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  1. Do you use the start with windows (autostart) feature of SSA? There is currently a bug which I could not fix yet... The server admin must allow "own player exports". If this option is disabled. SSA gets no data from DCS.
  2. Could you please give some more details? Does SSA not work in multiplayer?
  3. I just released a new beta with some adjustments on the buffet/stall thresholds for the Mosquito. If everything is ok, I would like to release a new stable soon...
  4. Ok, there are errors in your dcs.log... Could you delete the simshaker.lua and the SimShaker-export-core folder. Then start the SSA beta again. If it still does not work, show me the dcs.log again, and please attach the simshaker.lua script file...
  5. Hey, you could try the repair button in SSA. Otherwise, could you please show me your dcs.log and export.lua?
  6. Thx, should be fixed in SSA beta 2.2.7. Release is available
  7. Which SSA version did you try? Do you get any error messages? Is is also a log file in the SSA installation folder... Could you please show me the complete error message? There should be a log file in the SSA installation folder...
  8. New beta 2.2.6 is available, it includes the Mosquito. As always, feedback is welcome! Download link: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AldPAmClTeGqcPhSkJhHNXS4pRM
  9. Still working on the Mosquito... I hope to release a beta tomorrow...
  10. 2.2.5 is the current beta version-> https://1drv.ms/f/s!AldPAmClTeGqcPhSkJhHNXS4pRM I'm downloading the update now I need to buy the bird first..
  11. What do you mean by 10? Is it the strength? There is also a threshold for the g-effect in the settings... Does this "issue" only happen with the Viggen?
  12. Could you show me the DCS logs and SSA logs? Your export.lua might be useful aswell...
  13. Thanks for the feedback. I'll have a look some time to see if I can time the gear effect a bit better... Eject issues is a known issue. Currently DCS does not send SSA a good event to notice that you are ejected... Damage effect modelling could be improved... Flaps/Wing movement is modelled but you can adjust the filter settings (the speed of movement needed to trigger the effect). I increased the default values a bit due to user feedback... A test button would be nice, but depending on data, different sound/effect files are used thus it's not that easy... But maybe in the future The frame limiter is on the receiving side. If here is a good lua programmer with deep DCS knowledge any help is appreciated
  14. Do you get any error messages? Is there an error log in the folder you've installed SSA? If so, could you please share it with me?
  15. Due to some changes I had to change the download link for SSA: Stable: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AldPAmClTeGqb2_OiwXQI-3aVZY Beta: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AldPAmClTeGqcPhSkJhHNXS4pRM Andre will change the links on the simshaker website soon...
  16. Do you use the "Start with windows" feature? It' currently bugged...
  17. DCS does not start SimShaker, do you use any other scripts to start DCS. Maybe you added SSA there... Yes, that is the latest stable version...
  18. Interesting... Looks like you database is corrupt... you could backup/export your settings. Maybe write your settings down or take some screenshots. And then, reset the database, there is a button in the service tab.
  19. Are you able to use the latest stable version of SSA? When exactly does this error occur? Any other having the same issue?
  20. The export saves all settings
  21. New beta 2.2.4 is out. This time with cannon effects for the hind. Enjoy
  22. Changing the frequency of a effect is a Sound Module thing. Since I'm not the developer of the module I can not help. However, you can edit the effect files to your liking... Auto Scale is just the scaling for the axis of the graph.
  23. Do you still have this issue? Looks like something is using the port SSA likes to use...
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