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  1. Sorry for necro, but i was wrong about this by the way... Sorry
  2. Great choice on the Skymaster, simple but high performance piston.
  3. Pardon me for asking, but do you have any sheet music for it? Or a midi file or something that sheet music could be made from? I would really like to try playing this on piano. Thanks!
  4. Same here, except my desktop has 2 folders... named in tradition of what i used them for like 8 years ago..."Zips", where i used to put, wait for it, zip files (where i now put files i want to keep temporarily) and Stuff", where i put stuff i want to keep indefinitely (and obviously it is properly organized). :lol:
  5. +1!!! Sims definitely give you a nice heads up and stuff, but the feeling of reality completely disorientating, you can be calm, cool, and collected in the sim, but IRL will seriously throw you off, you get completely overwhelmed, and can't think straight. There is just something about it that i can't really explain. But yes, you would be 20x better of with good sim experience then without, and yes it could possibly keep you from dying, but that is a still a small chance. I had quite a bit of casual sim experience when i started lessons and it is a very different feeling. DC
  6. In the interview he said the plane was getting fixed.
  7. Part of me thinks he did that on purpose...
  8. Definitely. I had a lot of trouble until i sat down and got serious and flew like i meant it (before, i basically just messed around with zero procedure and zero consistency, and as you can imagine my flying suffered severely, i could hardly hold altitude, couldn't stay coordinated ect) You will learn a lot from the flying manual, I have not read the British one, but i read a lot of the Airplane Flying Handbook from the 1980s and it helped my thought processes quite a bit. And most of all have fun!
  9. No problem, hope it helps. I personally have no curve on the joystick and that works really well for me, but i have i different stick so you may have to experiment. What i would do is try flying only in the pattern doing takeoffs and landings (while taking some of the excellent advise by our fellow forum users) for a while (maybe an hour or two or so (doesn't have to be in a row either), whatever fits your schedule) and if you don't see much improvement try a little curve and then do some more.
  10. I don't know if this helps, but i made a quick track of 3 landings (a 3 point, a very bat wheel landing (i wasn't paying attention), and a decent wheel landing). This is just the way i do it, so it is far from perfect, but i almost never crash on landing so it seems to work pretty good. 51 Landings.trk
  11. I wouldn't mess with the axis settings for the stick too much (if at all), i personally use a little curve on the rudder, but not on the stick. Do you have pedals?
  12. You took the words right out of my mouth.
  13. He doesn't really know what he's talking about, you never fly directly over and parallel with the runway, he bounced pretty bad (however i have bounced much worse many times), his pattern was sloppy ect.
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