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  1. Thanks a lot superb :thumbup:
  2. DCXX

    f86 Rockets

    Ah just started new game alls working as it should. How weird
  3. DCXX

    f86 Rockets

    Hi intervalometre set to 1. I was hoping 16 many thanks though Deano
  4. Hi guys any help would be really appreciated. been flying f86 for a while now but when I try to fire rockets they just drop all 16 in 1 go like a bomb :helpsmilie: Thx guys Deano
  5. your a star Lino thx a million
  6. wow how do you land so quick, takes me ages. nice flying
  7. Many thanks for all your help, im now learning slowly :)
  8. Hi its an fcf many thanks DC
  9. :helpsmilie::helpsmilie:Hi guys can some please tell me how to get a profile for F15c loaded into target software for the thrustmaster warhog Many thanks DC
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