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  1. Wow, a helmet that gives the pilot the ability to transform his reality into a computer game from the early 80's. Cool. Pass the flux capacitor.
  2. Explanation: When you want to get something over 25kg (don't nail me at this number) in the air you have to make a procedure of admission/approval procedure in Germany. This includes a full stress test to the fuselage and also a proof of save and controlled flight. Its almost the same approval you have to do if you have built you own ultra light plane and want to fly it in normal air traffic. In other words :It will fly. Thanks Urze:thumbup:
  3. A truly amazing piece of work. Am I right in thinking this aircraft isn't intended to fly, I can't see anywhere on the website that says he intends to get it airborne and I would find it incredible he would risk 6 years work to do this.
  4. I have to say it looks pretty crap and I'd imagine those cockpit voices would soon get on your nerves.
  5. I have a Kensington Orbit Elite, it is a plain trackball two button mouse and very cheap (about $50). I use it for 'mouse look' and it has made a massive difference during dogfights. Does anyone know if, with an additional keypress I can set this up to slew the TDC cursor also, at the moment I can only seem to do one or the other.
  6. I find it very surprising to hear that proper take off procedures are not always followed especially with the amount of realism we ask for from this game. I just assumed that if I was to fly online that these basics of flying would be expected of me and taking of from a taxiway would be a big no no.
  7. 38, from Scotland living in Ireland and not feeling so old now.
  8. Complex and dynamic...Hmmm. Could that be a hint that they are trying to sort out a dynamic campaign for BS? I was always kean on helo sims but i recently had the misfortune of purchasing Comanche 4, what a piece of dumbed down trash, so hopefully ED will show how it should be done. Anyway I'm pretty lucky as I have only started playing LOMAC and I have a ton of stuff to learn so I don't mind waiting.
  9. Thanks MBot for your quick reply. It sure would add an extra dimension to mission building, so I suppose we'll just have to wait.
  10. Hi guys, I am currently messing about with the full mission builder and was wondering if it was possible to add audio clips at specific times in missions to replicate radio messages? I am using LOMAC 1.02 (not Flaming Cliffs). Oh yeah, another question, does the A-10 HUD have any indicator to show what hieght you should be at a waypoint? Sorry if these questions are really dumb, I am a real novice.
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