ATME.C_Module("peu importe", {activateFlights}, true)]] le peu importe, importe désolé, il faut absolument en tête de module thisModule = ATME.C_Module(moduleName, newHandlers, true) comme tu as fait dans le script juste au dessus et définir un moduleName en tête de script.local moduleName = " module_Randomize_Mission " -- > OK Donc si je prends ton dernier script : local moduleName = " module_Randomize_Mission " -- OK local thisModule -- OK -- TRACKING WAYPOINT local function pushWpt(events) -- retrieve data relative to this event local flightData = events:getDatas() if events:getType () == "TRACKING_WAYPOINT" then -- display data retrieved ATME.displayForAll((flightData.group:getName()),5) ATME.displayForAll( "passing Waypoint :"..(flightData.idWaypoint),5) elseif events:getType () == "TRACKING_LAST_WAYPOINT" then ATME.displayForAll((flightData.group:getName()).." end of track : last Waypoint " ,5) end end local function onSpawnGroup(leadGroup) -- mettre le Handler onCreateGroup(leadGroup ) ( modification de la V145 à la V146, manuel en cours d'update ) -- start monitoring waypoint for this group leadGroup:setWaypointsTracking(true) thisModule:addCoreEventCallback(leadGroup,pushWpt) end do newHandlers = { onSpawnGroupHandler = onSpawnGroup -- dito on CreateGroup SVP } thisModule = ATME.C_Module(moduleName, newHandlers, true) end au delà de ça ce script devrait marcher, pour ton premier post en haut, il faut qu'on echange un peu plus en détail sur ce que tu veux faire précisément. mais je suis sur qu'il y a une solution simple ATME à ton projet ;-) Pour ma mission exemple qui planterait après le premier Waypoint, je verrais ce soir car il me faut mon DCS, et je l'ai pas au boulot lol.
  2. Bonjour je ne vois tes messages que ce lundi matin. Donc je pourrais regarder attentivement tes experimentations Que ce soir apres le boulot. J ai l impressiion que ton interpretation de la logique Des handlers est pour le moins... Innatendu Et je vais avoir besoin de comprendre ce que tu veux faire.de maniere precise. Le script exemple waypoint est parfaitement fonctionnel et teste tel que mis a dispo. Le atme core puisqu il n est pas destine a etre modifie laisses le dans la mission.
  3. si tu veux, le manuel V146 en français est prêt lui c'est la trad qu'est pas finie lol;-) le forum en français pour ATME c'est là https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3001633#post3001633
  4. here is an exemple .miz file and lua file. demotrackingWP_withspecificATMEcallback.miz trackingwaypointwithATME.lua
  5. teaser : New V146 translated in English manual available soon .... V146 is very powerfull and mature.... Snowsniper alpha and (beta) tester and pround ATME user
  6. take a look on ATME scripting engine. it can use events handlers, but also specific events callback function. ATME is based on callbacks your function will be called when event occurs on specific unit . also waypoint tracking is a basic function in ATME see here , it is very powerfull , just look at reference manual possibilities: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=179992 also V146 and the new EN traduction manual will be soon available ( 2 more weeks ;-) . for standard DCS Scripting, i think it's also possible ( because ATME is only encapsulation of standard DCS scripting) , but you will need quite more lua code lines to do the same logic. if you want a simple exemple lua + miz on your request i can do it with ATME, just ask me.
  7. as always with a new module : carrefully check cockpit parts on ground, i'll do an attempt to cold start only by logic without manuals. i'll then check flaps and essential things like airbrake gear etc... i'll then Take off from a standard caucasus RWY and will make a simple pattern test flight try to land without damaging anything ( test before, in flight minimal speed at high altitude ) then i'll read carefully the manual (if available) if not, i'll read original NATOP manual and takes some notes for my own kneeboard. done like that with the latest AV8 and F18. that was so much rewarding and fun. :pilotfly:
  8. awesome airplane = awesome module but bad visibility in your six due to protective shield
  9. It works with ATME without the need to reload with this turnaround : create a generic lua file with minimum info for ATME and load it in Mission Editor with a do script file as normal procedure *********************** local thisModule local moduleName = "temp" -- nom du present module --____________________________________ do dofile([[E:\savedgame2016\DCS.openbeta\Missions\Luaprogrammation\MAJ SNOW 2018\2018 FINIS\LIB_ATC_aknoledgment\LIB_ATC_2019.lua]]) -- link to you WIP lua file module local newHandlers = { onCreatePlayerHandler = nil, onDeletePlayerHandler = nil, onUpdatePlayerHandler = nil, onTakeoffPlayerHandler = nil, onLandingPlayerHandler = nil, onStartEnginePlayerHandler = nil, onStopEnginePlayerHandler = nil, onCreateAIUnitHandler = nil, onDeleteAIUnitHandler = nil, onDisableAIUnitHandler = nil, onTakeoffAIUnitHandler = nil, onLandingAIUnitHandler = nil, onStartEngineAIUnitHandler = nil, onStopEngineAIUnitHandler = nil, onCreateGroupHandler = nil, onSpawnGroupHandler = nil, onDeleteGroupHandler = nil, onDisableGroupHandler = nil, onCreateStaticObjectHandler = nil, onDeleteStaticObjectHandler = nil, onTimerHandler = nil, onModuleStartHandler = nil, } thisModule = ATME.C_Module(moduleName, newHandlers, true) end
  10. also in audacity you can manage some sort of script to redo exactly the same filter sequence. one for Tower, one for player, one for wingman .... etc ... so it's easy once recorded with real voice or TTS like ttsreader, record with audicity apply filter or script, then save as .ogg with minimum size.
