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  1. Yeah? Hmm, you're right..., it's indeed been updated for two years, but you know what? Sadly I'm right..., the results are exactly as I've told them and these anomalies haven't been changed ever since...!
  2. Exactly "garrya"..., but just like him, there are tens of others who understood the laws of physics and especially the aerodynamics so wrong and ironically it also makes sense to them (although very wrong). If you can't fight them with numbers (correct charts and accurate data), you cannot fight them with the knowledge that they don't have right!
  3. When (if ever...) the Mirage 2000C's maximum lift coefficient would drop from 1.9 (where it shouldn't be) to 1.25-1.3 (where it should be) when IAS gets below 300kias AND it's maximum engine thrust performance would respect the rules of physics for jet engines that all other fighter jets in DCS seem to respect, then yes, things would be different and the F-18 would own the Mirage 2000C with ease at constant high AoA, but until then..., this remains SOME funboy's game that doesn't take correct and real data accordingly!
  4. Hi, You misinterpreted the diagram. Those curves are for maximum (instantaneous) turn rates according to speed/Mach and altitude, not constant turn rates. These curves represent the maximum turn rate at critical AoA for a given speed (speed which normally drops due to excess drag). The following chart also includes the real max sustained turn rates of the F-15 which are far lower than the constant turn rates that our "wonderful DCS F-15" seems to prove in game: https://forum.keypublishing.com/filedata/fetch?id=3681334&d=1541841651 Cheers;)!
  5. Tell them: "That's what happens in reality, not in this game", or they'll try to somehow convince you that this happens in the game as well, which isn't true! In their "opinion" yes, but according to the truth and reality, that's very far...! But they don't want to change their minds, what they have "done" is done and they don't plan to fix it as they didn't in 3+ years! Exactly, that's why instead of a maximum CL max of 1.3 ONLY around Mach 0.3, The CL max constantly grows to above 1.9 as the speed drops below 300IAS. I've talked about this a lot on the "M-200C issues being tr
  6. Then how do you do stuff actually to make it realistic? Simply copy-paste data without corrections? Cause that's exactly what it looks like you're doing to make an FM by how the plane actually flies! Use some CFD tool, and whatever results it gives, you blindly input them into the FM and expect it to be realistic? You need some knowledge in order to know the range within which the results are correct and from where on they are going very wrong and what to do to correct them, not simply take them for granted. For that, you first of all need some experience with those numbers to not allow absurd
  7. I guess that even the latest "mist" gives the same issues. With version 4.3.7 (latest found on this forum) I get a similar issue of not completely simulating the aircraft that respawns using mist. For instance, each team's awacs respawns using a trigger plane with a trigger zone if it dies. The communications with the blue E-3 awacs work flawlessly when this awacs is at it's first life (haven't died yet). If it dies and then you respawn it (with the trigger aircraft) you may no longer communicate with it from certain aircraft. For example, you can still comm with it using the F-15, but using t
  8. Grimes, the last version seems to be 4.3 from your thread. Is there another link for 4.4? Thanks!
  9. But, related to the same subject, when I also entered different servers (as client) and went near enemy sam defended areas I would also experience the same stuff myself now. I would get no warning and no missile trail but only saw my cockpit view bump (from the missile hit) and the subsequent loss of both engines and shrapnel clues on the plane (Su-25T), yet again, the same thing happened as my clients experienced. I have done a DCS files repair just to make sure something wasn't wrong in my DCS installation, but no, everything returned normal. So, no missile trail, just suddenly getting hit b
  10. I also thought about that lately but didn't get the time to update mist. I'll try and see what the clients will tell.
  11. Hi, If you want to limit the number of weapons allowed by an airbase (from FULL INFO) and uncheck the "unlimited" box from the "EQP" section, the Vikhr missiles are no longer available to be loaded during the mission. It's somewhat logical that the game can't recognize this weapon during the mission and not show it to you in the corresponding pylon's list as long as it doesn't even exist in the EQP ammunition list from where the available weapons numbers can be limited. For example, you can't load Vikhrs anymore on a Su-25T (although all the other ordnance are available) if you have
  12. Hello Grimes, Here you have it: Invisible AI shooting clients.part1.rar Invisible AI shooting clients.part2.rar Regards!
  13. Why can't they just make the "late activation" function be a respawn function of an X unit when Y trigger takes place, when X unit is made alive using the "Group activate" action (or any different action which fits to make that unit respawn forever when Y trigger takes place)?
  14. Well, that isn't something that affects the gameplay, but what if you as server or another client have bombed an enemy runway or taxiway and you can clearly see the damage and be affected by the holes in the ground while the clients (the clients who connected later at least) aren't able to see any damage nor get affected by it while rolling over it to taxi or whatever, gives you nothing but a bad taste! For myself, I have built a list of very important unsolved bugs and issues that greatly alter the player's experience and performance which haven't been fixed to this day since DCS A-10C ca
  15. You know..., I wonder. Why the heck is ED so focused on money only (new products every now and then) than their reputation. Perhaps they don't care...! Why couldn't ED implement these simple things that we need to have in the Mission Editor, such as planes respawning and other non-complicated scripts rather than leaving us on our own and be forced to utilize these separate apps and stuff that create such a headache and more bad than good. Someone asked me: "Why have you become so disappointed of DCS over time?" My answer was: "Because every day there's something new to add to the ever growi
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