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  1. It's obvious from your first post that you're not even willing to consider compromise or start engaging in productive discussion, you essentially tried to shut this thread down in one word in the first response. Some people feel that there's additions that, on the face of it, have little technical blockers that would allow them to enjoy the game more without really hurting the balance of a game and ultimately would have no effect on you. Your putdowns have been trying to dance some invisible line based on your opinion on what parts are simulation and what parts are a game with no real sub
  2. Yeah... I'm impressed by all these people that fly DCS with no compromises, and have such hardened opinions, for a game that they've presumably only played once, died, then never played again. Literally everything you do in this game is compromises. To suggest that Jesters AI and interface will ever come close to the almost symbiotic relationship that a pilot and RIO can achieve is foolish. Surely allowing just the option for more discrete control is a compromise that leans towards reality more than the current implementation.
  3. Have to agree with @AH_Solid_Snake on this one. Unless you have unlimited options burried in a nested list of 8 possabilty, having meaingful control with jester is never going to be perfect. In my mind, being able to change the radar elevation directly with a binding is an annology for simply having a conversation with a real RIO and asking him to "move it down a bit" rather than being stuck with sepcific options. But then again, I'm also finding it impossibly hard to understand the viewpoint that we don't just get the option to have what Snake is sugesting. Some folk w
  4. Thanks folks, like I say, chances of me releasing this are slim, I'll consider it but it defeintely doesn't help that there's a bug that means the mouse cursor position lat/long reported in VR is sometimes wrong... I finally got around to playing my first game with this app last night and I kept trying to put in the coordinates for an agreeed waypoint on the map and I just couldn't get it right... couldn't for the life of me figure out what my app was doing wrong. But turns out DCS was just giving the wrong mouse cursor position... soooo... eh.... yeah. Even when it works it can't
  5. This is an abosolute joke. So I went and spent some time creating an app to copy those map cordinates so you can automatically type those numbers in and then in my first game last night I notice this error... like... what's even the point of trying
  6. I'm all for VoiceAttack and voice commands in general, but I just find them a bit unreliable. While I'm playing MP I'm also likely talking to others and that combined with a little bit of dyslexia I persoanlly find it hard to read and pronounce 14 to 20 characters perfectly - and that's for EACH waypoint... Still, I've managed to get my app working almost 100% perfectly. I've only spent about 5 hours total working on it so it's completely uncustomisable as adding that kind of functionality would likely take the same amount of time if not more to add. But it works, and people can us
  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh super interesting!... cheers @dark_wood Obviously not immediately going to be useful because of it only being used in the mission editor... but perhaps a bit of reverse engineering will let me find the code that's acheiving it and I can make it work for the F10 map. Thanks for this!
  8. Hi, sorry for cross posting this but this section seems the most active and appears to have the most people playing with LUA etc. I'm trying to find a way of getting the map coordinates from the "mouse hover" in DCS Anyone got any ideas how I might do this?
  9. Cheers @lefuneste01 - got it working: Woulud very much like to remove the need for using this but your help at least pointed me in the right direction to get something working Oh, I couldn't find a PS that only works on the mirrored display, so I had to use the MSAA ones. Are you sure there is a "mirror display" PS?
  10. Got it working with VR now but still very WIP.
  11. Honestly, I just need some pointers. I'm obviously capable of coding things up, just not done HSL for ages. Can you at least let me know if what I want to do is going to be possible by editing the ShaderOverrideVR_GUI_PS pixel shader (7288416414f5fa50) or am I going to be best creating another one? In fact, I'd assume I will have to create a new post processing shader to get this to happen at the right time?
  12. No probs. Just a thought, at the moment you display the map coords in 3D. Could you make so that its rendered at a fixed position on the mirrored window (i.e. Top left corner) so that a screenshot would find it in the same place every time?
  13. Hey @lefuneste01- hoping you might be able to help. In the process of trying to create my own stand alone application to "copy and paste" the map coordinates in the UFC of the aircraft by using OCR to read the coords then literally send the keystrokes to DCS. Got it working in principle in desktop mode as I'm able to know exactly where the map coords are pretty easily: However, I'm hoping you can help me understand how I might be able to grab them in VR mode. Any ideas how I could do it in C,C++,C#, or use part of your tool to write them out? Or just exp
  14. Managed to get a bit of time over lunch and after work to get a proof of concept up and running of what I'm trying to acheive. Still thinking about how I can get the map coordinates in VR though. Ideas on the back of a postcard please! EDIT: Sorry, totally impossible to see what's happening in SD mode so please watch in HD (might still be processing)
  15. I fly exclusivly in VR and as such entering map coordinates for waypoints is a pretty laborious process. I'll admit I don't get any enjoyment out of the process of trying to copy down coords then bashing them into the UFC in my F18. The only real mod that trys to address this is the 3Dmigoto VR Mod, but at this very second in time I'd rather not bundle that kind of functionality with so much other stuff. I'd much prefer if each feature was much more stand alone so that I can pick and choose what VR imporvements I want to make while keeping functional features seperate.
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