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  1. Dear Razbam. I ws asked to post by DCS support The latest version of the Avast Preimer software deactivates your module activations meaning that when ever I run DCS with the anti virus software on I can't fly your module. It's only fly able when the software is deactiviated and which time DCS asks me to reactiviate my module again。 I have already used 4 activations dealing with this issue。 This problem is unique to your module only and obviously frustrating i would be grateful as this is a beta product if i can be given my activiations back while i hope a longerbterm soution can be fo
  2. Hi M2000C installed at the time it was available was working very well and enjoying flying it. Yesterday when I opened the 1.5.2 I got a fatal error message indicating a problem with some aspect of the protection please see attached image of the errors I can' t access the aircraft at all as a player what ever I do. it flies only as AI Tried uninstalling the module and reinstalling no difference. I can fly all my other modules with no issue. can anyone offer me any help how to resolve this issue as I really missing flying my M2000C.. many thanks in advance
  3. When opening either my 1.5.2 or 2.0 Alpha I get this message. This result in M 2000C un flyable as a human player. Any ideas?
  4. DCS Alpha 2.0 Start mission with the 109 on runaway or parking- engage throttle(gently) results in complete undercarriage collapse. Happens the same independent of where the mission actually starts. I also have the exact same thing happening with the FW 190 on mission start up except it collapses as soon as you enter the mission.:( Presently unable to take off in either 109 or 190 from a runaway or from parking in Nevada. P51D no issues at all works perfectly as do other modules. This issue only started recently. Worked perfectly after the installation but as of two days
  5. Ma mou I have the same issue- there will be a work around - we need to obtain the in- out files from a normal VISTA install and manually install them to Windows 7. I do not have them as I am using Windows 7 along with XP on seperate partions. Some one may be abe to help Dont forget we need to tell Microsoft as well??
  6. There are also issues with many of these skins which concern missing textures (mirrors and front cockpit panels). A real turn off when you are looking out over the nose to see daylight?? However this may be just a function of the way I have installed the files? The method for installation is a long way from being user friendly. Anyway minor stuff becuase this is an incredible SIM!
  7. Uhoh7 On a slight different note how are you getting on with your 4870 x2 with Black shark? How are your frame rates? cheers
  8. Grobin, You really think ED will stick with DX 9 for their next engine, its inevitable that DX10 in some iteration is on its way, why would ED swim against the technological tide?
  9. I am sure the implementation of "wet surfaces" into the graphics engine is coming. I assume ED will move to DX10 at some point so lets hope we get to see "wet runways" one day?
  10. Gents, When using the various new skinns that have been provided by some very talented artists I note a number of texture errors when viewing the front nose from inside the Ka 50 cockpit- in effect there are gaps revealing "daylight" when there should be none. Any ideas how to fix these errors? cheers
  11. To echo the thoughts of many here this SIM is a steal at 49 USD. The amount of work and technical excellence that went in to producing this product clearly justifies a higher price. I would have paid a lot more for this product than 49 USD. That’s my choice. I have bought the Russian version, I'll by the English DL version, the box set and the manual - reason because I want more DCS modules, and we need to support ED now more than ever. Take a look around at what's happening in the rest of the world. Thanks again ED for an outstanding SIM.
  12. yes this SIM is the new bench mark in both terms of complexity of system modeling as well as sheer bloody stability- no issues what so ever so far and the performance has been extremely good on my system. It was very much worth the wait and I just wonder what a fixed wing aircraft will be like done to these exacting standards- to use a common phrase around her no doubt more Awesomeness!
  13. Yes totally agree- seen nohting like this before. its an incredible piece of software. Congratulations to everying at FC and ED for producing such a wonderful simulation- many many thanks. Please keep them coming!:smartass:
  14. Amraam- completely correct- and yes I was being stupid. many thanks for sorting me out cheers
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