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  1. I have been holding out on buying a cougar for a while, waiting for the add on "A-10, F-15, etc" grips that were SUPPOSED to come out from the TM factory. However, if you produce this stick, I will MOST DEFFINITELY purchase one from you for my Su-25 pit. I will also purchase the required cougar from TM. However, the only way I will EVER purchase a cougar is there are grips available OTHER than the f-16.
  2. Ok, 7rooper has a good point.....What can the rest of us do to assist you in this project? We all support you, and many uf us wouldlike to help in whatever way we can.
  3. you are all warped....VERY, VERY, warped........ ZZULU , welcome to lomac..... :P
  4. Ok guys, thnx for the help...I found exactly what I was looking for last night...dummy me, it was staring me right in the face.......
  5. It doesnt seem to let me do that...However, I just discovered LOME at lockonfiles.com...lets see if this helps....
  6. Ok, this is possibly a dumb question, but here goes anyway. How do I get the mission editor to let me park my AC on the ground at an airfield, cold and dark ? So I may create a taxi then take off scenario? Will the editor in lomac even let me doi this? or is there a NON ED map editor that I can use? I always just used the quick engagement....Never needed this before.
  7. Ok, I seem to have missed something....:noexpression: Whats the deal with TM driver support?
  8. It's good to hear that you look to the pit builders for advancemnt. It's too bad that you dont have much space. However, there are a few alternatives bor building in a limited space. I personally have an akers-barnes cockpit( http://www.62ndfightingfalcons.asn.au/projects/cockpit/cockpit.htm) that only takes up a 3'x5' footprint. I have a full un-finished basement to play in, but I wanted that space for my other hobbies and my kiddos. So the pit was set up in a small un-finnished closet space. So I can maintain a very small footprint and STILL put all the bells and whistles on my pit. The g
  9. ok, I will explain where I see it. I fly the su25 usually.. In the cockpit when you look down at the stores display in the lower left, and change your weapons, you will see the little lights denoting which pylons are active, marks BOTH of the pylons that rockets (or missles, or bombs, etc) are on...If the weapon is on four pylons, it marks ALL four pylons. However, when you select said weapon, the stores display in tb only marks one pylon, and it is always on the left side...I will grab screen shots tonight (I am currently at work), and post them later...Like I said in the begining, it may be
  10. "Anytime".... your a buzzkill....:) I put NO! NO! NO! on the poll just for the sake of being complete...I didn't think anyone would actually select it... Do you care to share with us why you are completely AGAINST a pit builders forum?
  11. I should have just saved my cash and bought a cougar.....
  12. Uh...yeah....:noexpression: I posted here intentionally, to see if any other users HERE have had this problem....I have ALSO posted on touchbuddy...:thumbup: Thanks though...Considering that the TB/VP integration was Born here, I thought it might be appropriate....
  13. I dont have that specific problem, however, I do have a problem when trying to assign buttons in lomac. I dont use the stick programming software that came with the stick. Although there are a FEW nice functions, I find it to mostly be a waste of time. When I amattempting to assign a button in lomac, and I click the change button, the damned mouse scroll wheel (which lomac reads as buttons 33 and 34) chatters so much that it sends lomac signal BEFORE I can press the button I want...I have to click the change button 10-15 times before I get a moment WITHOUT chatter from the wheel, and even
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