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  1. In the book "Hornets over Kuwait", Jay Stout (USMC pilot in 1991 ODS) says that for CAP (defending their air base in Bahrain IIRC) they were taking 2 fuel tanks (one under each wing), 3 or 4 Sparrows, 4 Sidewinders and full gun ammo. That is weird, because in order to carry 4 Sparrows they would need to carry one of the tanks in the center pylon or drop 2 Sidewinders, but I guess you get the picture.
  2. High lift devices. That is the generic name for flaps & slats in aviation.
  3. I had this issue with buddy lasing on November 3rd on OB release, but I remember the vehicles moving to another place when destroyed from longer ago, which I guess could be related. @uri I don't knot whether it has been reported or not.
  4. You definitely can buddy lasing Hornet to Hornet, I did it a couple of weeks ago, but there is an issue where the guy who was dropping the bomb (he was also hosting, not sure if that matters) did not see the vehicle in the same place I did. So I saw the bombs explode right on target, but they were not destroyed because _his_ bomb was not hitting the target in _his_ sim. When the target was eventually destroyed I could see it jump to the place it actually was in his host.
  5. Yep. Actually to add even more confusion, in the F-14 you launch rockets with the trigger and in the F-18 with the pickle button.
  6. Thank you guys for the replies I guess it is the similar with HMD guiding the 9X without radar ACM modes enabled? I thought I would need to press uncage when the target was under the seeker, but had inconsistent behavior. It could also be what you say: just uncage once, I am gonna try that.
  7. What exactly is supposed to do this UPLOOK mode in the AIM-9X with the HMD? It is enabled with castle down from HACQ and disable with castle up. Also, when moving the AIM-9X around out of HACQ, I can hear a sound that reminds me of the RWR, but looks like it actually is the 9X. What does it mean? Thanks
  8. Same here. If A forum is not on Tapatalk I stop using it altogether on the phone.
  9. You should really refrain to make agressive comments like this when you obviously don't know what an encoder is or how it works. Hint: they don't work with axes.
  10. I tried binding rotary encoders to the HDG and CRS 2 way switches in the F-18, but looks like their standard DX pulse in each "click" is not long enough. Sometimes I see the switch in the 3D cockpit slightly moving, but the actual HDG or CRS value never increases or decreases. Then tried different DX pulse lengths with TM TARGET, where I can easily configure them. The standard 32ms pulse does not work and the maximum the GUI allows (50ms pulse) is still hit and miss. Sometimes it registers, sometimes it does not. Binding the encoders to other similar controls (COM channel, radio volu
  11. I already said that it is not a problem of the bomb releasing 60 ms after the trigger depress. At 500 KT that accounts for is: 500NM/h * 0.06s / ( 3600s/h ) * 1852 m/NM = 15.4m. Not 100m About the tactics, low level attacks with retarded bombs is a very common way to employ those bombs. Obviously not the most accurate, but neither this inaccurate. Eg a Harrier doing it. Not a row of vehicles nor a runway. "User error", right: https://youtu.be/TIvAHs25epQ?t=484
  13. I have recorded another video with a mic next to the trigger, it can be heard when it is depressed. Snapshot of the video at the frame closest to the trigger sound, with the pipper perfectly on the target: 60 ms after the trigger is depressed, the pipper disappears. The bomb does not land where the pipper was when I depressed the trigger, not even close to where the pipper was when it disappeared (which could be acceptable). This is not a problem of pickling a few milliseconds before or after, it is way beyond that. it lands more than 100m beyond the target, in his pict
  14. Jojo, I press the trigger when the pipper is over the target, not 25 meters past it where the bombs explode. I am sorry, but in your video it is impossible to even see where your bomb goes or what you are hitting. There are a couple of messages that you destroyed something, but when you drop a bomb on a row of vehicles it can hit any of them, not necessary the one you are aiming at, that is not a valid proof of precision nor imprecision. I also see that some of your drops have a break X in the HUD, which means that you are out of the attack envelope.
  15. I find that Snakeyes in CCIP always go long, contrary to the slicks in CCRP that are very accurate. Video: Always aiming at the first dark truck under the pipper. Tried throughout the speed envelope, at 500, 450, 400 and 360 KCAS. Track also attached. m2000-mk82hd-long.trk
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