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  1. The beautiful family versions of your beloved single seat fighter jets.... it would be awesome if these could be added in the future, at least as AI. Thanks for all the hard work!
  2. It would be fantastic if there ever was the possibility if you could provide a pilot model for the Hornet and Viper with this former standard helmet gear that was used for several decades by not only Hornet pilots but also Viper and Eagle drivers around the world! Thank youuuu, ED!
  3. Hello all, first of all, I love how beautifully you modelled the Hornet in DCS! It is really outstanding and getting better and better. One thing I noticed is that on the real Hornet, the flaps retract diffferently than on the DCS Hornet. On the real Hornet, the ailerons are "lagging behind" the inner trailing edge flaps on retraction during the transition from HALF to AUTO position. This can be seen well in this video sequence, watch the outer (aileron) flaps, they are more slowly retracting up than the inner main flaps, eventually the ailerons retract fully but the main fl
  4. Dear ED devs, would it be possible to include an option to choose this helmet/mask gear combo for your future Viper and Hornet pilot models? https://nara.getarchive.net/media/an-f-16-fighting-falcon-pilot-prepares-for-takeoff-during-exercise-cobra-gold-90484e It would really add to the authenticity of the visuals when flying both birds with repaints of the late 80's/early 90's timeframe. THANKS A TON for considering!
  5. Me too! Cold-War era all the way...
  6. RhineHornet


    As the title says. What are the chances there will be the original A-10A for DCS World? Has this ever been mentioned or considered before? Thanks for the feedback!
  7. Here's the full footage of the previous video:
  8. Interesting video, though I think there's lots of room for improvement. You touched down / trapped with 236 knots? Uh..oh...
  9. Yes, topside color (and markings on underside) is painted in FS35237 greyish Blue. As far as I can tell from the recent RCAF skin screenshots, the devs/livery painters of ED took that into account nicley. USN and USMC Hornets generally have the lighter Ghost grey colors applied.
  10. @hughlb did you see my post above? I did some more research and I am 99% sure that sign you're looking for reads as follows:
  11. Could it be that it has the same text as shown in the dashed-line box painted below the LEX? It reads like "WARNING STATIC CHARGE HAZARD" and three more lines which I cannot recognize, too low resolution. Here's the closeup I made my above conclusion from: http://aviationspottersonline.com/30th-anniversary-hornet-scheme-walk-around-2/#gallery/a1dbcac2ed97c4d377dcca72b81b54ae/22159
  12. Most skillful Hornet carrier landing I've seen yet! :huh:
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