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  1. I'm still trying to piece the facts together. Not heard anything from official sources, they seem to have gone radio silent over the last few years.. It seems that the official / original DCS bios github is still occasionally active, in particular adding / updating the modules (Viper, Tomcat etc..). As far as support and maintenance outside of modules goes it's complete silence. DCS BIOS core has a latest release of Nov 13 2019 - not all that old or unreasonable. Unresponded issue go back to Jan 2019 DCS BIOS Arduino Library latest rele
  2. For anyone that finds this as a search. Enquiries outside this forum basically show DCS BIOS is dead, bar for the changes / additions to/of modules. For micro controller library support (Arduino library) this seems to have move to talbotmcinnis , github https://github.com/talbotmcinnis/dcs-bios-arduino-library I have discussed the adding of support for STM32 with Talbot and this was received very warmly. I'll be testing this out in just over a week, and if all goes well we'll gain the ability to use a potentially cheaper micro controller with significa
  3. Not looking for more ports, looking for more memory (SRAM) in the micro controller side. One issue that required some code in the Arduino was the PVI-800 output from DCS BIOS is a pain as the strings don't include the commas, the commas are separate outputs and the arduino needs to process the string and put the commas in the right place. I know it's a non issue for someone using a 7 segment display and separate LED's for the commas, but that's not what I'm doing. Am driving an LCD for a multi purpose / multi aircraft pit and want to have it perform a different function p
  4. Sweet, have posted there. I'm keen on STM32 support as the mega 2560 is proving inadequate. There is a pull request in the original DCS BIOS Arduino library repo that claims to add this support, but it's not been actioned in 2 years.
  5. Using what?? Also have i posted in the wrong place? Inputs and Outputs seemed appropriate.
  6. So was looking for assistance with some issues on the GitHUB and noticed that aside from modules no real action has taken place for almost 3 years. There are pull requests (one of which would likely solve one of my issues) going back ~ 3 years and unanswered. Same for Issues, people asking for help without answer. DCS BIOS was pretty cool, but is there something that does the same thing and is active? Far as i know it's all there was, kinda sad to loose it. Cheers.
  7. The number of NS430 modules and combinations have gotten out of control. The Modules page looks ridiculous at the moment with the front page alone containing 7 variations of the NS430, including 4 different packages for the C-101 which is essentially 1 aircraft... FOUR! NS430 main + C-101EB NS430 + C101CC NS430 C-101EB NS430 + C101CC NS430 C-101EB NS430 C-101CC NS430 This is getting a bit out of hand i think, and it frankly made me laugh at the store page. ED and the 430 dev might want to come up with a better way of doing this. It really should just be a module on it's own at a fu
  8. Just started investing a bit of time into DCS BIOS, it's a pretty handy bit of kit. I have a few questions, i'll start with the short ones. 1) Re hardware, is it strictly the basic arduinos that are supported? For example can i use a Due (ARM Cortex-M3), or an STM32 board configured into the Arduino IDE? 2) What speed does DCS BIOS communicate with the Arduino? I see 250Kbps mentioned, correct? 3) Is there a way to get 2 simple strings, 1 ea for the entire of the first and second line of the Ka-50 PVI-800? If not is there a way to make this happen in the Arduino? I have
  9. Unfortunately my extra displays aren't running of an Nvidia card. As far as i know display exports have been broken in regards to contrast, brightness and saturation since DCS 1.5 Has this been the experience of others? I've seen it mentioned a few places. Would be good if it could be fixed at the source.
  10. Watched a Youtube walk around of a retired / demo A-10C. Pilot mentioned it had an OBOGS system installed where the LOX used to go. Clip here if anyone interested, one of the better A-10 walk arounds i've seen. ~ 11m:40s mark Probably not a huge deal weather we get it or not. Just curious to know if it's accurate to the new A-10C module, and and if so i'd hope it's not difficult to implement it. I assume there isn't a lot of logic in the oxygen system anyway.
  11. As per the picture above i had zero data flow via torrent except to/from ED servers. The updater was trying to connect to other users, but connections were never established. Despite this the client was reporting being connected to peers. I suggest others try cPorts to get a clear understanding of the issue. https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/cports.html What you're looking for is an established connection and more than a handful of bytes from a server other than an ED/DCS server. You will notice that there is not a single byte sent or received from connections other than the ED/DCS ones.
  12. It always seems that using the Torrent method of downloading is incredibly slow and i had some suspicions as to why. This evening i looked into to and can't say I'm surprised. For a connection to work there either needs to be an open port at one end, or something to mediate the connection. It seems the DCS_updater has no such features. At best it might support uPNP, but for security reasons this is almost extinct. So if no ports are open how do ED propose to make torrents work? Using cPorts i captured the screen below, and can see attempts made continuously by others
  13. Good info and much appreciated. If you have no interest in whats upcoming then fine, don't participate in the thread. Meanwhile let others discuss if they'd like.
  14. Sadly I'm struggling with 'Deployment' Trees galore when the recon pictures (from the pre updated caucuses i assume) show no trees. Additionally trees are collide-able now, and wingman AI is rubbish, both blind and unable to engage without getting shot down himself. Similar issues in many other campaigns, this drives me crazy, but given the dynamic and rolling nature of DCS (which is is good for a few reasons) it would be great to have a crystal clear FAQ for every module, every map and every mission/campaign so that we don't have to find out the had way that something was broken 3 year
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