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  1. My solution to this PIA!!!!! https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4188288&postcount=15
  2. Solution Started all over with new install, but first I renamed old install and the DCS folder in 'Saved Games" located in 'My Documents to protect it before the install of the new installation. That did not work, I guess I don't understand how to make that text file work. I then took my Mods folder from old install and copied it into my new install Then I downloaded the installers located here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1FNNwU4xwU-Ti00QWE2cWF6c2s Info on that I ran those to get my modules to install into the new installation.
  3. Ok, I took a laptop into town borrowed some broadband and installed it there. copied every thing over and I can get the game to run but not get most of my modules to work. https://imgur.com/2eEGnTA I've exhausted myself several times with reloading and even manage to finally get this function to work. and it created a folder of salvaged files and reloaded them, I have 122 gigs on this install so I know the stuff is there. " How to install DCS without Internet on PC ? (or traffic issues on PC) Due to the rather large volume of the simulator there are often que
  4. I'm wrestling this too same reasons, so I took a laptop into town and installed it, then came home and transferred the files, Now it fires up but none of my modules short the A10 will load. and when I look at my profile here is says my modules won't run on the steam version. WTF i have never purchase the steam version. So now I'm trying to figure out this line. The contents of the file is the path to a temporary directory, in this case (UTF-8!): E:\DCSCopy\ I'm stuck here as pic shows, I have the files moved to the DCS Copy folder and the notepad as written to the best of my knowle
  5. Thanks c0ff I have no idea how that happened or how to fix it, can you expand on your observation for me?
  6. Yeah, it looks like I'm going to have to borrow someone's unlimited internet and download the installer to a laptop or stick and bring it home to this PC. just renamed that drive and went through the steps again. 02673.202 ERROR: Can't move G:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\API/include/FM/wHumanCustomPhysicsAPI.h to G:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\API/include/FM/wHumanCustomPhysicsAPI.h: (2) The system cannot find the file specified. 02848.449 === Log closed.
  7. Just tried to join multiplayer its loads all the objects terrian etc. then hangs on just wait. so I tried a repair again. I forgot I needed to rename the drive again. 00000.022 --- Log file: X:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\autoupdate_log.txt 00000.000 === Log opened UTC 2019-11-20 00:34:00 00000.013 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.18362; Win64; en-US) 00000.013 INFO : cmdline: "X:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\bin\DCS_updater.exe" --apply repair 00000.017 STATUS: Initializing... 00000.019 INFO : basedir: X:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World 00000.022 INFO : DCS/
  8. Yes both gave me the original problem and or wanted to download the entire thing again. By the way it does appear to work now in single player, I tried to join a multiplayer last night I got in the room, then it said please wait for several minutes. So I did a taask Manager on it. I then rebooted the PC and fired up the game , and was told my user login was not right, so I manually typed it in and it gave me a couple of days authorization offline mode. At that point I went to another game, because the guys I was playing with soon found out that DCS Main Server shutdown or something. B
  9. Well it updated tonight, but ended up with this error. going to go see if it will fly as is. 02181.619 STATUS: Removing obsolete files... 02181.726 INFO : Removed 0 files. 02182.098 INFO : Kept 43305 files. 02182.099 STATUS: Installing new files... 02182.100 INFO : BACKUP API/include/FM/wHumanCustomPhysicsAPI.h 02182.101 INFO : MKDIR G:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\_backup.001\API/ 02182.102 INFO : MKDIR G:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\_backup.001\API/include/ 02182.104 INFO : MKDIR G:\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\_backup.001\API/include/FM/ 02182.106 INFO : INSTALL API/include/FM/wHu
  10. Thanks for the reply David OC I have done it that way several times, but this time the updater is giving me a fit. Renaming my drive didn't work by the way.
  11. I renamed the drive to G: the updater is working, but of course it wacked my other games shortcuts etc. Once its updated I'll just rename it back to X drive.
  12. Thanks Pizzicato that's the best I can figure also, I went into regedit and can find the individual aircraft listed but not the game. Looked into C:\Users\TOAD\AppData\Local and its its blank. And the game is not listed in program files form the start menu, it used to be???
  13. EDIT: Solution to all this located here https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=4188288&postcount=15 Howdy all, I'm trying to update after moving the game to another drive. SSD The original drive it was on recently died even though I was not using it for the game no more, I'm getting this error message now. Any help would be appreciated, if I must I'll scrap it and start from scratch, but UGGG!!!! "00000.000 === Log opened UTC 2019-11-18 02:32:05 00000.013 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.18362; Win64; en-US) 00000.013
  14. It also shows up solid from outside view when looking at other Spits flying around you.
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