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  1. hey there, i'm a FF joystick user, i've been using my joystick for 2 years now. my joystick is a Logitech Force 3D Pro, i never used any other FF joystick before. but in almost every review site i went to, Logitech Force 3D Pro always get high score. people that reviewed this joystick usually has a past experience with other FF joysticks because they keep comparing it with other older(discontinued) product such as microsoft's FF and stuff. for me the Force 3D Pro is good enough, it has a slight problem with the center dead zone, but that's nothing the packaged driver can't fix. the force th
  2. now now.. i didn't mean to start a flame war or something, sry if that came out wrong. i know that DCS features a highly ultra realistic Aircraft avionics and physics, i'm sure it's difficult to do in its own right. the attention to detail and simulating the most minute of systems has never been don before in a publicly available game/sim. kudos for ED! then again in Arma's defense, sure it doesn't have realistic avionics its primary role was never for a flight sim, but that of a battle sim. also arma does somewhat have realistic weapons ballistics, physics and an intensive battlefield fil
  3. you know Armed Assault(ArmA) is able to render 3D trees for kilometers away complete with infantries, tanks, vehicles, buildings, other choppers, etc fighting each other with an acceptable FPS, ONLINE! not to mention offline. maybe ED should contact BIS studios and "Ask" them how they're able to do it.
  4. AC-130? sorry couldn't help myself just played COD 4 so sorry :)
  5. ok then, starforce pros gives pirates mild headachescons gives me(a paying customer) a major headache, reason being that it mucks up the firmware of my DVD burner, rendering it useless until i removed starforce(and the game "protected" by it) and reflasing my DVD burner :(*said game is Lomac FC and said DVD Burner is Liteon 1633s
  6. steam has been cracked countless times too you know! i think it's even more easier to crack steamed games than starforce
  7. this issue has been addressed countless times already, so far the best answer that ED has provided us is. "we don't know yet" that being said, i too dislike starforce, it's the single reason i had to uninstall my copy of Lomac FC from my PC! turns out it messes with the firmware of my DVD burner rendering it useless for burning. in the end i got it working again by means of eradicating starforce from my PC and reflashing my DVD burner, damn starforce. the worst part is, starforce is NOT uncrackable! it's just a damn annoying nuisance for paying customers that's all!
  8. i saw something interesting at discovery channel about AH-1Z, the prototype had a gamepad similar to PlayStation's pad that are supposedly used for the gunner's input device! it was said that it was there to facilitate future would be pilots!
  9. o good news indeed, this way ED can focus on the sim engine the modules and the AFMs. nice of you to lend a hand boys!
  10. you know, in the old and new startup procedure video, i noticed that they always check some systems for errors. in the old startup video i noticed the demonstrator checked some of the gauges for errors, and in the new startup video Wags also checked the IDE weather it's functioning correctly or not. now, other then the obvious eye candy and full system functionality that ED try to implement in DCS, are there any point in systems error checking in DCS? other then battle damage, are systems errors and damages randomized? then let's say that there are some systems error, what then? what ar
  11. nice vid! it looks much more streamlined now, fast and to the point! nice vid indeed! i don't know whether casual gamers might like it or not, but i sure do and i'm quite sure that any flight sim fans would do too :thumbup:. 6dof demonstration, lot's of switches and gauges that are fully functional, whats not to like? but if i may give some inputs about the nicely made vid is that, there's very little footage on the rotating rotor(which is a tall tale sign of a flight ready helicopter) and there's no takeoff/liftoff what so ever in the vid. i wouldn't even know that the helicopter has
  12. hey guys, it would appear that our Russian comrades are more technologically advanced then they'd like us to believe :smilewink: http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=qitkHf8wiBY
  13. looks good enough for me :smilewink: just give the modders some editing tools and we're good to go! :thumbup:
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