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  1. Are any of you flying the A-4 in DCS version 1.5.8 as I am and experiencing exploding AC when landing. So far no joy no matter how I try. Like the A-4, but not much fun if not able to land. BadBud
  2. Gotta Ask? Will A-4E-C mod download and fly in 1.5.8? BadBud
  3. Got it. Thanks for quick response, BadBud
  4. How do you select a different skin for the AC that you want to fly? Thanks, Badbud
  5. Quote: "Less performance means less people buying ED products. No one buys software that he cannot run." My comment also. Am staying with 1.5.8. The $ spent has passed the pleasure gained. Badbud
  6. Really bad news for 1.5 users..........and for DCS! BadBud
  7. PC specs: CPU Intel Core i7 Memory (RAN): 8 GB VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GTX 570 1.2 GB Power Supply TT 750W TR2 64-bit operating system BadBud
  8. Good suggestion and might be worth a try, but am fairly certain that my PC specs will not handle it. BadBud
  9. I think that it is sad that we flyers of 1.5.8 who paid the same as those able to fly 2.5, for modules and now may not be able to enjoy any fixes or whatever that are made to those existing modules. I for one, have most of the modules (no helos) and of course want to see any changes that should be available to all DCS flyers, both 2.5 and 1.5.8 users. I may never see the Nevada map that I pre-paid/ordered a long year ago if I decline to update to version 2.5.........................which is a real consideration. Luckily, I did not pre-order the Normandy map! If true, the answer here to my question, it is a bad decision for DCS! BadBud
  10. Because I would have to spend some big $ to upgrade my PC to be able to fly version 2.5 and hope it flies without problems, I have opted to stay with version 1.5.8 until all the bugs are worked out. Will DCS continue to maintain 1.5.8? For example: will the upgrades to the Spitfire IX (I think promised at end of June)........ as well as existing modules updates be available to those that still fly 1.5.8? BadBud
  11. Loved them all. Great job to all and especially to the winners. Spitfires forever! BadBud
  12. I fly air combat in most of my Spit flying and notice no difference. BadBud
  13. It would be nice to have Spitfire missions in any map! BadBud
  14. Can I download/install 2.5 (when out of beta) and keep my 1.5.8 or does it replace 1.5.8? BadBud
  15. Giving your numbers a try and so far.............looking good. BadBud
  16. Same answer here.............Zimmer. BadBud
  17. Other than shooting down unarmed cargo planes, what is the mission of this "jump-jet"? BadBud
  18. DeepDrummer I do not understand your mention of using "toe breaks". The Spit has no toe breaks that I am aware of? BadBud
  19. Agree: and the reason that I have jumped the DCS ship for the moment and am flying CoD (TS) Spits and enjoying less frustration. Am still a fan of DCS, but will wait it out and not spend more $ till more of the bugs are worked out. BadBud
  20. badbud

    Dead Pilot

    Forward slumping pilot when killed or unconscious. BadBud
  21. Rolling back to 1.5.6 was my only option after 1.5.7 update which would not allow me into the game no matter what fix I tried. And it looks like I will stay in 1.5.6 for quite awhile with all the complaints that I am seeing. One step forward............two back, some fun! BadBud
  22. Have tried many Axis settings without any luck and you are most likely right...........it does not help. I also use CHPro rudder pedals. Will keep trying and hoping that a Spit patch will come along to ease the problem. Thanks, BadBud
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