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  1. Don't listen to me. Listen to GA, that is a much easier way of doing it, but you gotta be precisely on top of it or the camera won't fall completely vertically.
  2. Lol, use your imagaination, I tried a helo too but that didn't work so instead I just ejected from high alt, waited for the chute to deploy and then unlocked (Shift+Esc), swiveled the camera so it faces away from me and then lock again (Shift+Esc). You can either speed up time in the sim or speed up time in the editing later on. It's a bit tedious but works fine. You can also make it so you land in the middle of an airfield or something else more interesting than sheep, just use trial and improvement. Here I set it up so I land in the middle of a busy airfield... ...it takes a little
  3. This only works in real time. If you play back the video edited track it forgets the padlock and keeps the camera on the AI jet not following your own, which basically means it's useless for anyone without Fraps.
  4. Wow....brilliant model. I dunno how they got the polys low enough with that detailing, great job :thumbup: Also, if you're mad about details, then feast your eyes (have patience). Now give em another feast. That guy is insane :D
  5. I enjoyed it. Good angles, good skins, nice feel to it. I particularly liked the weather...most movie makers leave it on overcast/sunny; thunderstorm is much more interesting. Looks promising.
  6. Possibly because their internet is soooooo slow, they actually submit it at the right time and it takes two years for it to be posted (maybe they were on a 65k lol)? :) Nice pics though, I love the sixth one down with the sunset.
  7. OK mate, I remember having this problem for a while too. The problem is the Cineform codec, you've gotta remove it but unfortunately it won't remove itself from the Device Manager however many times you click remove. To do so, follow these steps: 1) I would make a system restore point first. You never know. 2) Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32 and delete cfhd.dll. 3) Hit Windows+R or go Start>Run and type in regedit, hit enter. 4) In regedit search for cineform and delete everything you come across. It would be wise to make a backup of your registry first lol. 5) Now search for cfhd and d
  8. Thanks. Enjoyed the movie btw, made me realise how beautiful LO can be :) How about the final render (with music/editing etc)? And what exactly did you cleanup in xp?
  9. Downloading...thanks for sharing. I'm interested in you're workflow from LO to HD...? I would love to make an HD movie but LO's ingame render tool doesn't work and rendering is hell. I just made a movie just now...4 minutes, 1440x1080 and all it was was a black screen with a soundtrack. 33gig.
  10. I had to choose the Eagle. Not because I think it's the best there, just because it's one of the few that has proven itself time and time again in tricky situations. I would love to have chosen the Eurofighter; it looks superb in airshows and its impressive on paper, but I can't, because it has not proven itself. Many of the jets there seem to be the best, but you just cannot tell until they have proved their worth in combat. Also, the Eagle is used very widely. Israel, Japan and Saudi Arabia all use them extensively, and other countries have Eagles in their hangars too. Surprised you
  11. Completely agree with you Sleek. You can't find that level of realism (on the ground) and immersion in any other game. It's like a meatier version of BF2. And no, it's not a flight sim. You have to buy it to shoot more than to fly. I only usually fly the choppers to get me from one place to another quicker, and I rarely fly the jets. Interested to see why so many bought the game, and then returned it...I can see why you would be disappointed with the avionics, but it's primarily a ground sim, if you buy it for the flying alone then yes, you will be disappointed. And the greatest thing
  12. sp0nge...Andrew has hit the nail on the head there. Making a LO movie will be hard, but all you need is determination and patience. I can Fraps ok, and I'm learning Premiere quickly, but I'm way off my movie yet. And I expect that in a few weeks, if not months, I will still be a long way off my movie. Don't be disheartened by something that doesn't work out! As for alternative programs, there is Game Cam There's a Basic version which is free but when I tried that I wasn't impressed, but I know a few who swear by it, so it's worth a go. Also in looking for Game Cam's website I found anoth
  13. A few choppers and that Harrier there are flyable. There's also loads of tanks and vehicles, and patrol boats and rafts. It's semi-realistic, it's a blend between realism and simplicity. Nothing like the complexity of LO, but still relatively realistic (more LO than BF2). And yes, you should get it. It's an incredible game, takes FPS to a new level. And there's already a thriving modding community round it and it's only going to get better.
  14. You can in Premiere. Taken from the Help Center: I see no reason why Vegas would be different, but you'd have to ask someone who uses Vegas.
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