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  1. Hey Pilots! Today we are going into the F-16C Viper at Nellis AFB to learn how to properly Boresight our Mavericks on the ground as well as in the air. I prefer to boresight the Mavericks on the ground because it's easier and you don't have to worry about it while airborne. We further go into how to employ them in the PRE Mode with the Targeting Pod. Good luck out there! Enjoy! -Tricker
  2. Hey I just saw your post. Always check the HUD on the bottom left to see what your SPI is. In the video I show that it shows STP for steer point which is what you need. If you're HUD shows your SPI as TGP, then if you hold TMS AFT long, it will reset your SPI to STP. Enjoy!
  3. Hey pilots! If you wanna ripple 6 JDAMs on 6 separate targets then this is video is for you! -Tricker
  4. I forgot which server I was on but there is a server that kicks you to spectators if you are AFK to long, maybe blue flag?
  5. I mean... I've joined a server and slotted before and then received an important phone call which took an extended period of time before and forgot I was in DCS. Wasn't intentional but it happens, give the person a chance. If this behavior is so bad then maybe add an AFK time to every slot so if you are AFK for more than 10 minutes on the ramp then you should be kicked to spectators.
  6. Just put out a new video on JDAM Ripple Release for the Harrier, hope you all enjoy! -Tricker
  7. I created a little guide on how I use the HMCS while flying online if anyone wants to check it out. -Tricker
  8. Hey everyone! Check out my latest video here with my most asked questions I get about the F-5. Hope you enjoy and its helpful to you.
  9. I come to the cold war server for good dogfights and pvp, let's not take away the fun of the server. Limiting slots and making less lives will turn this into a pve server. -Tricker
  10. Agreed, limited slots is a pain in the butt
  11. Bring back Operation Phone Booth! I got some collect calls to make with my F-5. -Tricker
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