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  1. Great! DCS does not provide the best export interface and of course, there are some issues here and there but this is a one man show I'm performing in my free time. Thus it is what it is... From time to time there might be some improvements...
  2. What do you mean with dead? that the engine effects cuts out on low idle? The reason for this is, that SSA reads the RPM gauges, however, the RPM gauge in the spitfire does not show low rpm values thus SSA can not detect if the engine is running or not...
  3. The P47 is available in the latest beta, you can find it here: https://simshaker.com/software/general/
  4. That would be great! You can use a draw arg. SSA reads external and cockpit 3d args. We can discuss the details via private messages, please contact me... Which SSA version do you use?
  5. AFAIK the JF-17 has only a digital display for the RPM. I have no way to extract the digital value, out of the box. Thus getting the RPM is an issue here... this might change in the future but currently its a "known missing feature".
  6. Hey, I added you request to the wishlist... Cheers
  7. Hi there

    Very excited to get my bass shakers up and running

    Not going so well at the moment

    i have andres sound module,i have tried numerous times to download simshaker for aviators from many links but cannot get it to install

    i have windows 10 with the correct framework

    any ideas would be most helpfull

    1. f4l0



      which SSA version did you try? The latest beta from simshaker.com?

  8. SimShaker for Aviators Beta Installer v2.1.5 is the latest version... and this is the latest changelog: Version – beta release - F14A-135-GR added Version – beta release - Autostart fixed – You might need to disable/remove autostart for SimShaker first - Manual updated – Thanks to Alexey Version – beta release - Autostart fixed Version – beta release - P47 early version fixed Version – beta release - P47 fixed
  9. F14A is supported in the latest SSA beta! Which SSA version do you use? The F14A is available in the latest SSA beta!
  10. Not sure either, unfortunately it's not that easy to filter/search the windows logs. Here are some instructions: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/ask-the-directory-services-team/advanced-xml-filtering-in-the-windows-event-viewer/ba-p/399761 But I'm not sure how successful this approach might be... Does your AV software log something interesting?
  11. I'm not sure about that, but maybe you can find some additional information in the windows logs?
  12. They are, especially noticeable in prop planes What does the SSA log say when you plan DCS? Maybe the connection between DCS and SSA is not working properly...
  13. Custom mods/planes are not supported.
  14. Looks like you are using an old version of SSA. The other P47 models are supported by the latest beta of SSA.
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