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  1. Some nice ideas, but seems alot of work since I need to restructure some parts... but yeah, might be a nice holiday project.. @=Andre= should have a look at these exceptions since they occur in the sound module... Yeah, this depends on the plane/wing geometry. Some planes have a nice transition in the buffet. Some have a very nasty behaviour, eg, when you feel the buffet, you are stalling... So to tweak the A4C values, I need the parameters... I don't have a msffb2 stick...
  2. Since SSA now uses various files for one effect, it#s a bit tricky... you can take a look into the logs of SSA to determine which files are used for which effect. For AB it should be "p1_2_0_L" and "p1_2_0_R"
  3. Ok, I'll have a look but it would be nice if one could find some AoA alpha values for the A4C on which the buffeting starts... Maybe someone knows the devs? 1. I'll have a look regarding the position/size... 2. A play button is/was on my wish-list as well but it's a bit tricky to model the playback since SSA always tunes the effect strength and pattern depending on the telemetry data. Thus the playback effect might feel a bit different then the effect you feel when you are flying.. Regarding the path not found issue.. Which stable version do you use? This
  4. As described in the manual, you can edit the effect files...
  5. Gift me time Depending on the aircraft I need 2-6 hours for a basic implementation. Tuning etc. 10+ hours... For mods it's special because it's not clear how fast they change/break thus I hesitate to invest the time...
  6. Usually I do not add support for mods, the A4C is different because in honour of the dev who passed away to soon, I decided to add support for this bird. It was already supported and I just needed to fix a few things... Maybe I'll add there some other popular mods in the future but currently I've a lot of other todos...
  7. I just released a new beta (2.2.1) which should fix the A4C. So please test it and provide feedback...
  8. MSFS2020 is supported in SSA. This is the thread for Simshaker for Aviators and not the Sound Module please contact @=Andre=or use the correct thread...
  9. Thx for the log, I spotted an issue there But unrelated to your issue
  10. I need some more details about the error, I also implemented some extended logging capabilities, thus SSA writes a log.log file in the installation folder. These information might help me to narrow down the issue... The stall effect is the buffet effect and it is dependent on the AoA and for most of the planes fine tuned with feedback of former fighter pilots. Some planes have a long curve from weak to strong buffeting, some are very fast till the effect reaches it's maximum...
  11. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AldPAmClTeGqgQlC2IVQGgGkRXqf?e=cW0R9X So you can not download this file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AldPAmClTeGqgQlC2IVQGgGkRXqf?e=cW0R9X Which errors do you get? Did you increase the AB effect strength?
  12. Ok, looks strange, I've never saw this issue... I guess we both have to google to get in idea whats going wrong here... Glad everything works for you... just write me a mail/message and we can discuss the details... To select the sound module, you have to install it first. Only the AB? With latest beta you mean the DCS beta or SSA beta?
  13. I just published a new beta and stable with extended logging capabilities. Could you please send me the log.log in case of a crash. The file is located in the installation folder of SSA.
  14. Yes, maybe I've some free time over the weekend to investigate this... Since some files are reused for other effects, it's not a 1-1 mapping. If you are interested in a special effect, I can have a look which files are related/used for the effect... Which beta version do you use? The F14-A 135-GR was introduced in beta I plan to release a new stable version over the weekend. Maybe it fixes your issue or at least generates some useful logs... Thanks for the kind words, these words motivates
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