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  1. Hola eperezca. Yo estuve dando muchas vueltas a esto y la manera más fácil de explicar como "solucionar" el tema (sin entrar en detalles) es una de las siguientes opciones: 1.- La más fácil es volar con el trim adelante del todo y olvidarse del por qué se desperdicia tanto hacia atrás. 2.- Esta es la que uso yo y tiene algunas variantes pero la más fácil de explicar es la siguiente: Te vas a controles y ajustes del eje del pitch o elevación. Seleccionas el modo slider y después te vas a la zona neutra y le aplicas un 10. De esa manera el centro virtual del eje (el cuadrado negro ese se desplaza algo a la izquierda) se te coloca en donde estaría el de... bueno dije que no iba a entrar en detalles, pero básicamente es hacer asimétrica la curva entre si empujas o tiras de la palanca. De todos modos en un avión hacia adelante no necesitas tanto recorrido y el de verdad creo que estaría avanzado. En tu joystick de casa el muelle te le mantiene justo en el centro y por eso se va hacia arriba. Prueba con eso del modo slider y dead zone a 10 y mira a ver si puedes poner el trim a 0 y volar sin tirar mucho de palanca hacia adelante.
  2. I have less vision from my right eye, that is why I have problems to see clearly the left side of HUD in VR (Speed scale for example) with head perfectly centered. In Fw190 and Bf109 I have problems too. This is not a problem for real pilots because all of them have a good visual health but sim pilots not necessary. With helmet mounted display I have the same problem but fortunately DCS let me change it to left eye recently. Maybe this help to understand the people who don't understand the way the HUDs are made.
  3. Very thanks, it was not so difficult at end. It is now a enough compromise between real geometry and perceived geometry without modelling the refraction and nobody will note that now.
  4. I paint it in green. Maybe moving the cowling low too Model is as without a glass now and is wrong too. Actualy the model have a texture which apparently we have a glass (or two, an exterior and other interior) there but is wrong because in real world you don't see the frame so thick. At least in the Dora os not as problematic like in A8 but one of them is wrong too. I only talk about a compromise. Because we have two ways to do this wrong, we can choose the lesser bad and not ocluding the collimator.
  5. Sorry for the quality of the edit the image, this way is like the windscreen result with a little modification:
  6. The point is find a solution for, in absence of refraction, not to be the collimator with that stuff in middle. With a modification in 3d maybe, a middle point between real geometry and what the eye see. So easy as make the frame of windscreen half thick (yellow paint in my screenshot) and maybe move a little low the nose in the cockpit 3d model. Do you have a solution for this or our collimator will be ocluded forever?
  7. Here is the capture ingame. The yellow colour and black marks was for identification of textures I want modify. I paint in transparent the half but ingame is black because I don't understand the alpha channel and stuff or maybe is black because anticheat reasons. But this represent my idea of solution for the "bar problem". My only concern is the 3d model of nose too high and you can see the motor and not the sky in front of you. A modificaion of 3d model with a lower nose woulf be necessary.
  8. I was trying to play with textures making transparent the half of outside of the frame. The texture in reddish colour. But the game interpret the transparent as black and I can't try this walkaround. I will try to post pictures here.
  9. I was this "bug" too, but is not a bug, in optic mode it works.
  10. Not until the day I can fly it (principles you know), but I will buy for sure.
  11. Siegfried


    Use curves, problem solved.
  12. True, I noted the same two days ago but I forget write here in forums. At first I thought I had some weird issue with my graphics or monitor when I realized my airbrakes were deployed with zero speed in runway.
  13. THe S version don't let me use helmet mounted lock and the A version does. Maybe a problem with my controls assigns? EDIT: Problem solved, I can use helmet in both.
  14. My comment was for trim, not for the autopilot. Anyway I was thinking about the operation is not fine adjust for cruise and use the autopilot for that. I like the trimming in the SU27 but if in the real mig29 thing is this way is ok for me.
  15. Tittle says all, is right now, is a bug or is a WIP stage? HOTAS Warthog user.
  16. My trick for this is lean my head to right until I see the cross with the right eye and then recenter view. Now to have your head centered. If not, repeat until you are happy with the result.
  17. I am thinking about maybe this is for a new thread out of this...
  18. Yes it's true, the same here. The max forward is 70% in my axis. I used a Saitek Throttle Quadrant for the test.
  19. THat is that red dot in the frame next to G meter? It seem a misplaced button. I saw this a long time ago and is not fixed yet.
  20. Can we choose the old download system? I have only 100-300 kb/s
  21. Yeah, of course, I want a Ju88 or Me410 before
  22. I am waiting this bird too. P.S. Can you edit typo in title please.
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