  11. fly her wit love, gentle on sensitiv command, do large aerobatics curves first to handle her, and keep a good speed. joystick curves can help on pitch gentle but constant also on throttle to avoid brutal torque. practice this : trim correctly, be aware of cruise and max clim RPM and manifold settings. and finally get a blast flying her, with nice user skins, and Jafa sound merlin mod. first of all : 1) handle and train ground taxiing and the " rudder dance " 2) train proper nice take off and maintain her on wheel two point before a unwanted take off 3) once in her set her on best motor settings soft 4) on a 109 get it on end of its climb , max climb power settings. if you think you're close enough to fire, just wait and go closer again 5) practice practice practice
  12. Hi all HSEL works nicely a free flight mission. but once I touch something like FCS / Bit test / or just trim it doesn't work anymore. and didn't find any way so far to make it work again in same flight . ? anyone know how to reset it ?
  13. well, maybe hopefully i wasn't very clear when i mean FFB set to 1 it is in main menu option/special/SA342 menu both for pitch and roll also it works nicely for my FFB2 don't know for G 940 bonne chance Santaklaus. screenshot in PJ
  14. OK thanks for reply Pat. For MSFFB2 owner : here my best settings in 2.5: game option set FFB curve to 1. not 0 or 100 or you 'll have a huge dead zone. Axes X Y : FFB setting invert / 30 % on forces 30 % on shake X curves : -5 curvature + saturation Y 70% Y curves : -5 curvature + saturation Y 70 % feel more accurate for me with this joystick. don't forget to set autopilot OFF and you go for some great fun and easy well controlled aerobatics.:joystick:
  15. same problem here. must be a bug. all spit skin installed in saved game appears in my custom cockpit special menu spitfire instead or "default" or "alternative" no way to add an alternative cockpit texture that way. I gave a try to make a directory in mods/....cockpittexture with the same name as stock zip textexture file don't seem to work either as it used to be in the past.
  16. don't seems to work, but nothing seems impossible for Sunski34 who made ATME engine, maybe if it's a light modification or condition to use it like that for more easy testing and debugging. He ever knows about this thread, i've sent him a link and he found the idea neat too. so wait and see. if it's possible and easy for sure he would do some tweak in the engine to allow it if it need to rethink all the concept and main global modular script engine logic it won't be possible.:book:
  17. script and demo mission updated with magnetic heading correction for CRS regarding the Map you're playing. boatRwyHDG_demoscriptATME_v4.zip
  18. it is a real problem for helo, because center for a helo is never a center ( regarding antitorque) so for helo I prefer to flattern the curve and not using full range. regarding collectiv no problem with curves. Regarding aircraft and propeller, curves works like a charm on x and y axis, unfact you do a roll or barrel roll, it still ok and far more accurate and precise close to center. for Rudder, i suggest to not use curve at all or less than 12-15% unfact it could be touchy. When you land your spit in pitch up attitude and a little throttle, the rudder lose some authority, same thing once Rolling and decelering on RWY, so you need full range for sure, and precision. to keep her straight until full stop.
  19. i've just give this a try, unfortunately, doesn't work when script are dependant each other. for example with ATME, you have a main core script engine which load all other scripts so I can't use this neat turnaround with this script engine. should be interresting to test with some other lib or engine script, like moose or Mist.
  20. clever brilliant neat found ( i must have click the button OPEN and reassign the script file about 1 billion time since i'm doing scripting... lol) As a lua noob myself, i know what you mean by many many errors lol ) I'll give it a try. thanks for the tip
  21. each time you modify a lua script, you have to reload the new one once again in mission editor, and save the mission file. don't think there is an other way.
  22. mini script for SP or MP mission for a case III landing hi all here a little basic ATME script for getting information in flight in SP or MP mission for a case III landing, usable easily in all your missions. two version of exemple mission joined FR and EN once on a 50 Nm range, a new radio F10 menu is available to get information on - boat course - RWY heading - wind - temperature and pressure once too far away, radio menu is disabled. nice to set correctly a TCN course,before a blind ILS approach and landing. works for AV8 also and Tarawa. updated with magnetic correction regarding the actual Map played for CRS magnetic heading https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3628567&postcount=41
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