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  1. something like that ? http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=132444 barteck mod is a good one for mountains. Unfact trees are really flat, it becomes nice in high level flight other pics from barthek here http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=2228647&postcount=10501
  2. hi, Someone knows if there is somewhere a downloadable 109k skin template .... to be ready on "release" Day. ;-) :music_whistling:
  3. Hope Edge will improve this. Has anyone see in devs plan something talking about it ? wwii warbirds DM and Graphical issue about DM ? It would be, the best flight sim experience ever to get DCS FM with something like Clod DM
  4. awesome vids ! thanks for that ! we need more WWII servers : DOW for America & Canada, Yours for Russia & Eastern Europe. and we need one for Western Europe. Hope ( and sure it wil be ) the best accurate WWII Flight sim in 2015 " allow you to truly feel what it's like to fly a legend" ... and allow you to dogfight with it ! I'm definitively inlove with DCS propellers legends.:pilotfly::thumbup::joystick:
  5. last news : May 2015 - Normandy Map with period AI units http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=125454 thanks for the link. to much time to wait .... :cry:
  6. I really don't mind and won't buy Edge nevada map and Hormuz Map. The map we really need quickly and waiting for month is 1) WWII map Normandy + channel +( western Europe) 2) Asia + Vietnam + coréa for mig and F86
  7. Is there somewhere some Wwii object mods ? to make realistic scenery for P51 and FW190 and other wwii planes like that ? any news about that maybe ?: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=107685 Powerful Weapons of WWII Series http://www.checksix-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=435&t=183529 :music_whistling::pilotfly:
  8. take a look on this thread http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=88855&page=3 specular map can do the job until EDGE.
  9. very happy to grab this plane soon. Good job. I fully support VEAO work. now if you have more time, you can work on Spit XIV :music_whistling::thumbup: !!! ( can't wait for that one ...) I'll grab the Hawk when it will be available on ED. with full PFM
  10. Take a look here for a max FPS tips. http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=94178&page=7 post 67 + 69 :pilotfly:
  11. In my mind: DCS : best accurate FM and full real clickable cockpit. but worst DM effects and not full server abbilities and no WWII object map and immersion, no bombers to shout down. A study Sim. the one I play most at this time, but waiting for Edge 2, a WWII Map, and full server with +100 wwii warbirds .... IL2 CLIFF OF DOVER + Team Fusion patch : Best Eyecandy photoreal cockpit and best DM engine. ( no predictable or never the same issue, detailleds effects on fuel tanks, on flaps, rudders etc ... ) nice immersion and Full server abbilities up to 120 players on real size Channel Map ... with no lag for me and 60 fps... FM quite good in flight ( predictable aircraft when you know them) , not as good, in ground effect / landing / take off. IL2 BOS : very sensitiv (over sensitiv ?) FM in ground landing. not Accurate FM in flight, but quite good (some needs to be upgraded). Cockpits, colours and graphics looks sometimes In my mind, "old school" or cartonish. except for Zeus user made map wich is nice. DM are not so good (the game seems to only counts the number of hit before the wing fall ...) . Multi player looks like In my mind to much arcade or WT. You must love snow white landscape ... / Unlocking system of Bonus and skins with the SP Campaign can be a problem for MP fans. No Sim is perfect at this time. But all have some good features. So .... grab them all as I did !
  12. projecting to do those skins as soon aas a dds template is grabable: :music_whistling::megalol:
  13. nvidia settings are the same as D3vastator in First Post of these Thread. except for vertical sync ( adaptive ) no half adaptive. so no problem with french I hope ! :megalol: give it a try, feedbacks are welcome cheers here are English version from D3vastator
  14. alternativ settings for High FPS. For me, can't get more than 20 fps incockpit view with your settings. As DCS is a realistic acurate simulator, can't get less than 30 35 fps in all situations, to grab the best of great modules and have no stutters. so here is my soluce for DCS world 1.2.10: uncheck ingame graphics settings without : HDR / HEAT BLUR / TSSAA / tree shadows Use my tweaked Sweetfx 1.5.1 to simulate Blur and improve SMAA, contrast and fade colours Tweak your nvidia graphics settings like the pic in attachments. my config : core I5 3570K - win 7 64 and DCS on SSD - RAM 8,00 Go - GTX 670 - MSFF2 - opentrack Hope it can help people who don't have enough FPS to get the best of DCS. :smilewink:
  15. You can use that one with both psd & dds DIF files here http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/779984/ it's the set i used to do mine, without changing original light grey colours except for the nose of the pony. And then, just put my Four "Specular" files from my RAF P51 skin, inside the directory (overwrite) for the specific metal reflect effect. edit the lua file and check file names are ok. it's done ... test it. hope you could do your personal livery that way. don't forget to upload ! :thumbup:
  16. thank you AMVI_Jay I've just uploaded a RAF bare metal skin with It. ( without nose art, tail number and so on for anyone can tweak it as he wants) if tweaked save it as a DDS file in DX5 mipmaped format http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/893570/ PS: i've done a new P51 cockpit too but it still a WIP http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/893151/
  17. Hi ! I'm looking forward this thread about Spit XIV dev diary. no new post since August ... Does a VEAO team has began working on it ? ;-)
  18. nice military approach. take care to keep 150 before last turn without pushing throttle.( to idle as said) to do it, a high approach like that and diving the nose enough, helps. Visibility is quite good with these tips. the Pony with full flap decrease speed quickly
  19. inspirated by the Sabre specular map and the post above I've worked to improve metal skin SPEC files of Mustang with more natural effects here the result on my favourite un-historical skin home made. 'little lilly from Blacourt II" My wife in nose art, me as pilot head, and blacourt the village i live in france ;-) you can download original Spec file in DCS User files P51 skins. http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/884981/
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