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  1. Asus Maximus VII Formula Motherboard Intel i7-4790K OC to 4.8@1.30V 39C ( this is where I run it as even though its water cooled, its not good to OC too much all the time. GSkill F3-2400C10D-16GTX CL 10-12-12-31 1.65V (4) 8 gig = 32 gigs total I cut a hole in the MB so the bios battery can be easily replaced, nothing worse then having to take the entire MB out and remove the armor. That was a very poor decision that Asus ROG made. I hit gold with the CPU lottery, as mine can hit 5ghz ! I want to sell it as a bundle and not break it up. Make me an o
  2. Hope I live long enough to be able to Fly my favorite WWII plane ! Semper Fi
  3. I just found this after thanking You for the problem I had with overclocking and crashing. I am so glad that I found this and I wish I could somehow convey to Eagle Dynamics that You should be given a big raise in pay for all of the help and time You spend on helping so many people !!! Thank You Flappie, I am so appreciative of all the help You have given Me.
  4. Thanks again Flappie !!!!! I turned off the OC and it never has a problem. I will do what You suggested and now I know where to look thanks to Your help.
  5. dcs.log-20210509-214004.zip Well I did everything that You asked of Me Flappie, and for the most part, I have not had any problems using DCS. This time I did overclock my GPU, so I don't know it that caused anything to go wrong. I just purchased the P47 Wolfpack campaign and had just started up the engine for the 1st mission and it crashed. All of Us with problems sure are lucky to have someone like You to help us read the logs and inform Us of what is going on. I build and water cool my PC, but I just have a very hard time understanding different problems with OS
  6. I do not think the english cockpit mod works in 2.7 I hope they come out with one soon. thanks
  7. Thank You so much for all of Your help, I will do this right away !!! So nice to have such great help from DCS and I appreciate it very much !! Clear Skies ( not any more, the clouds are beautiful ) Mike
  8. Mine was set to Normal, so nothing has changed.
  9. I do not mean to Crash this party, but My pc has crashed three times in a row sense the new update. I hope this can help to figure out why. One other thing I noticed, the surface of the water is now very hard to tell where it is, and I did crash once into the water. Strange that no waves were present and it seemed calm like glass with reflections of the clouds in the sky. thanks for taking a look !! I did send the other 2 crashes to DCS, but wanted to do this third one somewhere where someone could tell me if its my DXDIAG or what is wrong with My PC ? Clear Skies Mike
  10. just upgraded to 2.7 OB, and it will not let me fly the P47 at all..... Veteran or client.
  11. Well I bought MSFS2020 and it took Me 3 days to download 170GIGS at 5-7 MBps. Right now I am DL'ing 2.7 at 700KBps like normal. why do people in the US seem to get such slow bad speeds ? Are We downloading this from Russia ? You know tons of people are downloading 2.7 as it was just released today..... so Your theory about more peers and a faster download cant be true..... I know peers are listed on some torrent sites, but I am not familiar with DCS and if they use PORTS that can be changed to help DL speeds ?
  12. I live up on top of a mountain and one of the last houses to have internet. I recently downloaded 179GB;s and started flying MSFS2020 and it took me days to do, but I was getting an average of 4-8MBps. I am now downloading 2.7 and as usual for all of the DCS DL's of the past few years, I only get 0.7 KBps ( less then one meg ) and I was wondering why this always happens ? Its not like I am downloading this from Russia with a ping rate of 210 or something..... Thank You if anyone can give me a link or advice if there are ways to use ports or something that would at least g
  13. Thank You so much for letting Me know that the SMOKE is in fact now working. I appreciate it very much ! I don't know if fighting against AI WWII planes will make any difference, but I thought black smoke would make them think I was wounded and they would get careless...... the machine guns tear em up really well even though they are much faster. Again, Thank You so much.
  14. Would anyone happen to know if the smoke is working yet ? Thanks and Clear Skies Mike
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