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  1. Would be way cooler if you'd just used to the other Thread that you have that bug too. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=222098
  2. 1. Should be a Bug. 2. That page appears if you slew the TDC on the Range-Thingie and disappears as soon as you select a range like you'd lock a target AFAIK. 3. That's the Ghost Flight Path Marker. It's not bound to the A/A Mode but to the caged HUD. The HUD automatically cages with A/A Mode selected. EDIT: Damn. Sniped by backspace 340 :D
  3. Sure you can patch back and forth between Beta and Release. Been doing this for years now. I'm currently on my phone, so I can't give you a link but there is a Patcher Tool from NineLine (I think) that can do this for you. I do it the oldschool way with commandline. In "/DCS/bin/DCS_updater.exe update @openbeta" or if you want a specific Version you can put the Version number after the @-Sign
  4. But if you do that, everything is showing on all three monitors. So comms menu is on the right monitor, comm messages get shown on left monitor. I mean, yes it works but it's just inconvenient, especially after it worked for Months, even Years with the Old Setting of: UIMainView = { x = 1920; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1080; aspect = 1920/1080; }
  5. No, it's not different. If you would look on page 2 of the other post, you'd notice that.
  6. Maybe a Dev could chime in on this. Is it known, that it's still bugged? Will it be fixed tomorrow?
  7. Go to your MonitorSetup Folder found here: /DCS/Config/MonitorSetup and open 1Camera.lua and change it till it looks like this: _ = function(p) return p; end; name = _('1 Screen'); Description = 'One monitor configuration' Viewports = { Center = { x = 0; y = 0; width = screen.width; height = screen.height; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = screen.aspect; } } -- UIMainView = Viewports.Center UIMainView = { x = 1920; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1080; aspect = 1920/1080; } Ofc. if you are allready using a custom Monitor Setup .lua then you have to change it accordingly. Also since you have a different Resolution than I have, you have to change out the UIMainView resolutions to yours. Greetings Kelevra
  8. And I thought I am too stupid for the LMAV but no, I have the same issue starting cold and dark from the boat.
  9. Outstanding Job ED. Now It's to the right, not the left. :huh:
  10. On behalf of Evilfisher I wanted to ask when the stream starts. Do you have an ETA?
  11. Every Turbine Engine has a Nosecone and in this cone there are built in heater pipes/wires to heat up the cone,blades and the air passing by to prevent an icing condition within the engine or on the blades. In case of the Hornet, you can't actually see the cone but it's there. Now the Icing Sensor is somewhere at/in the air inlet. That sensor itself isn't heated. So when Icing occurs, you flip the Engine Anti-Ice to on but that won't affect the Icing Advisory.
  12. On the IFEI you have Internal and Total Fuel displayed, If they are equal, externals are empty.
  13. Crew chiefs you said? Yeah, that'd be great fun. :thumbup:
  14. Got allready covered here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=211215
  15. Try selecting F/A-18C Lot 20... The other one you are trying is the AI model.
  16. Did some more testing and it's only related to the rack itself. I can supercruise on the deck after I threw all 24 BDU-33. Greetings -K
  17. The ATC works pretty well. You get to the speed you want to hold and push the ATC button. After Cold and Dark start you have to push it twice in order to engage it. Greetings -K
  18. Maybe you post a track, a video or a Tacview recording so we can better assess the situation you're having. Greetings -K
  19. Had a little fun throwing all my semi-professionalism over board in the Hornet...
  20. Engage BALT while banking, after that engage ATTH and you're in an orbit.
  21. Some of us want to do those checks. I mean why not? It's a simulator, so let the people simulate things. For the OP, you trigger the cat at MAX, not at MIL. I use the afterburner detent on the HOTAS Warthog and a curvature of 6 to be exactly at MIL. After that I can do my checks, advance to MAX and take off. But yeah, a command would be cool. :) Greetings -K
  22. The EW Suite didn't throw a flare because it never knew that a heater is on it's way to you. The Hornet doesn't have an MWS like the A-10. It will only react to Launches marked with an corresponding RWR Launch i.e. a Strela-10 shot at you. That would trigger the RWR and a Flare should be popped, although I didn't test that part yet. Greetings -K
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