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  1. Hi, thank you for the great charts and your hard work. Just one question. It seems the runway headings in the diagrams are true headings. From what i know the headings given in the charts should be magnetic headings? So Incirlik for example is actually 55 degrees in the chart. Magnetic heading should be 49 degrees. It might be that i am completely wrong... ;) Anyway it‘s not even a big deal, so thank you again and keep up the good work. MatthlK
  2. Every second flight i do ends with a CTD. No special action noticed causing this. Can't guarantee the F14 or/and multiplayer mode is to blame, because it's the only plane and mode i fly. But will look closer now.
  3. you really should have read the first answer to your question. (post #2) :music_whistling:
  4. Alternative way of choosing the axis: There should also be a dropdown field in the dialog window where you can alternatively select the axis from instead of moving it. And make sure you are in the right "Saitek" Column.
  5. Had the same issue yesterday. There should also be a dropdown field in the dialog window where you can alternatively select the axis. That worked for me and my MFG crosswind. Or maybe move the rudder pedal to the end stop to get it recognized.
  6. Yep. The functions are called "Left Engine Cutoff" / "Right Engine Cutoff". Just bind the buttons. Works. No lua oder target scripting needed (undo the changes). Maybe enable "Sync HOTAS System at Sim Start" under Misc. Options. Have a German Installation here, so i'm not sure about the exact name.
  7. Not sure if i'm missing something. But for me it worked out of the box like it does with the a-10. Moving the throttles out of idle on the warthog moves the throttle out of idle in the f-14. And back into idle if desired. When "booting" into a plane i cycle the throttles out of and into idle once - maybe to sync the status with dcs. I don't use target. Maybe i had to map both idle positions like you do for the buttons in control setup - i don't remember. Will look for the function names later and post them here.
  8. Thanks some1 & SGT Coyle for your answers. I think i will play around with TARGET a bit this evening. Already programmed a script for falcon bms but that was years ago, so i almost forgot everything. :huh: Have sent a mail to Sahaj as well. Does someone know if the Virpil 50 mm would work with the Warthog - maybe with a trick/ modifying it? I think i read somewhere someone is using it with a warthog, but can't find the post an more.
  9. Hi, i'm looking for an extension that is as short as possible. I only want to realize a 10°-15° counterclockwise rotation on my now center mounted Warthog Stick without lengthening it. Is the Virpil 50mm the shortest? Their product description states it doesn't work with TM Warthog Base + Grip?! Is this correct? Do you guys know alternative Solutions? I read about rotating the axis by a T.A.R.G.E.T script. But by doing this i will get a "Thrustmaster Combined Device" and loose the plug and play functionallity with DCS modules and would have to redo all control setups, right?
  10. Do u mean 1.5 beta or 2.5 beta? The 2.5 beta installer asked me if i would like to keep or remove 2.2 alpha. I chose to keep it and let the 2.5 stable remove it once it's out. (after transfering necessary files so it won't need to download them)
  11. Confirmed. Today i noticed, that the speed of the shkval in the Blackshark has also increased significantly. So maybe a global problem?
  12. Can't close Chat window, too. And no "ESC" Menü is accessible while the chat windows is open. :(
  13. Hi, wasn't able to test earlier. The mouse click spot works, thank you! The mapped key / button doesn't have an effect. Matthl
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