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  1. Hello Guys, can someone explain what happened to the CameraTerrainRestriction settings? Its not working anymore to change it in the server.lua from true to false - at least for me... edited both - main game folder and in the saved game folder... I use the DCS beta... THX and nice evening!
  2. Hey, some days ago i had the same problem... when i entered the cockpit i could see everything powered and Head up display working... instant after unpause everything shut down in the cockpit... no hud, nu mfd's and so on... Found out that one switch on my warthog throttle (i think it was the flaps down switch) was causing the problem ... the switch was in default configuration after installation of the game... When you put the switch in flaps up position before you start your flight it should work... i reconfigured my switch to flaps... Sorry for bad english...
  3. yeah, i know that they will bring a pay Carrier with crew.. therefore i was asking if they really think that anybody who wants this carrier with deckcrew would not buy it because there is a fanmod... Most people here are sim enthusiasts and they give a lot money for all the modules and terrains and believe me - they all will buy a carrier with deckcrew... even tough there is a mod...
  4. hocician

    MIG-23 UB

    nice one ... but why is the texture/shader or whatever so disturbed? Is´nt it to much? Or is it just a not so good screenshot?
  5. ... i´m an engine mechanic (former Mig-29 and now Typhoon) and did/do a lot engine runs - you hear the afterburner in the Cockpit! for sure the difference outside of the Cockpit is much much louder from max dry to reheat but you can hear it and also the pilot can hear it when flying - its not that much louder, you´re right, but the Tomcats AB inside the cockpit is, in my opinion, well done !
  6. @ Suntsag, this is/was awesome stuff! its a shame that it doesnt work anymore! I'm allways with the studios in these small business (simulation genre) but this time i cant understand why they removed the option for guys like you to bring something to life that is so dead since years! I cant find any reason for them to remove it - for years they dont get anything to life here what is so much wanted from the community and now we have something great to play around with and they take it away much faster than anything else! Do they believe wo wouldnt buy a carrier with animated pitcrew and so on
  7. Hey SkateZilla, thank you very much for this awesome tool and all your hard work (for sure) to update it so often! Helped me a lot ... this one is MEGA!! <3
  8. didnt read the whole thread but i have a nearly finished version of the new VFC-12 livery... some details on the bottom side are not ready but these are just minor fixes... will offer it when F/A-18 is out... or maybe for the AI jets in the next weeks i also did a fictional skin of that for the F-5 (maybe ED had put this ingame now... i dont know it exactly cause i didnt played DCS since the skinning contest for the F-5... but its available in the downloads section for sure) greetings steve
  9. yeah, start the second engine with the delivered air from the running engine... or - try this one >>> Link this is without all the annoying stuff... ;-) *joke*
  10. Woohooo - thanks for choosing one of mine... ! :-D Was a great Competetion with great results! KIZIR_77 made the best and was very supportive - well deserved winner!
  11. please please.. take zaelu´s PS and do just one jet.... too much people thought they can but never released anything! Good Luck! Mig-23 would be awesome!
  12. VFC-111 "PAK FA" Sun Downers here my forth and last F-5E scheme for now... It is a semi fictional livery ... the main skin is original but here i added the typical Sun Downers Rudder and Nose Painting with the sunburst and the shark mouth... hope you like it... As always - thanks to KIZIR_77 for the permission to use his helmet and tech marks on my skin! Download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/download.php?iblock_id=1&id=2140868&goto=%2Fupload%2Fiblock%2F718%2FAgressor_VFC-111_121_Sun_Downers.rar
  13. VFC-111 "PAK FA" Scheme No.121 for F-5E Here my third F-5E Skin. It is a real world skin of the VFC-111 "Sun Downers" in Key West. But i think this Livery was´nt long on duty before they switched it to the new F/A-18 Aggressor scheme. So here the Version as seen in the foto - the only photo existibng in http://WWW... https://c2.staticflickr.com/6/5501/30197175330_6968a3050c_o.png' alt='30197175330_6968a3050c_o.png'> Thanks to KIZIR_77 for the nice helmet and most of the techmarks ! Thanks for sending them to me and the permission to use them... Download: htt
  14. VFC-13 "Splinter SU-30/35" No.28 for F-5E Here my second skin for the F-5E. It is a fictional skin inspired by the new F/A-18 Fighting Omars / Ambush Livery to simulate SU-30/35 from russia. Thanks to KIZIR_77 for the nice helmet and most of the techmarks ! Thanks for sending them to me and the permission to use them... Download: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/download.php?iblock_id=1&id=2140854&goto=%2Fupload%2Fiblock%2F39b%2FAgressor_VFC-13_28_Fict_Splinter.rar
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